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First impressions matters in every human interaction.
Whether communication is initiated online or face-to-face, you want to be taken seriously enough to warrant an immediate response.

People will remember how you introduced yourself and how you said goodbye.
Therefore an email signature goes a long way to do both at the same time and allows your go straight to the point in the body of the email rather than talking about yourself.

4 Things an email signature can do for you:
  • Reputation: Makes you seem "Professional" even if you're not.
  • Free Marketing: Introduces your company, services, website, Social media to receivers of your email even if the subject wasn't being discussed in the email.
  • Other Contact Information: Your email signature offers readers other ways to contact you that might be more efficient than email such as instant messaging, video call / phone call etc.
  • Convenience: Signing off each email especially if you send a lot of emails can be a daunting task. Creating a signature saves your time you wouldn't notice you're wasting until you get a signature.

There are many websites offering this service to people. Some require you to signup, some are subscription based which means you have to pay a 1 time fee to customize your signature using advanced edits (colors, fonts etc).
If you don't mind paying for an email signature - checkout wisestamp services but if you want to create one for FREE follow the steps below:

Create Free email Signature

  • Visit Hubspot Free Online Email Signature Generator and click Create Free Email Signature.
  • Enter some personal information you would like displayed in your signature and see a live preview on the right side of the page. Social media accounts, resized picture, website, Theme style of signature, colors and more.
  • When done, click CREATE SIGNATURE and you will be presented with two options.
    1. Select signature Which allows you to copy the selected signature and paste into WYSIWYG editors of almost any email service provider - Gmail, Yahoo etc.
    2. Get Source Code: The HTML version of the signature can be pasted in email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird client that supports HTML.

Where to paste you Email Signature:
The purpose of creating an email signature is not to paste it in every new email you compose, rather it's to paste it just ONE TIME in the settings of your email so that it automatically shows in every new email you compose.

Now that you've created the signature, Here's where to paste it in your Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook etc
- Gmail: Click the GEAR icon top right corner of your gmail and select settings.
   Scroll to the bottom of the page and paste your signature in the space provided and click SAVE CHANGES.
- Yahoo Mail: Place your mouse on the GEAR icon top right corner of your yahoo mail and select settings.
   Click ACCOUNTS > Select your email >> Turn on "Append signature" >> and paste the signature in the box below.
  Save changes and Compose a new Email to tryout your new signature.

If you've got any questions about any the steps outlined above, Hit the reply button and share your thoughts.
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Providing ICT support services to individuals gives me the opportunity to come across some laptops you would easily categorize as ancient because of their rugged design, bulky / heavy frame and outdated connection ports (Serial port, RJ11 Port etc).
Upon close inspection and review of system specification - I'm often impressed by the processing power, RAM and battery life of some of these machines manufactured in the early 2000's. Some are even able to run the latest Microsoft operating system (Windows 10) without compatibility issues.

One of such powerful but old piece of hardware i recently had an encounter with is the Toshiba Equium L300-148.
As they get older, internal components tend to fail more often. Some easily replaceable, others - not so much.

Strange as this problem may seem - The solutions is even more strange.
Using the Laptop without the power cable plugged in works just fine. If the Power cable is plugged in to charge, laptop instantly trips off. All unsaved work will be lost.

An easy fix for this would be to always ensure that the power cable is plugged in before using the laptop but i'm here to offer a more permanent solution to the Old Toshiba Laptop power problem.

The steps described to help you resolve the problem can be attempted by anyone without doing any damage to your laptop but i would recommend you show it to a tech-savvy person to make more sense of it all.

  • Boot your Laptop in SAFE MODE: Windows 7 users can easily reboot their computer and press F8 key repeatedly at POST screen and you will be presented with the selective startup option to boot in safe mode.
    Windows 8 or 10 users can try F8 too but if it fails to boot into safemode, hold the SHIFT key and click RESTART.
    You will be presented with the windows recovery options, select advanced and choose the option for selective startup / safe mode.
  • Open DEVICE MANAGER:When successfully in safe mode, Navigate to: Control Panel > Device manager.
    You an also easily find device manager by typing it into Start menu.
    disable processors
  • Disable all Processors:Expand the list under Processors and right-click on each processor to deactivate both on the list.
    If you can't find the DEACTIVATE option when you right click on a processor in device manager, it's most likely because you failed to Boot into Safe Mode.
  • Plug in Power Cable: Restart the computer and try to plug in the power cable while laptop is one.
    The sudden shutdown problem should have been fixed now.

I would like to hear your experience on this subject matter. Did it work for you? Didn't work? Got more questions or clarification from us - Hit the REPLY button below the post or CONTACT button above.
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Have you fallen into the social media hype? If so, it is highly likely that you spend a great deal of time snapping pictures and posting them on your social media account. Have you received a lot of compliments about your photographs? If you have not, there is a possibility that the images you post lack that special something. Wouldn’t you like to receive praise each and every time you post an image? Look no further than Movavi Photo Editor. With this picture editing software, you will be able to transform your ordinary images into something truly magnificent!

How Movavi Photo Editor Works
Whether or not you’ve utilized a photo editing software in the past, you will have little to no trouble taking full advantage of Movavi Photo Editor. This innovative program is designed with maximum ease of use in mind. All you need to greatly enhance your photos is nothing more than your pictures and this program. Once the pictures have been transferred to your computer, you will be able to open Movavi Photo Editor, import your photographs and begin altering them almost immediately. Truly, almost anything can be achieved with a few quick clicks.

Transforming Your Photos With Total Ease
Believe it or not, most photographs do not need a great deal of tweaking to be perfected. In fact, you might just want to add a frame or rotate the image slightly. Nonetheless, performing these actions can often times be very difficult and clunky. This is where Movavi Photo Editor truly shines. The software will put these actions at your fingertips. Within a few seconds, you will be able to alter your images in various ways. You can resize, crop, rotate, and even flip your pictures with little to no effort. The user interface is totally straightforward and easily understandable.
Just click the appropriate button on the top panel and make the adjustment. It truly couldn’t get any easier.

Altering The Background In A Few Simple Steps
It is almost certain that you’ve taken a photograph at some point or another and absolutely loved the foreground, but despised the background. In the past, it would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to rectify this problem. Cutting out the foreground would be difficult and traces of the alteration would likely be clearly noticeable. This is one of the most amazing features provided with Movavi’s Photo Editor. With this software, you will be able to flawlessly switch your image’s background with a few simple steps.

Simply mark your foreground or model. Then, pinpoint the background. Movavi’s innovative Photo Editor will go ahead and trace the model for you. Once it has finished, you will be able to remove the background with the click of a button. This will give you the freedom to swap out the background until you’re totally satisfied with the finalized image.

Absolutely Perfect For Selfies
Do you take a lot of selfies? During the past few years, a large segment of the population has become addicted to snapping selfies and showing them off online. If you happen to fit into this category, you will definitely want to check out

This software can truly make a selfie lover’s dream come true. The program can be utilized to perfect your skin, eliminate blemishes, and experiment with an assortment of makeup options. By working with your selfies, you will be able to transform yourself into a beauty king or queen.
Click the right buttons and you’ll be able to change the color of your tips, whiten your teeth, and conceal your skin’s blemishes. Before you’re finished, you’ll want to utilizing the software’s digital makeup to top it off. Truly, with Movavi’s Photo Editor, you will be able to turn yourself into a Hollywood star or starlet!

Font Options Galore
Adding captions to your photographs is often very wise. This can be used to add more meaning to your images, while simultaneously allowing viewers to know precisely where you were when the image was taken. Just remember that you’ll want to use an attractive font style that will not diminish your image’s quality. Again, this is another major reason to use Movavi Photo Editor. The software offers an abundance of font options. With this software, you can virtually use any font on your computer for your picture’s captions.
More importantly, you’ll be able to change the font’s size, transparency level, and color. You can also rearrange your caption and rotate it. The process truly couldn’t be easier.

Cropping Options
Cropping your images is often a necessity. By changing the height and width of your pictures, you will be able to make them suitable for different screen sizes. Knowing precisely what will look best is often a guessing game. This is one of the many reasons that Movavi’s Photo Editor is so beneficial. The software will give you the ability to crop your images with maximum confidence. While you can alter freely to any size imaginable, you can also use preset settings. For instance, you can alter your image’s size to perfect accommodate various devices, such as widescreen televisions, DVDs, and even the iPhone.

All in all, Movavi’s Photo Editor is truly very advantageous. Whether you’re a frequent social media user and selfie taker or you run your own website, you will find this software to be very advantageous. It offers all of the features you could ever desire. And, utilization of the software couldn’t much easier. What more could you desire?

Popular Nollywood actress - Oge Okoye will not forget the month of March 2017 quickly because of the sudden outrage expressed by her fans and Nigerians in general over her recent uploaded picture of two dogs on her Instagram.

If you just got a new gadget, a new outfit or a new pet, Instagram is perfect for sharing your pictures with followers and the world using hashtags but to avoid embarrassment, please make sure the item you claim to own is actually yours or that you have the owners permission to post it (Borrow-pose).

Oge Okoye made the mistake of posting pictures of two cute dogs and claimed they were hers.
A US celebrity -Kenya moore posted the same picture of the dogs about two weeks ago before Oge did.

Oge Okoye stolen instagram picture

This is not the first time a Celebrity is committing the internet crime of copyright infringement / plagiarism but for Oge Okoye, this is the first time she has been caught and the internet police didn't show mercy.

Funny as Nigerian Social Media can be, they've washed Oge Okoye with insults enough to last a lifetime. Some have gone ahead to contact Kenya moore and apologize on Oge Okoye's behalf while others have simply disowned her.

Oge Okoye trenging

Our Nigerian Celebrities might be great in front of the camera but may lack knowledge of social media does and don'ts.
The role of Social media campaign managers is once again emphasized as an essential tool to grow audience and avoid pitfalls such as this.

Oge Okoye has since deleted the stolen picture from her Instagram feed but has made no official statement or apology for her mistake. The actress will most likely stay low for a while and allow the attacks subside but no indication of calm on the matter.
On the bright side - She has not claimed that her Instagram account was hacked either. No one has considered the fact that this might just be a desperate move to grab some attention / traffic to her social media accounts.

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Various security agencies in Nigeria mount checkpoints on highways and streets corners to stop and search suspicious vehicles, check unsafe acts by motorist and also for their personal reasons  ::) .

One of the best way to get pulled over by the Police is to drive a tinted glasses vehicle without a permit.
You could pay a heavy fine, vehicle may get impounded or you might just escape with a warning depending on how to handle the issue.

To avoid such embarrassments and confidently drive your Car with tinted glasses, you need a permit which is only issued to car owners with "Factory fitted Tinted Glasses".
Getting the car tinted glass permit in Nigeria is way cheaper than the cost of changing your tinted glasses to normal glasses. The form for the permit can be filled out online as shown below.


Online Tinted Glass permit form in Nigeria
  • Visit this webpage for the Nigeria Police Force Tinted Glass Online Registration Form and fill the short form on the page to get an Application ID. Write it down.
    Your email must be active.
  • Enter the Application ID issues to you in step 1 and also enter you Email to Login and complete your personal Information and details about the Vehicle you're requested Tinted glass permit for.
  • Make a Hardcopy printout of the Final page after submitting online. Submit the printout to any Police command near you where Biometric fingerprint will be captured and the Permit Certificate will be issued.

It's unclear if any fees or charges is required for this permit to be issued. I would also recommend a state police command office where ICT facilities is available to process your application faster.

Contact details
Direct all questions you may have about this process of obtaining your permit in Nigeria to the Email:
Please share your experience on this subject matter by clicking the REPLY button below.
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The free fall of exchange rates between the Nigerian Naira (NGN) and other currencies has prompted the Central Bank of Nigeria to take necessary actions that should boost the value of the Naira over the dollar, EURO etc.

Some of the policies includes tax deductions for companies that use local content, Ban on importation of some raw materials / products that can be locally sourced, restrictions placed on online shopping using Naira denominated cards to pay for Dollar denominated products.

Despite all efforts of the Federal government being implemented and enforced by Commercial Banks, Nigeria Customs Service and CBN - the value of the dollar against the Naira has still climbed to hit a record high of 500 Naira to 1$ in the parallel market (Black market) and 315 Naira to 1$ as official rate.

If you used to buy goods online from popular sites such as EBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc that accepted Card payments using Naira MasterCard and ship to Nigeria, you may have noticed that payments using the Naira MasterCard of any bank in Nigeria is now declined due to Dollar spending restrictions.
This has affected lots of businesses negatively and in turn caused an increase in prices of imported Electronics, cloths because of the hoops Merchants now have to jump through to get the goods.

If your business is highly dependent on making payments Online in USD and is affected by the current restrictions on Naira MasterCard - We highly recommend you get a Dollar MasterCard available at any bank upon request.
We recently requested and received the GtBank Dollar MasterCard and would like to share some of it's features, incurred charges and more with you.

Convenient Online Shopping: Your Black Card does not ever get declined at ATM worldwide, Online Shopping websites as long as you have sufficient balance for payment.
Safe:Your Dollar MasterCard is NOT linked directly to any of our accounts. A separate Dollar domiciliary account is created and linked to your new card. This ensures that only Money you transfer into the Dollar Card account is spent for transactions.
Transactions are secured with a Card PIN and Card Secure TM feature for online transactions.
No Spending Limitations: There's no limit to the amount of Online shopping or POS payments that you can make using the Dollar MasterCard.
However, withdrawals of Dollar or local currency equivalent at ATM machines worldwide with the card is restricted to 1000$.

GtBank Dollar MasterCard
How to Request for GTBank Dollar MasterCard:
There are two ways to request for the GTBank Dollar MasterCard:
  • Local Branch:Visit the Customer care unit of any GTBank Branch near you to fill out the Dollar MasterCard Request form.
  • GTBank Internet Banking Request: If you have access to the GTBank Internet Banking, Login and click on CARDS, then select "Dollar Card Request" from the drop-down menu.
Your Card will be available for pickup at your Specified Branch 1 Week after request is made / Charged.

- A Card request charge of 6,155 Naira to be deducted from specified account is applicable.
- Annual Card maintenance fee applies.
- Withdrawals of Dollar at ATMs worldwide will also incur a small charge.

For further inquiries and assistance, don't hesitate to contact GTBank Card Services unit
Phone: +234 700 48266 6328

The number of people getting locked out of their Android devices after a factory reset is increasing daily.
This is mostly due to the fact that Mobile phones that run Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and 6.0 (Marshmallow) Mobile Operating Systems are now ruling the market.
Even users on lower versions like 4.4 are looking to upgrade. Sometimes going the extra mile to install a custom firmware if Official OTA Firmware Upgrade isn't available yet.

In a previous post, we documented some essential steps needed to Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Samsung J5, J7. The post even included a step by step video guide.
Unfortunately that method of unlocking FRP we posted did not work on a Tecno W3 Android device which was also locked with FRP. So here's another Guide tested and working for Tecno W3 users. Other MTK 65xx Android users can also give this a try.

NOTE: A computer with internet connection is required to complete these steps.
Internet connection and Phone USB Cable are also required.
You MUST deactivate your Antivirus software Program temporarily to allow required software run successfully.

How to ByPass Google FRP Lock on Tecno W3 and other MTK 65xx Android devices
  • FIRST METHOD: The easiest way to Unlock FRP on some MTK devices is to skip the Wifi network request page. if that is not an option for you, let's move on to the second method.
    Download MIRACLE 2.27A.RAR and Extract to your desktop. (WINRAR is required to unzip .RAR file extensions.) Password is:  mdtuhin88
  • IMPORTANT:The software you just downloaded will be totally useless if you fail to get this step right.
    Download and Install MTK 65xx Preloader Driver
    You MUST Manually Install the MTK 65xx Preloader driver from Device manager > Add Legacy Device > Install Manually > Select i Have disk > Select Driver > Next.
    Windows 7 32bit and 64bit PC is recommended but Windows 8 and 10 can work if driver signature verification is turned off.
  • Launch Miracle Loader and select UNLOCK/FIX tab >> Check the box for "Clear Settings/FRP"and click the START Button.
    Google FRP Bypass on Tecno w3
  • Now, Turn off Mobile Phone and connect to PC USB while "Waiting for USB Port" message is displayed on Miracle Box.
  • If MTK Preloader drivers was successfully installed, the commands to Bypass FRP will be installed and status should display DONE. At this point, remove / reinsert the battery and Turn on the device. It should allow you SKIP wifi > and finish initial setup without requesting for Google Account previously used on the device.

I would appreciate it if you share successfully completed a FRP bypass and which MTK device used. Hit the reply Button bellow (Login not required).
Also leave all questions about this subject below or notify me of dead download links.
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Big shoutout to ROM Kings for hosting the required files.

MTN Nigeria kicked off the new year by offering its subscribers free 4 Giga bytes of Data for internet browsing, social media access, downloads and video streaming.

This bonus was given to draw some attention to MTN NG 4G/LTE services that ordinary subscribers are not aware of or interested in.

A lot of my friends have seen the free 4GB data balance on their mobile phones but cannot seem to use it after dialing required codes etc.

In this post, we will go through a short checklist that will allow any MTN subscriber enjoy their 4000 MB Free data before it expires.

    No matter the tariff plan or mobile device you use. If you dial *559*444# you'll see the message:
    Your 4G/LTE FREE Data balance is 4096.01MB...
    MTN free 4GB data for 4G/LTE
  • Do you Have 4G/LTE Coverage in your Town or City?
    If you're not in a 4G/LTE Network coverage area, then it's a total waste of time continuing with any of the steps below because the free data only works on 4G/LTE network.
    To check if your City has coverage, visit the MTN Nigeria 4G coverage Map and enter the name of your City or State to see the Red and yellow Areas on the map.
    The usual 2G and 3G networks does not work with the 4GB Bonus
  • Is your SIM Card and Mobile device / Modem 4G/LTE compatible?
    The next step is to check if your MTN SIM Card is 4G enabled. Do this by sending a new SMS to 131. In the SMS message just type  4G and send to 131. You will receive a message about your SIM 4G/LTE ready status.

    Activate 4G/LTE on your MTN Line

    Visit an MTN Office to get a sim replacement / upgrade to a 4G/LTE enabled SIM. No need to change your Number.
    The message will also let you know if your Mobile device is 4G/LTE compatible but you can easily check that yourself from Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE).
    If you device isn't compatible with 4G/LTE, i highly recommend a Universal 4G/LTE Wireless Modem that accepts SIM from any network and allows multiple devices to connect via Wifi.

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For over 1 year, the time on my Laptop has been displayed in the 24 hour format.
I live in Nigeria. We do not use the 24 hour clock for personal use and i don't know anyone who prefers that option except the military and those in marine industry.

Usually, Time and date settings can easily be changed in Control Panel of Microsoft Windows Operating systems but for some reason - Microsoft didn't add an easy button to turn on/off  24 / 12 hour clock like it's done on Android Devices. That's what i thought until i took a closer look at the settings and found the answer.

I believe this to be a frequently asked question and most PC users would be able to follow the simple steps to get it done with no skill required.

How to Switch Between 24 hours and 12 hours Clock
  • Right-Click the TIME on the Taskbar and select ADJUST DATE/TIME
  • Click >> "Change Calendar Settings"
  • Click the TIME TAB and make the following changes to switch between 24 hours time and 12 hours time.
    type: HH:mm:ss for a 24-hour clock.
    type: hh:mm:ss for a 12-hour clock.

  • Click APPLY for changes made to take effect.

See video below on how to get it done.

This is easy to do but i still prefer Microsoft adds an On / Off switch to control these settings instead of a hh / HH which may be overlooked by most users.

Money / How to change your Guider in MMM Nigeria by yourself.
« on: January 01, 2017, 04:56 PM »
Participants in MMM Nigeria will be glad to hear of some new changes coming to their Personal Office in the new year to curb some major issues that has caused unwanted headache in the system.

If you're new to MMM - Please read this:> Biased review of MMM Nigeria 30% benefit. Real or Scam

Some of the changes promised are:
- System to tackle issues of Fake POP and discourage participants from even thinking about uploading fake POP.
- Change of Guider option for those who cannot contact their Guiders.
- Better support Response time to tickets
- MMM Call Centre number.
- Promo Task to easily tell others about how awesome MMM is.
Let me share with you how some of these implemented changes work while others are soon to be deployed.

Guiders In MMM Nigeria
Guiders in the MMM Community are the pillars that hold the structure together. They have a responsibility to share with other participants the ideology, rules of MMM, advise on safe participation and other knowledge obtained from the Guiders School.

Guiders are also legitimate source of information and news about MMM therefore all participants are advise to ask their guider when unsure about any information for clarification, including how to resolve issues you face in your PO like fake POP, payment confirmation, login issues, etc.

Every participant has a Guider assigned to them. By default, your refer's Guider becomes your Guider and you can see his/her contact information (Phone number) in the MY PAGE menu of Personal Office.

So if you have a guider that is not living up to his responsibility outlined above. Cannot ever be contacted for questions, clarifications or does not share important news about MMM with your via a whatsapp Group, Facebook or other means.
Now you can change Guider to a more suitable one that deserves that % bonus. This change will not affect your personal office or Mavro in any way.

  • Login to your Personal Office and click on the MY PAGE menu.
  • On the Right Side-bar, click on GUIDER button and then click on the SELECT GUIDER button .
  • Type the correct email address of your new Guider and click SAVE when click OK when you see his/her name.
    NOTE: You can type my email address as Guider ( ), not email or participants. Changes saved will take about 24 hours to appear in your MY PAGE info.

Let me Be your MMM Guider
If you wish to change your Guider from an inactive one but don't have any other active guiders email to use. I'll be glad to be your MMM Guider.
- You can contact me 24 hours a day, yes even past midnight.
- My Response time to Facebook messages, Whatsapp Chat, Calls, SMS or emails.
Here's my contact information:
Soki Briggs
CEO / MMM 10+ Guider
0803 505 3935

Want to see how it's done? Watch the short video guide below.

Lots of memorable moments were recorded in the year 2016, some good and most of them bad.
Just when we thought it was all over, 2016 claimed its last victim - Mariah Carey's Singing Career.

The singers cringe worthy performance at dlck Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve event in New York City, Time Square with just 15 minutes to the countdown to 2017 is trending on YouTube, Twitter and other social media for all the wrong reasons.

It's no news that Artists play their Music in the background and act like they're actually singing on stage - Lip-syncing is allowed and everyone does it but when your music playing in the background is only instrumentals, you've got to sing to it. Instead of singing to the instrumental playing, Mariah just walked around on stage giving excuses about not hearing, not being prepared for this song and even suggested the crowd sing it instead while her dancers continued their acrobatics behind her.

A Source later revealed that there was no time for a sound check before the performance. The performance was being broadcast LIVE to the whole nation on ABC.

In her defence, Ryan Seacrest commented immediately after her performance:  “No matter what Mariah does, the crowd loves it.”

See Video Below.

As embarrassing and funny as Mariah's performance was, I don't think it will affect her career in anyway but only serve as a reminder that Celebrities are Humans too and can make mistakes.
Preparation is Key.

Android mobile phone users recently started enjoying the Anti-theft protection feature that has been around for a long time on Blackberry and iOS.
The Anti-theft feature is designed to prevent your stolen phone from being used by anyone else even if a factory reset is done. The device will require the original email / Password of the owner to complete the initial setup.

The problem is sometimes mobile phones are not stolen. They are sold to friends, given away to family etc.
if you're going to give away your Android 5.0 or 6.0 Smartphone (lollipop, marshmallow), do the following:
  • Remove any screen pattern or screen lock codes.
  • Go to Settings > Accounts and remove your Gmail Account. If the new owner is with you, Add their Google Account.

How to Bypass Google FRP Lock without OTG on SAMSUNG J7 and others
  • Download Realterm 2.0 On your PC, Install it.
  • Download and install Samsung Galaxy Driver if you haven't already installed Samsung Kies or SideSync that includes the drivers.
  • Insert an Active SIM Card into the phone and Turn on the Phone. Also now Connect the Phone to PC for drivers to install.
  • Launch  Realterm 2.0 "as Administrator" and select  HALF DUPLEX checkbox.
    Also click PORT tab and select the right COM Port your device is connected to and click CHANGE. You can check Device manager > Modems > Properties of Modem and check the COM port.
    On the SEND Tab, copy and Paste these two commands, one after the other Here are the 2 commands:
The next steps to be completed on the phone are best explained in Video format instead of Text. I highly recommend you watch this video posted below by GSM-ABC - Step by Step Complete Guide.

Got questions about any of the steps outlined in the video or challenges with FRP Unlock on Samsung J5 or J7, Hit the reply button to leave a comment. Let us know if this helps you - Like - Tweet - G+

One of the most successful reality TV show to ever hit African Television - Bigbrother - Is back!
Since Bigbrother Africa was cancelled due to lack of sponsorship and other undisclosed reasons after 9 successful seasons, other African countries including South Africa and Nigeria has hosted their own Bigbrother editions with only it's citizens as contestants.

About Bigbrother Nigeria
Bigbrother Nigeria was first launched over 10 Years ago with the same goal of bringing strangers together to live in a House rigged with Cameras and Microphones monitoring their every move and broadcasting live 24/7 to anyone who cares to watch for entertainment purposes.

During the period of 90 days, successful contestants who scale through the audition and selection process are subjected to mental and physical tasks to keep them active while in the house. Weekly nominations and evictions by audience votes determines who will be the last man or woman standing to win the grand prize.

Bigbrother Nigeria 2017 Prize for Winner
If you're wondering what will motivate anyone to want to broadcast themselves for 3 months in a cramped up house with different characters, here's your answer:
  • 25 Million Naira
  • Brand New Kia Sorento Car

Requirements to Audition for Bigbrother Nigeria 2017
  • Contestants must be 21 Years and above to qualify to enter the Bigbrother Nigeria house.
  • Contestants must hold a valid Nigerian Passport as proof of citizenship.

Bigbrother Nigeria

Bigbrother Nigeria Audition Dates and Venues
If you think you've got what it takes to entertain Nigeria, win the hearts of viewers/housemates and emerge winner or you simply wish to get into the house to gain wide exposure in the entertainment industry. Make your way to the following Bigbrother Nigeria Audition venues:
  • Westown Hotel, 7 Sheraton – Opebi Link Road Ikeja, Lagos State
  • MultiChoice Abuja office: Plot 1548, Ademola Adetokunbo Street, Beside NEMA; Adjacent Transcorp Hilton, Maitama.
  • Hotel Presidential: 5141, Aba Road, GRA Phase II, Rumuagholu Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Audition Dates are 26th and 27th - 7 AM Daily. Remember to come with your Nigerian Passport.

We will post an Update when the show goes live in January 2017.

We are pleased to inform everyone that the Big Brother Premiere Show we all have being waiting for is finally starting in a few days from today which is on the 22nd January 2017 by 7PM which will be hosted by a former big brother housemate of 2006 Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, as then on the show will be screened 24/7 on all DSTV packages on channel 198 and GOTV on channel 29.

Where for the next eleven weeks, we all will get to witness the comedy,drama,raw talents of all 12 total strangers who will come together and live in a house also as well as a few tears shed along the way as evicted contestants leave for only one contestant will emerge as the winner of 25 Million Niara and a Brand New Kia Sorento Car.

Also the best of the live daily and weekly highlights as well as live evictions will be shown on channels like Africa Magic Urban, Africa Magic Showcase, and Africa Magic World, so do ensure to update to the latest on or to make your subscription to any DSTV or GOTV packages not miss out on any action.

One of the most popular Nigeria Preachers - Prophet T.B Joshua is in the news again.
In the past the controversial prophet and his ministry - The Synagogue Church of All Nations has had some negative news reported regarding prophecies and his inability to avert disaster that occurred when a building owned by the Church collapsed - killing many.

The US Presidential polls concluded with a shocking victory by the underestimated Donald J. Trump emerging Victor and President elect of the United States of America. A shocking surprise to world leaders, Citizens of the USA and others from the international community who followed the hilarious campaign train of both candidates.

Many predictions were made about who will follow in President Obama's footsteps, most predictions were in favor of Hilary Clinton based on her experience in the white house as First lady, General politics and her position as Secretary of state under the Obama Administration.
Donald Trump on the other hand, was seen as a troll. His unprofessional utterances, views on Politics, Women's rights, Promises made during campaign and Racist comments didn't help either.
Surprisingly, Producers of the Hit TV Cartoon series - The Simpson's got the prediction right.

Everyone thought Hilary would win - Including Prophet T.B Joshua.
The difference between the Ordinary mans opinion about who will be the next US President and a Prophets words on the matter is that T.B Joshua claimed to have received / seen this in a Vision from God.

The media never forgets - BBC world and other local news immediately called out the Prophets prediction (vision) as false when Donald Trump won the Presidency from Electoral college votes.

In response to the accusations of False Prophecy, SCOAN media channels immediately deleted videos and posts made on Emmanuel TV Youtube Channel and Facebook pages.
This move only fueled more critics to speak until the Prophet addressed the issue in a Sunday Service.
See Prophet T.B Joshua's response to Critics of his Failed US President Prophecy

Some followers will argue that - technically, Hilary won the peoples votes but Donald trump won via Electoral college votes which is the cause of Mass Protests in the USA and trending hashtags (#NotMyPresident #StillWithHer ) from Americans who say the process was rigged.
Hilary has conceded to the loss and pledged support to the Trump administration while calling on her supporters to give Trump a chance by being Americans first before looking at race, political parties and differences in policies.

Despite your personal opinion of the Prophet T.B Joshua and his recent runnings with the media, there's no denying the millions of follower-ship and believers SCOAN has. We urge Christians to keep believing in God and not let anyone question their Trust in Him.

Money / Honest Review of LaraWithMe 90% Income - REAL or SCAM?
« on: September 26, 2016, 04:29 PM »
The Huge success recorded by MMM Nigeria has paved way for other similar schemes to target the Nigerian Investing public. While skeptics still express doubt about its legality, ingenuity and life span of these schemes, Individuals in Nigeria and other countries where these Passive income generating schemes exists are making some good money and testifying.

In a recent post, I carefully analysed MMM Nigeria and shared my personal Opinion about it.
How long it will last, Why you shouldn't Join it, Reasons to Join and also how to be safe from any potential loss while in MMM. Read the Article here titled:  A biased Review of MMM Nigeria 30% Income - REAL or SCAM?

I Appreciate the feedback you all have provided and thought this would be the right time to address similar programs that have been popping up promising higher returns than the 30% offered by MMM Nigeria.
As always, my opinion about this would be influenced by experience gained from actually testing these schemes.

My former boss during internship sent me a link requesting that i click and register on this new investment program that was promising 90% return of your investment every month.
I would usually disregard such links but since it came from my Former boss, He would know if i don't register.
I wanted to give him the satisfaction of seeing my name Under his list of referred users - so i signed up for LaraWithMe on 10th Of September, 2016 and immediately notified him  ;D ;D 8)

There are many ways to describe LaraWithMe but the most accurate is an "Automated Capital investment Platform" for big and small investors that pays daily returns of 3% of investment capital.
This sounds too good to be true - so it must be a scam where they will eventually run away with everyone's money
Those were my exact thoughts when i read more about LaraWithMe. To satisfy my curiosity and really understand how Lara works i decided to test run LaraWithMe with only 10$ (About 4500 Naira - money i am willing to lose).
After 24 Hours of investing i received 0.30$  which is 3% of 10$. I clicked WITHDRAW and the money was sent INSTANTLY to my bitcoin wallet which i can easily sell to ecurrency exchangers for Naira value.
4 more days went on and LaraWithme Paid 0.30 consistently at the exact 12:12 PM - By this time, i was convinced this pays but was still in doubt about how long it will last.

Personally, i don't put money were i can't take it out whenever i want to. As long as it has the name investment tied to it, count me out because the % income paid isn't worth it and if things go wrong and everyone losses out.
But with the excess growth received from MMM - I was willing to raise my Capital on Lara to 140$ to get a 3% return on 4.2$ every day.

Here's the calculation for a 100 Dollars (44,000 Naira) Investment in LaraWtihme that gives 3% Daily.
1. day -> 3.00 $
2. day -> 6.00 $
30. day -> 90.00 $
34. day -> 102.00 $ - You've gotten you Investment back as Profit from lara in 34 Days.
Guess what happens on Day 35,36,37 ? - LARAWITHME CONTINUES PAYING YOU 3% DAILY - NONE STOP!!! See picture of my 140 Test investment and Profits withdrawn so far >>
That means you will continuously earn 100$ every 34 days - WITHOUT REINVESTING.
Use this > Lara Income Calculator to see how much you could earn from Investments you could make. (change amount in address bar)

How does make Money?
Lara distributes user’s funds among the objects of its investment portfolio, using a formula to achieve the quickest and greatest risk-adjusted returns. Lara investment portfolio is open for investors to see where your money is going, how much was gained / lost in:
- P2P Bitcoin Exchange market.
- E-currency trading
- Other High Yield investments
I urge you to Click this image Below to Understand better how Lara Invests and Gains income enough to pay you forever lol.

- Lara is a High Yield Investment Program - There are no guarantees that you will not loss your investment. So if you're not a risk taker or don't have money you don't mind losing - Please stay clear of such schemes.
- How long will LARAWITHME last? - Lara is only 101 Days Old today (26th Sept. 2016) No One knows how long it will last but consider the milestone achievement of 19 Million dollars invested in 100 Days and the fact that Lara doesn't return investments made, investors are hoping it goes on. Afterall, no one in Nigeria thought MMM will last this long.
- The Money Invested / deposited in Lara is NEVER PAID BACK. You cannot withdraw your Capital. Rather, the 3% earned daily pays you the capital as profit in 34 days as calculated above.
- Ecurrencies - To Deposit / Withdraw in Lara, You must create an Ecurrency account on Perfectmoney, Bitcoin, Payeer etc And find a trusted ecurrency exchanger such as Naira4dollar that will Take your Naira from you and Deposit Bitcoin to your ewallet. The process may seem too complicated to understand for some people and i urge such people to learn or Do not Join because you might end up paying Naira to a Scammer in exchange for ecurrency which they will not credit to your Ewallet.

Being fully aware of the dangers of Joining LaraWithMe - If you're willing to risk it and Earn 90% every month without reinvesting - Do the following to Join Lara.

  • Download / Activate Telegram MessengerLara Bot is built into a secure Instant messaging Application - Telegram which has cross platform support on iOS devices, Android Devices, Blackberry OS10, Mac, PC and Web versions. Just like WhatsApp, you need an Active phone number to Receive verification SMS from Telegram App.
    Download Telegram for Android
    Download Telegram for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
    Download Telegram Windows Phone
    Download Telegram for PC
    Download Telegram for MAC
    Access Telegram via Web Browser -
  • On Telegram App, Search for this User: @Lara_With_me_bot  (Take note of the 3 Underscores after each word).
    Tap On Lara to Start, Select ENGLISH language
  • Click EARNINGS  >> Click MY TEAM >> SETUP UPLINE  > Type this ID:  248477037 and ENTER!
    This adds you to Ngbuzz Team where we give direct contact to best 24/7 Lara support and Resources you'll need.
    Your money is short by few dollars ? No problem - Lots of free Financial aid available for making us Your UPLINE.
  • DEPOSITS / WITHDRAWALSYou need to signup for an Ewallet account where LARA will send your daily earnings to, It will also be used to Deposit money into Lara.
    For bitcoin i recommend (download the mobileapp)
    For Perfect money - Click >
  • Funding your Perfectmoney / Bitcoin Accounts Just as you Sell/Buy dollars in Black market, Ecurrency Merchants will take Naira from you and Send the equivalent ecurrency to the Perfectmoney or Bitcoin wallet you provide.
    Merchants can also Take perfectmoney /bitcoin from you and send the Naira equivalent to your Nigerian Bank.
     To avoid being scammed - Always deal directly with Trusted merchant websites such as Naira4Dollar, Nairaex or individuals such as myself  ;D. Because Individuals respond faster than merchants that have lots of orders to process.

If you read this post till this point, i congratulate you.
I am Online 24/7 on LARA with this ID: @Briggz5d - type it in Search and Say HI, ask any question
If you'd like to call or Chat via whatsapp to get more clarification 080 3 505 3935 is the Number.

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This is to inform students seeking admission to study various courses in Abia state University (ABSU) that the wait is over.
The final stage for 2016/2017 Admission into Abia state University (ABSU) after the screening process is to check your admission status and accept the provisional offer for Admission by paying an acceptance fee.

The following steps listed below are required to check your Abia State University Admission status but please ensure that you have a printer ready to make hardcopies documents and good internet connection.

The best part about this is that ABSU Website does not require you to purchase any PIN code unlike other schools that require a PIN to access their admission status.

How to Check Abia State University Admission Status 2016 / 2017
  • Click this Link to visit 2016/2017 ABSU Admission status checking portal
  • Enter your JAMB UTME 2016 Examination Number in BOTH fields. Since a PIN is not required to check your ABSU Admission status, just retype your UTME Registration Number in the second box and Click Login.
  • When Logged in, Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click GENERARATE INVOICE
  • Click each to Print hard copies of Admission letter and also Print Invoice
  • The ABSU 2016/2017 Admission Acceptance Fee is from 40,000 to 45,000 so proceed to make payments at designated banks that will give you an Acceptance Confirmation Number.
  • Login to the ABSU Portal Again to Continue with Steps 2, 3 etc that will capture your personal Information.

If you've got question about 2016/2017 Admission into ABSU, Want to know about important dates or general inquiries, direct them to the ABSU contact details we've  shared below. If calling, please do so withing office hours.
CALL ABSU: 08164958768, 07088391544
Email ABSU:

You've come a long way after writing JAMB, Selecting ABSU as your first choice institution and scoring a minimum of 180. Enjoy your stay for the duration of your course and develop yourself in both character and learning.
Good Luck.

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If you've been paying any attention to news publications lately, you'd agree with me that we're making the world more messed up than we met it.
Without comparing the old days of our grand fathers to this century one could easily say that racism, discrimination, recession, wars, epidemics and terrorism are arguably at high levels of concern no matter where you live.

Celebrities are in the a good position to raise awareness or start social movements by speaking up against injustice, violence and other social vices. This usually draws media attention to a problem being ignored by the government and other stack holders. Hashtags on social media getting people talking about the subject matter but history has shown that songs with a strong message have more impact.

The Group "Black Eyed Peas" will always be known for their 2003 hit song "Where is the love". Just like Michael Jackson's "We are the world" the song cuts across borders, races and religion with it's message of Peace and Love.
The group came together again to remake "Where is the Love" at a time when people really needed to be reminded of the importance of tolerance, peace and love for each other.

Black eyed peas remake where is the love
The star studded Where is the Love remake features a children choir, Jaden Smith, Ty Dolla $ign, The Game, Mary J. Blige, Diddy, Andra Day, Tori Kelly, V. Bozeman, Jessie J, French Montana, Cassie, Justin Timberlake, DJ Khaled, Usher, Nicole Scherzinger, A$AP Rocky, Jamie Foxx, other guest appearances from Snoop Dog and some families of victims of police shootings.

The song was made exclusively available on iTunes for a 24 hours period after which other sources will have it in stock.
Leader of the group - Will.i.Am has announced that all proceeds from the all proceeds from sales will go to a nonprofit foundation called
Click below to Watch Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love - Remix

Big social media companies such as Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and others are obligated by law to keep the information you share with them private.
Facebook has a wonderful way of doing so via Privacy settings where you can easily set who sees the information you share on Facebook. Whatsapp on the other hand implemented end-to-end encryption recently preventing any third-party (including Whatsapp) from being able to access chat conversations or images you share on Whatsapp.

Since Facebooks 22 Billion acquisition deal of WhatsApp in 2014, Tech Journalist have wondered how Facebook (an Ad driven company) hopes to monetize the most popular instant messaging Application - WhatsApp which holds firmly to it's "We will never serve Adverts on WhatsApp" ideology. Wonder no more because they found a way.

WhatsApp Now shares Account Information with Facebook
A recent update to WhatsApp terms of service now allows Facebook to have access to your Account information used on WhatsApp.
Facebook claims the only information they want to use is your WhatsApp Phone number and the last time you where online for improving spam prevention, abuse and targeted advertising on Facebook.
Read the Updated WhatsApp terms of Service

How to Turn Off WhatsApp Sharing Information with Facebook
The reasons Facebook gave for requesting access to your verified WhatsApp phone number isn't believable enough for the tech community who have launched enlightenment campaigns to let ordinary users know that you can disallow Information sharing with Facebook.
If you haven't seen it yet, a small Pop-up box informing you of changes to WhatsApp T&S may appear while you're using WhatsApp with a Yes and No answer. You may click Yes without even noticing what you've just done but there's a way to get out of it.

Turn off WhatsApp information sharing with Facebook
  • Launch WhatsApp Messenger from your Mobile Phone and open Settings > Account
  • Swipe to Turn off or On - Share My Account Info

Information sharing is turned on does not automatically post your WhatsApp number or any private chats and Photos to your Facebook. They just want access to it  ???

WhatsApp remains Free of any advertising for now but they're working on ways for companies to send users important reminders such as flight schedules, events update you've signed up for etc.

Money / A biased Review of MMM Nigeria 30% Income - REAL or SCAM?
« on: August 23, 2016, 11:58 AM »
In June 2016, an old friend hit me up on Facebook messenger to preach the Gospel of MMM to me.
Although what he was saying seemed too good to be true, I only payed attention to him because it was someone i trust and he probably wanted me to signup through his referral link just so he can reap some benefits from inviting me.
I don't know about you but i support my friends hustle even if it's with a small seemingly insignificant amount.

I received the link to Join MMM from him, started the registration process and read everything on the MMM Nigeria website where it explained in clear and simple English that MMM is not a bank which keeps money for you, MMM does not collect members money and keep in one central account, MMM is not an online business that generates revenue, High Yield Investment Scheme or Multilevel marketing. It's not even a business with physical location, legal backing etc

My first thought was - Whoever wrote that MMM ideology page is a genius that is showing us how the banking system, insurance, pension funds really works by using our money to enrich themselves while still charging us high rates and paying back little interests. is over 5 Years old. I've been online long enough to smell a rat (SCAM) miles away and I've never participated in schemes like this because it never ends well no matter what name it's called or business model it adopts.
To make matters worse the history of MMM when searched on Google has nothing good to say about it because the media survives on negative publicity.
Wikipedia and other news publication websites have done a really good job at stating what they claim to be facts about the convicted founder of the failed MMM in Russia where it originated. What they fail to tell you is that the Government and financial institutions want to control you by making sure you always need them to survive.
Your financial freedom will cause them a loss, so they fight always to spread false information about MMM to enslave you and deter you from joining the biggest Mutual aid Movement in the World with presence in over 100 countries.

Type: "MMM PAYS" into Google or Youtube - and see the other side of the story the media don't show you.

Knowing that he's got my attention now, he went on to really explain the ideology behind MMM as a community where total strangers help each other with money they're not using with hopes of being rewarded for the Help they've provided to someone.

The best way i can describe MMM is to use a Committee of friends Association or Club as example where they donate a fixed sum to benefit only 1 member each month.
After months of contributing to other members in the Committee of friends, it eventually gets to your turn to benefit from the contribution of others and the sum is always huge.

That's the same ideology that MMM is built on except that - EVERY MONTH IS YOUR TURN TO BENEFIT 30% from what you've also contributed to the community. They call it donating because it's out of your own freewill  - Providing Help (PH) and Getting Help (GH).

Where does the 30%, Referral Bonuses, Guiders Bonuses, Video bonuses come from?
If participants of MMM freely give money to other participants that need help and also get 30% reward from their action, where does the added money come from? and Won't it collapse when new people stop joining?
The 30% Mavro and other bonuses comes from one source - YOU AND ME: It comes from crowd funding approach which is the same principle the banks and financial institutions use. It’s all about getting more people to come into the community and provide help. Just like the banks.
There's always someone depositing at the bank and someone withdrawing - the difference is MMM only provides a technical platform where individuals can reach out to one another and provide / receive help from each other DIRECTLY.
MMM does not keep the money in central account and use it to enrich themselves like the bankers do.

Some Critics describe MMM as Robbing Peter to pay Paul but ask yourself, what is the bank doing?
ANSWER: The Banks are robbing PETER AND PAUL at the same time.

Reasons why you should NOT Join MMM Nigeria
The terms and conditions you agree to before joining any program is usually ignored by all of us.
We just click ACCEPT but you might not want to do this for MMM.
If you like the ideology of MMM and Sir Sergey Marvrodi's life long mission to bridge the gap between rich and poor as  pointed out in the first part of this article and you're thinking of Joining MMM, here's some rules all users of MMM have to agree with before joining. This can be found on the MMM Warning Page and goes as follows:

- There are no guarantees and promises! Neither explicit nor implicit.
- There are neither investments nor business! Participants help each other, sending each other money directly and without intermediaries. That’s all! There's nothing more.
- There are no securities transactions, no relationship with the professional participants of the securities market; you do not acquire any securities. (Do you need them? :-))
- There are no rules. In principle! The only rule is no rules. At all! Even if you follow all of the instructions, you still may "lose". "Win" might not be paid. Without any reasons or explanations.
- And in general, you can lose all your money. Always remember about this and participate only with spare money. Or do not participate at all! Amen. :-))

If you agree to be a honest participant of the MMM Community, to own only 1 account, to provide help with money you're not currently using, to show kindness and care for other people - read on and Join Me.

This concludes part 1 of the article where I've clearly told you what MMM is about and valid reasons why you shouldn't join this Global Community of Mutual aid fund.

Being fully aware of the Community rules my friend is introducing to me and his advice to only use spare money i don't mind losing, i decided to give it a try for research purposes only to see how MMM really works.

The How MMM Works
1. Provide help on MMM with a certain and receive reward of Mavro that grows 30% in One month.
2. On maturity (30 days) of 14 days of providing help you request for Help from available Mavro and all money paid within a few hours straight to your bank account.
3. You can choose to provide another help or even provide help multiple times as long as it's money you're not using.
4. Sit back and cash out your mavro money every month for helping someone else.
- I have succeeded in executing this plan, that's why i'm writing this complete article.

MMM Nigeria REAL or SCAM
I Joined MMM, Confirmed my email and Phone number in MY PAGE menu, entered my Bank details correctly that money should be sent to when i request and offered to Provide help for 2,000 Naira since that's money i won't mind losing but my friend informed me that although the 2k is acceptable i won't qualify to receive the one-time registration bonus if my first Help provided isn't up to 17,000 Naira.

Registration bonus is $20, $50 and $100 depend on how much help you first provided. This bonus is FIRST TIME Only.
Provide Help $50 to $499 qualifies you for $20 Mavro Reward
Provide Help $500 to $2,999 qualifies you for $50 Mavro Reward
Provide Help $3,000 and above qualifies you for $100 Mavro Reward

I raised the help to 40,000, 60,000 and then 350,000 Naira and then another 500,000 the following month. Total Help received from MMM = 452,000
30% is 0.3.
So 0.3 Multiplied by 2000 would give me 600 plus my 2000 back in 30 days.
0.3 Multiplied by 5,000 =  6,500 in 30 days.
0.3 x 20,000 = 26,000
0.3 x 50,000 = 65,000
0.3 x 100,000 = 130,000
0.3 x 200,000 = 260,000
0.3 x 500,000 = 650,000
0.3 x 1,000,000 = 1,300,000
Let me sound the warning again before you get carried away: Use Money you have no immediate need for and 40,000 was my own Maximum limit (or so i thought until i pushed the limit to 450,000).
The figures calculated represent a full 30 days circle but you can actually request for help (withdraw) from 14 days as long as you've provided help (Paid to another participant).

To register for MMM, You only need to fill in your Name, active email, password and Phone number.
Since Ngbuzz Referred you to MMM, please leave our email in the INVITE box so that we can get some bonus as you join and Provide help. The guider details should be left blank.
Click this Link and select REGISTER to fill the MMM Nigeria Registration Form[/b] and don't forget to comeback and continue reading this article for next steps.
After registration, Login at

Providing Help (Making payment to participants)
- Remember, once you click to provide help, your Mavro starts increasing by 1% a day even while it's in your pocket/bank. Mavro growth on your personal office is updated only on Tuesdays and Thursdays
- It takes around 2 to 30 days sometimes before you are matched with another participant who needs help.
- When you're linked with another participant who needs help, you will see their account details you're supposed to send payment to, their phone number and the number of Hours remaining for you to fulfill that request for help.
- You MUST provided proof of payment and upload it on the request you made payment for so that the participant who received the help can CONFIRM that he/she has received it - This closes the request.
The proof of payment can be a screenshot of your Debit SMS alert, Transfer Successful screenshot, scanned/snapped Bank deposit slip etc.
- If you fail to fulfill the request within the stipulated Hours given (usually 48Hours or 96Hours for weekends) it will be redirected to another participant who is willing to provide help and you will be removed from MMM.

Receiving Help (Withdrawing Money)
- The MAVRO menu after you login displays Help you've provided, referral bonuses, Registration bonus and their status.
Amounts displayed in Green indicates that it's available for withdrawal; Blue indicates Frozen(You've provided help but it's not up to 14 days yet) and Red indicates Not confirmed (You haven't provided help or referral hasn't provided help.)

You do not need to refer anyone to MMM in other to start earning from it - that's one thing i like about it.
However if you decide to tell anyone about MMM, do so after you've confirmed that it works (received money) and be truthful about it. Make sure you give them all the warnings and red flags i have shown in part 1 of this article.
If you don't give them enough information / caution, they will abuse the system, cause delays to other participants and may commit offences that can get their account blocked.
The keyword is - Use Only Spare money for MMM so that you won't be stressed or panic easily.
You get 10% of Any help provided by your referrals.

In summary, i currently now have over 2,000,000 Naira gained from MMM Nigeria Community within a few months.
I always provide help and always request for help. I'm not keeping this to myself, i have showed friends, family and my Blog readers like you how to gain some passive income too with spare money by referring them.

I'll be willing to answer any questions you may have to ask about MMM Nigeria.
Hit the Reply Button below and leave a comment or Reach me via Mobile / WhatsApp: 080 3 505 3935.
- Soki Briggs
Here's how to Change Guider in MMM Nigeria by yourself

Do Not Disturb - A new service launched by mobile network operators in Nigeria is the answer to the prayers of those who hate receiving promotional text messages and calls advertising services you're not even interested in.
It's most annoying when the SMS / Calls come at odd hours of the night or when you're expecting an important call / SMS.

In a previous post, we told you about how to activate / deactivate Do not disturb on Etisalat Lines.  We're glad to inform MTN Nigeria subscribers that the Yhello network has complied with the new trend aimed at giving customers some peace and quiet by filtering out all the unsolicited SMS.
NOTE: MTN Do not disturb service is Free and does not attract any fees / payments to opt out or in.

Features of MTN Do not Disturb Service
Now that you know what The Do-Not-Disturb service is all about, lets take a look at some of its features that can be turned off and on easily.
  • Fully BlockedThis will remove your MTN number from receiving all Promotional SMS sent via Bulk messaging platform, short number services etc
  • Partially Blocked: This mode allows you select which categories of SMS you wish to receive or opt out from.

How to activate MTN Do Not Disturb
By sending the appropriate SMS to 2442, you can opt out DND or Select services you wish to unsubscribe from.
Here's a list of the Messages you can Sent to 2442.

  • STOP : Sending STOP to 2442 Will stop all unsolicited SMS from promotional offers. This is the recommended option.
  • ALLOW: Sending ALLOW to 2442 will enable all SMS and promotional offers. Do this if you're not receiving important SMS from a Club, Bulk SMS about meetings etc.
  • STATUS Check which DND services you have enabled or disabled by sending the word STATUS to 2442.
  • SMS 1 Enables you to receive only Financial related promotional SMS
  • SMS 2: Enables you receive only Real Estate related promotional SMS
  • SMS 3: Enables you receive only Education related promotional SMS
  • SMS 4: Enables you receive only Health related promotional SMS
  • SMS 5: Enables you receive only Automobile and Consumer goods related promotional SMS
  • SMS 6 Enables you receive only IT, Entertainment, Broadcasting related promotional SMS
  • SMS 7 Enables you receive only Leisure and Tourism related promotional SMS
  • SMS 8 Enables you receive only Sports related promotional SMS
  • SMS 9 Enables you receive only Religious promotional SMS

If you forget any of these SMS codes at anytime, send HELP to 2442 to view them all.
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