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Every family deserves a home to call their own but in reality, that dream almost never turns into a reality no matter how hard working the parents are.
Renting which is an endless money draining pit is the norm for those without a financial adviser. On the other hand, the process of acquiring land and building a home isn't straight forward enough, which makes renting more comfortable.

Take the Guess work and stress out of it all by participating in the Access Bank Family Fortune Promo.

What is Access Bank Family Fortune Promo
It is a Family Savings incentive that will reward lucky winners of its weekly and monthly draws with the following prices:
  • A Family Home
  • Home Furniture
  • Family Car
  • LG TV sets
  • Home Generator Sets and more
Access Bank Family Fortune Promo

How to Participate in Access Bank Family Fortune Promo
  • Complete the Access Bank Family Banking Scheme form for Four Family Relatives, including yourself.
    No new account required if all four family members have existing Access bank accounts.
  • The Four participants Must maintain a minimum account balance of 20,000 Naira during the period of the Promo (90 days)
  • Starting June 9th, To qualify for Weekly Draws, The balance of all four participants should be equal to or greater than 150,000 Naira.
  • Every Monday of the Month, To qualify for Monthly Draws, The balance of all four participants should be equal to or greater than 300,000 Naira.
  • To qualify for Final Mega Draw on 1st December, 2017, The balance of all four participants should be equal to or greater than 300,000 Naira for 90 days period.
If in doubt, please read the Access Bank Family Fortune Promo Terms and Conditions

Customer Referral Scheme
To increase your chances of winning the Mega Draw, refer other friends and families to also participate.
Refer 5 people qualifies you for 1 Mega draw ticket.
Refer 10 and qualify for 3 Mega Draw tickets.
Refering  20 qualifies you for 5 Mega draw tickets and 1 Economy class return ticket from Dubai for first 100 winners.
Referring  50 qualifies you for 10 Mega draw tickets and 2 Economy class return ticket from Dubai for first 10 winners.

Join to be one of the 100,000 Lucky families - Save today, Take tomorrow.
Click Here - Access Bank Family Fortune Promo
You've got nothing to lose -

All registration entries close August 2017

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Phones / Tecno W3 FRP Unlock / Bypass
« on: March 25, 2017, 06:16 PM »
what can I do?

Hello Nundu,
We've written a detailed guide on how to Remove FRP Lock from a flashed or reset Tecno W3.
Click here >> Tecno W3 FRP Unlock / Bypass.
Hope it helps.

First impressions matters in every human interaction.
Whether communication is initiated online or face-to-face, you want to be taken seriously enough to warrant an immediate response.

People will remember how you introduced yourself and how you said goodbye.
Therefore an email signature goes a long way to do both at the same time and allows your go straight to the point in the body of the email rather than talking about yourself.

4 Things an email signature can do for you:
  • Reputation: Makes you seem "Professional" even if you're not.
  • Free Marketing: Introduces your company, services, website, Social media to receivers of your email even if the subject wasn't being discussed in the email.
  • Other Contact Information: Your email signature offers readers other ways to contact you that might be more efficient than email such as instant messaging, video call / phone call etc.
  • Convenience: Signing off each email especially if you send a lot of emails can be a daunting task. Creating a signature saves your time you wouldn't notice you're wasting until you get a signature.

There are many websites offering this service to people. Some require you to signup, some are subscription based which means you have to pay a 1 time fee to customize your signature using advanced edits (colors, fonts etc).
If you don't mind paying for an email signature - checkout wisestamp services but if you want to create one for FREE follow the steps below:

Create Free email Signature

  • Visit Hubspot Free Online Email Signature Generator and click Create Free Email Signature.
  • Enter some personal information you would like displayed in your signature and see a live preview on the right side of the page. Social media accounts, resized picture, website, Theme style of signature, colors and more.
  • When done, click CREATE SIGNATURE and you will be presented with two options.
    1. Select signature Which allows you to copy the selected signature and paste into WYSIWYG editors of almost any email service provider - Gmail, Yahoo etc.
    2. Get Source Code: The HTML version of the signature can be pasted in email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird client that supports HTML.

Where to paste you Email Signature:
The purpose of creating an email signature is not to paste it in every new email you compose, rather it's to paste it just ONE TIME in the settings of your email so that it automatically shows in every new email you compose.

Now that you've created the signature, Here's where to paste it in your Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Outlook etc
- Gmail: Click the GEAR icon top right corner of your gmail and select settings.
   Scroll to the bottom of the page and paste your signature in the space provided and click SAVE CHANGES.
- Yahoo Mail: Place your mouse on the GEAR icon top right corner of your yahoo mail and select settings.
   Click ACCOUNTS > Select your email >> Turn on "Append signature" >> and paste the signature in the box below.
  Save changes and Compose a new Email to tryout your new signature.

If you've got any questions about any the steps outlined above, Hit the reply button and share your thoughts.
If this worked for you - Hit LIKE - G+ or TWEET to share with your friends.

Providing ICT support services to individuals gives me the opportunity to come across some laptops you would easily categorize as ancient because of their rugged design, bulky / heavy frame and outdated connection ports (Serial port, RJ11 Port etc).
Upon close inspection and review of system specification - I'm often impressed by the processing power, RAM and battery life of some of these machines manufactured in the early 2000's. Some are even able to run the latest Microsoft operating system (Windows 10) without compatibility issues.

One of such powerful but old piece of hardware i recently had an encounter with is the Toshiba Equium L300-148.
As they get older, internal components tend to fail more often. Some easily replaceable, others - not so much.

Strange as this problem may seem - The solutions is even more strange.
Using the Laptop without the power cable plugged in works just fine. If the Power cable is plugged in to charge, laptop instantly trips off. All unsaved work will be lost.

An easy fix for this would be to always ensure that the power cable is plugged in before using the laptop but i'm here to offer a more permanent solution to the Old Toshiba Laptop power problem.

The steps described to help you resolve the problem can be attempted by anyone without doing any damage to your laptop but i would recommend you show it to a tech-savvy person to make more sense of it all.

  • Boot your Laptop in SAFE MODE: Windows 7 users can easily reboot their computer and press F8 key repeatedly at POST screen and you will be presented with the selective startup option to boot in safe mode.
    Windows 8 or 10 users can try F8 too but if it fails to boot into safemode, hold the SHIFT key and click RESTART.
    You will be presented with the windows recovery options, select advanced and choose the option for selective startup / safe mode.
  • Open DEVICE MANAGER:When successfully in safe mode, Navigate to: Control Panel > Device manager.
    You an also easily find device manager by typing it into Start menu.
    disable processors
  • Disable all Processors:Expand the list under Processors and right-click on each processor to deactivate both on the list.
    If you can't find the DEACTIVATE option when you right click on a processor in device manager, it's most likely because you failed to Boot into Safe Mode.
  • Plug in Power Cable: Restart the computer and try to plug in the power cable while laptop is one.
    The sudden shutdown problem should have been fixed now.

I would like to hear your experience on this subject matter. Did it work for you? Didn't work? Got more questions or clarification from us - Hit the REPLY button below the post or CONTACT button above.
- Help others easily find this post - Like - Tweet - G+

Have you fallen into the social media hype? If so, it is highly likely that you spend a great deal of time snapping pictures and posting them on your social media account. Have you received a lot of compliments about your photographs? If you have not, there is a possibility that the images you post lack that special something. Wouldn’t you like to receive praise each and every time you post an image? Look no further than Movavi Photo Editor. With this picture editing software, you will be able to transform your ordinary images into something truly magnificent!

How Movavi Photo Editor Works
Whether or not you’ve utilized a photo editing software in the past, you will have little to no trouble taking full advantage of Movavi Photo Editor. This innovative program is designed with maximum ease of use in mind. All you need to greatly enhance your photos is nothing more than your pictures and this program. Once the pictures have been transferred to your computer, you will be able to open Movavi Photo Editor, import your photographs and begin altering them almost immediately. Truly, almost anything can be achieved with a few quick clicks.

Transforming Your Photos With Total Ease
Believe it or not, most photographs do not need a great deal of tweaking to be perfected. In fact, you might just want to add a frame or rotate the image slightly. Nonetheless, performing these actions can often times be very difficult and clunky. This is where Movavi Photo Editor truly shines. The software will put these actions at your fingertips. Within a few seconds, you will be able to alter your images in various ways. You can resize, crop, rotate, and even flip your pictures with little to no effort. The user interface is totally straightforward and easily understandable.
Just click the appropriate button on the top panel and make the adjustment. It truly couldn’t get any easier.

Altering The Background In A Few Simple Steps
It is almost certain that you’ve taken a photograph at some point or another and absolutely loved the foreground, but despised the background. In the past, it would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to rectify this problem. Cutting out the foreground would be difficult and traces of the alteration would likely be clearly noticeable. This is one of the most amazing features provided with Movavi’s Photo Editor. With this software, you will be able to flawlessly switch your image’s background with a few simple steps.

Simply mark your foreground or model. Then, pinpoint the background. Movavi’s innovative Photo Editor will go ahead and trace the model for you. Once it has finished, you will be able to remove the background with the click of a button. This will give you the freedom to swap out the background until you’re totally satisfied with the finalized image.

Absolutely Perfect For Selfies
Do you take a lot of selfies? During the past few years, a large segment of the population has become addicted to snapping selfies and showing them off online. If you happen to fit into this category, you will definitely want to check out

This software can truly make a selfie lover’s dream come true. The program can be utilized to perfect your skin, eliminate blemishes, and experiment with an assortment of makeup options. By working with your selfies, you will be able to transform yourself into a beauty king or queen.
Click the right buttons and you’ll be able to change the color of your tips, whiten your teeth, and conceal your skin’s blemishes. Before you’re finished, you’ll want to utilizing the software’s digital makeup to top it off. Truly, with Movavi’s Photo Editor, you will be able to turn yourself into a Hollywood star or starlet!

Font Options Galore
Adding captions to your photographs is often very wise. This can be used to add more meaning to your images, while simultaneously allowing viewers to know precisely where you were when the image was taken. Just remember that you’ll want to use an attractive font style that will not diminish your image’s quality. Again, this is another major reason to use Movavi Photo Editor. The software offers an abundance of font options. With this software, you can virtually use any font on your computer for your picture’s captions.
More importantly, you’ll be able to change the font’s size, transparency level, and color. You can also rearrange your caption and rotate it. The process truly couldn’t be easier.

Cropping Options
Cropping your images is often a necessity. By changing the height and width of your pictures, you will be able to make them suitable for different screen sizes. Knowing precisely what will look best is often a guessing game. This is one of the many reasons that Movavi’s Photo Editor is so beneficial. The software will give you the ability to crop your images with maximum confidence. While you can alter freely to any size imaginable, you can also use preset settings. For instance, you can alter your image’s size to perfect accommodate various devices, such as widescreen televisions, DVDs, and even the iPhone.

All in all, Movavi’s Photo Editor is truly very advantageous. Whether you’re a frequent social media user and selfie taker or you run your own website, you will find this software to be very advantageous. It offers all of the features you could ever desire. And, utilization of the software couldn’t much easier. What more could you desire?

Money / Code to Check Access Bank Nigeria Account Number ?
« on: March 04, 2017, 04:39 PM »
Several users of Ngbuzz have contacted us to inquire how they can view their Access Bank account number.
They ask this because GTBank, First Bank and others have a USSD code that can show users their Account number when dialed from the same Mobile Phone Number linked to the bank.

Unfortunately, Access Bank Nigeria customers cannot dial a code or send and SMS to view their account number yet.

This was relieved to us in a chat with Access Bank customer representative.
However, all hope is not lost because you can still use one of the following ways to get your access bank account number.
Code to Check Access Bank Account Number
  • Call Access Bank Customer Agent:: The Numbers to dial are:
    +234 1 2712005,   +234 1 2712006 or +234 1 2712007
    +234 1-2802500
  • Tweet @accessbank_help: Send a Direct Message to @accessbank_help on twitter and get a response almost instantly.
  • Live Chat: Start a Live Chat with an access bank customer agent. They reply within 1 to 5 minutes.
  • Email Access Bank: This may not be the fastest way to get your account number as replies may be about 24 hours to 48 hours. Email and request for your account number. Be sure to provide your name, age, phone number and other relevant details.

I hope this helps someone.
Got a question? Hit the Reply button below.

Popular Nollywood actress - Oge Okoye will not forget the month of March 2017 quickly because of the sudden outrage expressed by her fans and Nigerians in general over her recent uploaded picture of two dogs on her Instagram.

If you just got a new gadget, a new outfit or a new pet, Instagram is perfect for sharing your pictures with followers and the world using hashtags but to avoid embarrassment, please make sure the item you claim to own is actually yours or that you have the owners permission to post it (Borrow-pose).

Oge Okoye made the mistake of posting pictures of two cute dogs and claimed they were hers.
A US celebrity -Kenya moore posted the same picture of the dogs about two weeks ago before Oge did.

Oge Okoye stolen instagram picture

This is not the first time a Celebrity is committing the internet crime of copyright infringement / plagiarism but for Oge Okoye, this is the first time she has been caught and the internet police didn't show mercy.

Funny as Nigerian Social Media can be, they've washed Oge Okoye with insults enough to last a lifetime. Some have gone ahead to contact Kenya moore and apologize on Oge Okoye's behalf while others have simply disowned her.

Oge Okoye trenging

Our Nigerian Celebrities might be great in front of the camera but may lack knowledge of social media does and don'ts.
The role of Social media campaign managers is once again emphasized as an essential tool to grow audience and avoid pitfalls such as this.

Oge Okoye has since deleted the stolen picture from her Instagram feed but has made no official statement or apology for her mistake. The actress will most likely stay low for a while and allow the attacks subside but no indication of calm on the matter.
On the bright side - She has not claimed that her Instagram account was hacked either. No one has considered the fact that this might just be a desperate move to grab some attention / traffic to her social media accounts.

Got something to say about this? Hit the REPLY button below. Like - Tweet - G+ to share this post with friends.
Follow @Ngbuzz on Twitter and @ngbuzzblog on Facebook for more.

it is not displaying the image
Provide some more information about the link of image you're using.
And sample code tags used so I can assist.

Money / GTBank *737*5# code now more secured with the 4 digit pin
« on: February 27, 2017, 03:56 PM »
It has been brought to notice by GTBank that of recent there is a security breach in regards to the mobile money transfer,where previously the dialing of the last 4 digit of your ATM card to complete a transfer is now seen as a problem due to as anyone who is able to have access to your ATM card would be able to transfer your money without your knowledge.

So as a means to prevent such, GTBank came up with the idea of having a 4 digit pin which only you would know of which can now be created by dialing the *737*5# code, where it will be stated to dial the last 6 digits of your ATM card and after which you will be required to create the 4 digit pin that will henceforth be used to complete any transfer.

It is advised to use your ATM pin number as the 4 digit pin taht is used to do the transfer on the *737*5# code so as to always remember.

Money / Dial UBA codes from your Line LINKED to bank
« on: February 24, 2017, 08:49 AM »
Hello Samul and Tolu,
I dial all the codes this morning and they worked.
- The one to check UBA balance is attached below *919*00#
- the one to buy airtime from your UBA bank account and others.

Note: these codes MUST be dialed from the phone number you receive UBA bank SMS alerts on.

If you don't receive alerts, go to UBA and fill a form to update your personal details, then add any new phone numbers you have.
Good luck

Various security agencies in Nigeria mount checkpoints on highways and streets corners to stop and search suspicious vehicles, check unsafe acts by motorist and also for their personal reasons  ::) .

One of the best way to get pulled over by the Police is to drive a tinted glasses vehicle without a permit.
You could pay a heavy fine, vehicle may get impounded or you might just escape with a warning depending on how to handle the issue.

To avoid such embarrassments and confidently drive your Car with tinted glasses, you need a permit which is only issued to car owners with "Factory fitted Tinted Glasses".
Getting the car tinted glass permit in Nigeria is way cheaper than the cost of changing your tinted glasses to normal glasses. The form for the permit can be filled out online as shown below.


Online Tinted Glass permit form in Nigeria
  • Visit this webpage for the Nigeria Police Force Tinted Glass Online Registration Form and fill the short form on the page to get an Application ID. Write it down.
    Your email must be active.
  • Enter the Application ID issues to you in step 1 and also enter you Email to Login and complete your personal Information and details about the Vehicle you're requested Tinted glass permit for.
  • Make a Hardcopy printout of the Final page after submitting online. Submit the printout to any Police command near you where Biometric fingerprint will be captured and the Permit Certificate will be issued.

It's unclear if any fees or charges is required for this permit to be issued. I would also recommend a state police command office where ICT facilities is available to process your application faster.

Contact details
Direct all questions you may have about this process of obtaining your permit in Nigeria to the Email:
Please share your experience on this subject matter by clicking the REPLY button below.
- Like - Tweet - G+ this post if you found it useful.

You can provide your company details / Reg number at a Local State office for them to retrieve your information or print a replacement of lost Details

Hello Bailey,

Here's a working download link for Huawei Ascend Y330-U05 Firmware - Android 4.2.2

The free fall of exchange rates between the Nigerian Naira (NGN) and other currencies has prompted the Central Bank of Nigeria to take necessary actions that should boost the value of the Naira over the dollar, EURO etc.

Some of the policies includes tax deductions for companies that use local content, Ban on importation of some raw materials / products that can be locally sourced, restrictions placed on online shopping using Naira denominated cards to pay for Dollar denominated products.

Despite all efforts of the Federal government being implemented and enforced by Commercial Banks, Nigeria Customs Service and CBN - the value of the dollar against the Naira has still climbed to hit a record high of 500 Naira to 1$ in the parallel market (Black market) and 315 Naira to 1$ as official rate.

If you used to buy goods online from popular sites such as EBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc that accepted Card payments using Naira MasterCard and ship to Nigeria, you may have noticed that payments using the Naira MasterCard of any bank in Nigeria is now declined due to Dollar spending restrictions.
This has affected lots of businesses negatively and in turn caused an increase in prices of imported Electronics, cloths because of the hoops Merchants now have to jump through to get the goods.

If your business is highly dependent on making payments Online in USD and is affected by the current restrictions on Naira MasterCard - We highly recommend you get a Dollar MasterCard available at any bank upon request.
We recently requested and received the GtBank Dollar MasterCard and would like to share some of it's features, incurred charges and more with you.

Convenient Online Shopping: Your Black Card does not ever get declined at ATM worldwide, Online Shopping websites as long as you have sufficient balance for payment.
Safe:Your Dollar MasterCard is NOT linked directly to any of our accounts. A separate Dollar domiciliary account is created and linked to your new card. This ensures that only Money you transfer into the Dollar Card account is spent for transactions.
Transactions are secured with a Card PIN and Card Secure TM feature for online transactions.
No Spending Limitations: There's no limit to the amount of Online shopping or POS payments that you can make using the Dollar MasterCard.
However, withdrawals of Dollar or local currency equivalent at ATM machines worldwide with the card is restricted to 1000$.

GtBank Dollar MasterCard
How to Request for GTBank Dollar MasterCard:
There are two ways to request for the GTBank Dollar MasterCard:
  • Local Branch:Visit the Customer care unit of any GTBank Branch near you to fill out the Dollar MasterCard Request form.
  • GTBank Internet Banking Request: If you have access to the GTBank Internet Banking, Login and click on CARDS, then select "Dollar Card Request" from the drop-down menu.
Your Card will be available for pickup at your Specified Branch 1 Week after request is made / Charged.

- A Card request charge of 6,155 Naira to be deducted from specified account is applicable.
- Annual Card maintenance fee applies.
- Withdrawals of Dollar at ATMs worldwide will also incur a small charge.

For further inquiries and assistance, don't hesitate to contact GTBank Card Services unit
Phone: +234 700 48266 6328

Money / Re: Download UBA's Mobile Banking
« on: February 08, 2017, 07:08 PM »
Hello Okere,

The links to download the UBA Mobile app has been posted in the first page of this thread. For your benefit, click any of the following to download the UBA mobile banking application compatible with your device (Android or iOS)
Android U-mobile download link
Apple iOS U Mobile Download link

You must have a valid Google account (Gmail) to allow you download apps from the Google Play Store.
An Apple ID is also required to download from Apple iOS devices.

The number of people getting locked out of their Android devices after a factory reset is increasing daily.
This is mostly due to the fact that Mobile phones that run Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and 6.0 (Marshmallow) Mobile Operating Systems are now ruling the market.
Even users on lower versions like 4.4 are looking to upgrade. Sometimes going the extra mile to install a custom firmware if Official OTA Firmware Upgrade isn't available yet.

In a previous post, we documented some essential steps needed to Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Samsung J5, J7. The post even included a step by step video guide.
Unfortunately that method of unlocking FRP we posted did not work on a Tecno W3 Android device which was also locked with FRP. So here's another Guide tested and working for Tecno W3 users. Other MTK 65xx Android users can also give this a try.

NOTE: A computer with internet connection is required to complete these steps.
Internet connection and Phone USB Cable are also required.
You MUST deactivate your Antivirus software Program temporarily to allow required software run successfully.

How to ByPass Google FRP Lock on Tecno W3 and other MTK 65xx Android devices
  • FIRST METHOD: The easiest way to Unlock FRP on some MTK devices is to skip the Wifi network request page. if that is not an option for you, let's move on to the second method.
    Download MIRACLE 2.27A.RAR and Extract to your desktop. (WINRAR is required to unzip .RAR file extensions.) Password is:  mdtuhin88
  • IMPORTANT:The software you just downloaded will be totally useless if you fail to get this step right.
    Download and Install MTK 65xx Preloader Driver
    You MUST Manually Install the MTK 65xx Preloader driver from Device manager > Add Legacy Device > Install Manually > Select i Have disk > Select Driver > Next.
    Windows 7 32bit and 64bit PC is recommended but Windows 8 and 10 can work if driver signature verification is turned off.
  • Launch Miracle Loader and select UNLOCK/FIX tab >> Check the box for "Clear Settings/FRP"and click the START Button.
    Google FRP Bypass on Tecno w3
  • Now, Turn off Mobile Phone and connect to PC USB while "Waiting for USB Port" message is displayed on Miracle Box.
  • If MTK Preloader drivers was successfully installed, the commands to Bypass FRP will be installed and status should display DONE. At this point, remove / reinsert the battery and Turn on the device. It should allow you SKIP wifi > and finish initial setup without requesting for Google Account previously used on the device.

I would appreciate it if you share successfully completed a FRP bypass and which MTK device used. Hit the reply Button bellow (Login not required).
Also leave all questions about this subject below or notify me of dead download links.
The LIKE - TWEET - G+ buttons are below if you want to show some love to this post / Author
Big shoutout to ROM Kings for hosting the required files.

MTN Nigeria kicked off the new year by offering its subscribers free 4 Giga bytes of Data for internet browsing, social media access, downloads and video streaming.

This bonus was given to draw some attention to MTN NG 4G/LTE services that ordinary subscribers are not aware of or interested in.

A lot of my friends have seen the free 4GB data balance on their mobile phones but cannot seem to use it after dialing required codes etc.

In this post, we will go through a short checklist that will allow any MTN subscriber enjoy their 4000 MB Free data before it expires.

    No matter the tariff plan or mobile device you use. If you dial *559*444# you'll see the message:
    Your 4G/LTE FREE Data balance is 4096.01MB...
    MTN free 4GB data for 4G/LTE
  • Do you Have 4G/LTE Coverage in your Town or City?
    If you're not in a 4G/LTE Network coverage area, then it's a total waste of time continuing with any of the steps below because the free data only works on 4G/LTE network.
    To check if your City has coverage, visit the MTN Nigeria 4G coverage Map and enter the name of your City or State to see the Red and yellow Areas on the map.
    The usual 2G and 3G networks does not work with the 4GB Bonus
  • Is your SIM Card and Mobile device / Modem 4G/LTE compatible?
    The next step is to check if your MTN SIM Card is 4G enabled. Do this by sending a new SMS to 131. In the SMS message just type  4G and send to 131. You will receive a message about your SIM 4G/LTE ready status.

    Activate 4G/LTE on your MTN Line

    Visit an MTN Office to get a sim replacement / upgrade to a 4G/LTE enabled SIM. No need to change your Number.
    The message will also let you know if your Mobile device is 4G/LTE compatible but you can easily check that yourself from Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE).
    If you device isn't compatible with 4G/LTE, i highly recommend a Universal 4G/LTE Wireless Modem that accepts SIM from any network and allows multiple devices to connect via Wifi.

Now that you know what's required to enjoy the free MTN 4G/LTE data bonus, Share this post with friends.
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To Leave your questions / comments below - Hit REPLY

Phones / RE: Call Diamond Yhello Account contact center
« on: January 04, 2017, 04:48 PM »
Go to a DYA Agent around you and use his phone to call 118.

Phones / Code to buy data plan on MTN
« on: January 04, 2017, 04:45 PM »
Dial *131# to see all available MTN data plans

Phones / Call Diamond Yhello Account contact center
« on: January 04, 2017, 04:16 PM »
please need urgent attention.
Call Diamond Yhello Account support on 118 for assistance

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