Author Topic: Nigerian Senate: Bill to prohibit Same s x marriage.  (Read 1726 times)

Nigerian Senate: Bill to prohibit Same s x marriage.
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Although the issue of affording rights to homosexuals has never been considered in Nigeria, the Senate is going a step further, bring a bill on the floor that would effectively prohibit marriages between persons of the same s x. The bill passed a second reading in the Senate.

Intimate relationships between individuals of the same s x is forbidden in many African countries, with some enforcing death penalties for any individuals caught in the act. However, countries like South Africa have followed the lead of Western and European countries like the United States and Sweden and legitimized same s x marriages.

Alarmed that this practice might some day find its way into the Nigerian society, the Senate has decided to nip things in the bud, so to speak. Beginning the debate on the floor of the Senate, Senator Domingo Obende (ACN Edo North), announced that he is sponsoring the bill to prohibit same s x marriage, which he calls "morally and ideologically unsound."

Other Senators joined in expressing strong aversion to same s x marriage. In no minced words, they declared it a taboo that the nation mustn't abide. However a lone differing view was amongst them. Senator Ita Enang (PDP Akwa Ibom) argued that the criminal code already exists, listing homosexuality as a criminal offense. He added that the proposed bill seeks to make an offense of an act that is already listed as an offense and therefore is redundant.

Majority of the lawmakers, however, voted that the bill should pass second reading and it was subsequently referred to the committee on judiciary and legal matters which is expected to present a report to the Senate in two weeks.
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Re: Nigerian Senate: Bill to prohibit Same s x marriage.
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Very nice, its an abomination and crime against God & will increase the rate of STD & HIV. The Senate are doing a good job in this regards.

However, the government should ensure that they pursue it to the last course.


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