Author Topic: Girls cares about there selfs and Nothing more!  (Read 676 times)

Girls cares about there selfs and Nothing more!
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You bought your girlfriend ice cream, you are the one drinking pure water - abi are you diabetic?

You claim that you are not cheating on your guy, yet you receive different phone calls in his presence, my sister are you a customer care agent?

You bought your girlfriend suya,you are the one now eating only the onions...Oh boy are you a vegetarian? :P

You are sponsoring your girlfriend in the university yet you have not written jamb... My brother are you a sponsorship board?

You girlfriend got F9 parallel in WAEC exams, and she still have the boldness to ask Brazilian Hair which is over a N150,000.

Were is she going to fix the Hair?...Is it on top of the coconut Head... :o?
You have 8 tribal marks scattered all over you body , you still want a tattoo...ah ba my friend are you a Zebra.....? ;D ;D :)
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