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The Etisalat Internet bundle code-named EasyNet is the answer to Internet needs of Most Nigerian Computer / Mobile users.

It has a wide range of plans, bundle limits and competitive prices to choose from.

Whether you're a Mobile Internet user or USB modem internet user, there's an Etisalat EasyNet plan for you.

I have put together the current Internet subscription plans, prices and activation codes for Etisalat Nigeria.
Hope you find what you're looking for.

Etisalat has brought another amazing offer to you, which is getting 2GB Data for just N2000 and the code is *229*2*8#, So start recharging now and enjoying your Data bundle all day long.

Etisalat Nigeria Mobile Internet Subscription price and Activation codes (For Smart Phones)
These plans come with 30% Extra data and call charges are at 20k/s - If any of the codes don't work, simply scroll down and subscribe for the Modem Plans.
Monthly Plans
Plan           Price         Data           Activation Code.   
Monthly       N4,000      3GB        *229*2*44#
Monthly           N6,500           5GB      *229*2*33#
Monthly        N8,000        8GB      *229*2*55#

Time Plan.                   Price.       Data sizes   Activation codes        SMS to 229
Daily                        N 100             10MB              *229*3*1#   MI1   expires midnight
weekly                       N500              50MB             *229*3*4#   MI2   7 days

If you're a PC user like me then You need to subscribe for the Etisalat Nigeria Easy Blaze PC plans with higher data limits - USB Modems can be purchased at any Etisalat walk-in-center near you or Online.
Etisalat Nigeria Easy Blaze Internet subscription prices and Activation codes for USB Modem (PC)

Time Plan.                   Price.       Data sizes   Activation codes        SMS to 229
Monthly             2,000           *229*2*8#                    2GB              AND2   
Monthy         4,000           *229*2*4#                   3GB                MB4   
Monthly             4,000           *229*3*3#                    3GB             MB7   
(night & weekend)
Monthly         6,500            *229*2*3#                  5GB           MB5   
Monthy         8,000            *229*2*5#                   8GB              MB6   
Monthly       10,000            *229*4*1#                   10GB            SM1   
Monthly       15,000            *229*4*2#                    15GB           SM2   
Monthly       18,000            *229*4*3#                    20GB           SM3   

90 days         27,500            *229*5*1#                   30GB             4M   
(quaterly plan)
120 days          55,000            *229*5*2#                   60GB            6M   
(bi-annual plan)
30 days             84,992            *229*4*5#                   100GB         SM5   
365 days     110,000            *229*5*3#                   120GB        12M
(annual plan)   

Dial *228# to see your data usage.

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Compare MTN Nigeria Data Bundles
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Looking for Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Plans?

I've updated this blog with the Internet subscriptions prices, data bundles of the major mobile networks in Nigeria because it can be difficult finding those activation codes when you need them the most.

To complete the Etisalat Network Series.. Here are all the Etisalat Blackberry Subscriptions with voice plan activation or without. The voice plan simply slashes all calls to 20k/second - Read more about the Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Voice Plan Here>>

Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Monthly Plans and activation Codes

Monthly Plan                    Price         Activation + Voice Plan        Activation without Voice Plan
BlackBerry Complete          1,000              *499*3#                              SMS COM to 399
Complete 2 for 1 promo       1000              *369*1#                                *369*4#   
Blackberry Absolute Plan  1500              *499*1#                                *399*1#   
Absolute 2 for 1 promo       1500              *369*2#                                 *369*3#   

 Don't want to subscribe for a Monthly Plan? Then checkout the Blackberry Weekly and Daily plans below.
 Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Weekly Plans and Activation Codes
Weekly Plans                  Price         Activation + Voice Plan        Activation without Voice Plan
BlackBerry Complete          500           *499*3*1#                                SMS COW to 399
Blackberry Absolute              550              *499*6#                                *399*6#   

Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Daily Plans and Activation Codes

Daily Plans                  Price         Activation + Voice Plan        Activation without Voice Plan
BlackBerry Complete          100           *499*3*2#                               SMS COD to 399   
Blackberry Absolute           100               *499*5#                               *399*5#

You may choose to Deactivate Voice plans at anytime by dialing *399*2#

You may also choose *244*1# for EasyCliq or *244*2# for Easy Starter. The charge is N100.

Compare with MTN Nigeria Blackberry Bundle prices
Compare with Airtel Nigeria Black Berry Complete, Social and BIS subscription plans
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Etisalat Blackberry subscription reduced
Etisalat has made history again!
They are the first Mobile Network in Nigeria to slash Blackberry Internet subscriptions to as low as 1000 Naira per month. Other networks still charge up to 1300, 1500 but with this new price slash, we expect a general prize review from all networks anytime soon.

To enjoy the New Etisalat Blackberry Complete plan for 1000 Naira, Dial  *369*1#
To get the Blackberry Absolute plan for 1500 Naira  - Dial  *369*2#

All Etisalat BB Plans provide an Unlimited Data usage.
If you subscribe the for 2 months consecutively, you get the third Month FREE! just make sure you have Recharged credits for Auto renew to resubscribe you after the first month has expired.
Etisalat subscribers - Congratulations.
Other network subscribers, sit tight and salivate :D
FYI - MTN Nigeria has also slashed Blackberry Complete plans to 1000 Naira
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Etisalat Nigeria has crashed the cost of Internet data subscriptions by codely promoting two new bundles offering 1000 for 1Gb and 2000 for 2GB.

NOTE: The plans have not been updated on Etisalat website data lists because not every etisalat subscriber is eligible to use this plan yet. You are eligible if you've received a SMS message from etisalat informing you of the plan.

If you're eligible, these are the subscription codes to use.
Monthly      N1,000       500MB         *229*2*1#
Monthly     N2,000       2GB              *229*2*8#
Dial *228# to check your balance.

Do checkout out our Cheap MTN 1200 for 1GB data share service
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hello. Please how do I stop the auto renewal of this data sub.? Thanx
Monthly     N2,000       2GB              *229*2*8#


Stop etisalat Data autorenewal
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To stop Etisalat auto renewal of data:
send  STOP  in an sms to 229   
or dial *229*0#


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