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A developing trend among Different denominations of churches is to call the preacher and his wife " Mummy & Daddy" some who don't understand the reason for it join in the trend without asking why.

CoolAbbie - An Inquisitive mind had this to say on this matter. And I quote.

  "Alright I need to get this off my chest. Im a christian and a proud one at dat. There are sum things about the church dat I find puzzling but the one that really gets to me is this manner of calling pastors 'Daddy'. Im a member of the Redeemed Church but I have neva understood why our General Overseer should be called 'Daddy' & his wife 'Mummy' or 'Mother-in-Israel   ( I particularly find dis funny). I always dismiss dis as a trend common & peculiar to our churches only. Of recent I got admission into the university & started attending campus fellowships. I was surprised to learn that the leaders, who are all fellow students, are called Papa and Mama by oda students. I wuld luv to know if dis is a biblical doctrine, fad or just a Nigerian thingy. Do u call your pastors daddy?  If so why. "

- End of quote-
Do you have a reasonable answer to this? Or you want to ask further questions?
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Re: Why churches call the pastor & wife - Daddy & Mummy
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I dont have any idea oh....but i call mine sir and ma


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