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If given the chance, friends, family and even strangers will pick up your phone and read through your text messages, email, notes, photos and other confidential information saved on your mobile device.
This is why most people activate Mobile Security features (Unlock PIN, Pattern Unlock, Fingerprint recognition etc) to restrict access to some or all phone data.

Unfortunately these security features can potentially lock the owner out of his own phone if the correct unlock command is inputted or when someone tries to unlock your device several times without permission.

This situation is common in iPhones that are set to wipe Data if 3 incorrect Unlock PIN is entered and Android Devices that have a limit on the Number of Pattern Unlock attempts (5) that can be made.

How to Override Android Pattern Unlock after Limit is exceeded.
The easiest way to Bypass Android Pattern Unlock is to enter the Gmail account and Password that is used on the device - Mobile / Wireless data must be on for this to work.
But if the user has never added an Email account to the device, or forgotten the login details, here's another Easy fix to the problem.

Android Pattern Unlock for iPhone  Phone Finger Print Scanner

  • NOTE: This process will perform a phone Factory Restore - It will erase all data Saved on the phone. Only use this if no other options are available to you.
  • Switch off your Android Device.
  • Press and Hold the following 3 keys in the order they are given. Only release the 3 keys when phone starts to boot.
    First Hold the UP VOLUME key
  • Then hold the HOME or middle key
  • Lastly, Hold the power Button on the side or your android device.
  • The phone should now Boot up and show some strange codes and Options you've never seen.
    From the options provided, use the Volume key to scroll down to "Restore Factory Defaults" or "Delete all User Data"
  • When complete scroll and select "reboot Phone"

You phone is all fresh and clean now - You can restore any saved backup and please Add an Email this time to your device account information.

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