Author Topic: Reasons not to Install ANY Antivirus on Windows 8  (Read 2647 times)

Reasons not to Install ANY Antivirus on Windows 8
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I promised to write windows 8 tips after upgrading to the New Slick operating system which i can't complain about at the moment. It's meeting all my requirements.
I've already shown in this post where to Purchase Windows 8 or download the evaluation copy.

Recently a friend from wrote a post titled "Download A Compatible Avast Free Antivirus For Windows 8" and in my experience as a technician, i didn't quite agree with his recommendation and thought it would cause more harm than good to the functionality of the operating system.

In this post i will give Reasons why you should NOT install Avast Antivirus or any other on your Windows 8 Operating system.

Reasons not to install a different Antivirus on Windows 8.
Antivirus for Windows 8
  • WINDOWS DEFENDER: Windows 8 operating system already has an existing virus protection tool installed with every Genuine version. It is known as "Windows Security Essentials" in Windows 7 and XP version and can only be installed in Genuine MS OS.
    The Pre-installed version in windows 8 CANNOT BE Uninstalled! - To locate windows defender on your windows 8 OS, Type "Windows Defender" on the Start Screen.
    It tops my list of recommended antivirus programs not just for personal reasons.
    Read my Post about Top 3 Reasons why i use Windows Security Essentials
  • Conflict between Double Antivirus Installed - Two Kings CANNOT Rule over one throne. Antivirus programs don't operate well with each other - They struggle for system resources, fight over who should scan files first etc
    You might not notice some of the conflicts but trust me a battle for supremacy will happen on your Windows 8 Operating system if you install Any other antivirus Program while Windows Defender is active.
  • Slow Computer Problems Windows 8 is Optimized for SPEED if your hardware meets the Minimum requirements - so when you notice significant delay in system response time to application requests, Delay Boot, and Shut-down time: The first culprit is the Second antivirus program you have installed.
    It's a waste of RAM, CPU speed etc.

It might be your company's policy that all employees must use a certain Antivirus program; In this case, you have no choice but to obey the policy.
Anti Spyware, Anti-Malware and Applications that provide Internet Security can also be installed.

NOTE: Windows 7 and Vista Operating systems also have Windows Defender installed, but this version is NOT an antivirus, so users are free to make a choice.

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Well, i hope this post helps you make the right decision.
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Re: Reasons not to Install ANY Antivirus on Windows 8
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thanks for your explanation hi must tell you hi gain 1 or two things , to the antivirus do you want to tell me that the 1 on the window 8 or any the 1 in any os window 7 or vista do you want to tell me that they are not trial version.............if yes then y wasting your time on trial version the only thing you can do is just to use it for the period of the month giving to you then uninstall it to install your own antivirus but if you have the product key fine you can install it on it when it expired ( hi mine the window defender)...........gud afternoon...........

Microsoft Security Essential (Windows Defender on Windows 8)
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Hi Smith,
Thanks for you response.
I assure you that Microsoft Security essentials is NOT a trial Version. It has not expiring date, Registration key or Limitations. It is automatically or Manually updated.

Why is it free? BECAUSE IT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO THOSE WHO HAVE INSTALLED GENUINE MICROSOFT XP, VISTA, WIN7 and comes by Default in windows 8 as Windows defender.
See it as a bonus for purchasing (or cracking) your OS to be Genuine.
Soki Briggs -

Re: Reasons not to Install ANY Antivirus on Windows 8
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Hahahahahaha. @Briggz5d, you just made me laugh. Well, you got a point bro. Thanks for using my site as an instant. Catch you later


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