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Surprised as you might be, Breast milk as we all know is milk produced by the human female breasts after birth which is fed to her child. This breast milk contains nutrients needed by the child for growth. Breast milk is related with many health related benefits which includes its active composition of minerals, vitamins, digestive enzymes, hormones and antibodies which helps to prevent infection.

Research is ongoing on breast milk to know if a compound detected in mother’s milk could likely cure cancer. This compound accidentally discovered was named Hamlet.

Scientists from University of Lunt, Sweden in Northern Europe have discovered some positive results on the effects of this compound on some cancer patients like the bladder cancer patients.
In the early trial stage, cancer patients injected with the compound secreted urine with traces of dead cancerous tumor cells within days.

This Hamlet might prove an effective way of targeting and killing tumor cells. This discovery was totally unexpected but believed to be an alternative to chemotherapy which when induced is likely to kill both healthy and cancerous body cells.

Scientists believe that a reaction which produces a protein called alpha-lactalbumin occurs with the breast milk when it reaches the human gut. This protein produced targets cancer cells, thereby making the Hamlet a compound that targets and kills only cancer cells.

The Researchers anticipates this found Hamlet compound would aid in curing other cancer patients like bowel and cervical cancer. Currently, a sample of Hamlet compound is placed against placebo to detect other health benefits attached to it.
Health / BODY ODOUR & DARK UNDERARMS - Natural ways to remedy them
« Last post by Sommy123 on May 24, 2017, 04:42 PM »
Body odour is an unpleasant smell produced when microscopic bacteria living in our skin acts on sweat in our body thereby creating a stink mostly in our underarms.Body odour might occur after an exercise, when you are anxious or nervous. No matter the cause, body odours are indeed bad to sniff or perceive. Then when its coming from a lady or woman, the effect is heart-rending. Some ladies have been victims of relationship break-up because no guy is ready to date a lady with body odour or dark underarms.

Dark underarms makes some ladies uncomfortable to wear strapless clothes which will expose their underarms when they raise their arms up. Cheer up this article is for you. Do you know you can whiten your underarms through affordable and natural means? You can also get rid of that bad odour which had threatened you for some time now.

Scrub 1
Baking Soda and Coconut Oil
1. Add Baking soda and coconut oil in a bowl
2. Mix both well to get a thick paste
3. Apply to underarms, scrubbing in a circular motion
4. Leave it for 5-10minutes before rinsing thoroughly
5. Dry your armpits to get rid of dead rough skin and replace with clean and soft armpits.

Scrub 2
Baking Soda and Lemon
1. Get your lemon, cut into two
2. Squeeze juice into bowl
3. Add baking soda into bowl
4. Stir evenly to make a thick paste
5. Scrub underarms with paste
6. Let it sit for 5 minutes
7. Wash thoroughly
8. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times weekly to get your desired result.

Baking soda is a chemical compound known for whitening coloured or dark skin, surface or teeth. Baking soda mixed with coconut oil which contains antibacterial helps to remove dark and damaged cells which unclogs skin pores to light dark underarms, thereby restoring a moisturizing and odour free underarm.

Try this natural remedy and enjoy the result. Now you can raise your arms anytime and anytime wearing your dream strapless tops to reveal a beautiful you.

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Health / Simple and Cheap steps of Using Fruits to get a Flat tummy
« Last post by Sommy123 on May 22, 2017, 05:33 PM »
Flat tummy? Who doesn't one. Every lady wants to wear a tight-fitting top and reveal a very nice shape. Some ladies even go to the extent of sucking in their breaths so as to fit in with their choice jeans. Hurray your days of awkwardness is over. Get your tummy flat with just simple steps.

1.Get a clean jar, fill with 6 cups of filtered water
2. Add 1 Tablespoon of grated ginger
3. Get 1 cucumber, slice all
4. Get 1 Lemon fruit, slice all
5. Get one-third (1/3) cup of mint leaves
6. Mix all the above in the water-filled jar
7. Allow the mixture to soak/immerse overnight
8. Drink all the next day
Follow this steps routinely for 1 month to get a perfect result.

This natural method involving fruits which are high in alkaline helps in reducing food cravings and will definitely slow down fat burning process. This is because fats are mostly the highest factor causing obesity or a protruding belly.

These remedy is tested and trusted. You won't even break a sweat and you will get the absolute flat belly you desire.

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GTBank announced the launch of a brand new mobile Banking application to the surprise of its customers.

The introduction of another Mobile Banking App called the GTWorld has left customers wondering why the new change, why create an entirely new app, why not an update to the old and what will happen to the old GTBank Mobile App.

This Mobile Banking App shares some similarities with the previous Mobile App but comes packed with so many other features, services and security upgrades that will make you feel left out if using the old app.

GTWorld Mobile App Features:
Here are some of the many features that is included in the new GTWorld mobile app:
  • Facial Recognition: Another layer of security using "Facial Recognition" has been built in to the app. This makes total of 3 (PIN, Fingerprint) ways you can secure your account, login or authorize initiated transactions.
  • Transfers with Phone Numbers: You can transfer money to a beneficiary with just his phone no. This transfer is applied to all banks. Note: The phone no. must be linked to his Bank account.
  • Blocking your stolen ATM: You can get a new ATM card and block your stolen or misplaced card.
  • Loan Application: You can apply for loan from GTBank with this app if you have a salary account.
  • Account Statements: View your Account Statements directly from your email and send to choice destination. Example: Embassy
  • Manage Accounts: Check your account balance, open new account and view your transaction history with this mobile app.
  • GTLocate: Get directions for ATM Points locations close to you using the GTWorld.
  • GTTraffic: Find the best route to your choice destination on a map from your GTWorld App
  • FX Transfer(USD): The previous mobile app doesn't allow dollar transfer but this GTWorld allows it.
  • Beneficiary Save Option: With this app, you can choose whether or not to save a beneficiary before undergoing a transaction.


Dial *737*6*5# from your account registered line to get your login details.
  • At first login, you will be asked to authenticate your device if it is your preferred device
  • Create a 4-digit pin (your choice)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, then a 6-digit code will be sent to your email address ie. the one linked to your account.
  • Enter the code in the mobile app and your device will be successfully verified and linked to your account.

NOTE: You will required to set your preferred option for login either facial,fingerprint, token or pin can be used.

That's it!!! You can now start enjoying the services. Indeed this is an easier and affordable banking app.
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Fidget Spinner, a simple toy for both adults and children has been making waves since this year 2017, although invented in the 1990s. As simple as it might be, it is related to helping people with health related issues like Autism, fidgeting,  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Anxiety.

A basic Fidget Spinner is made of a two or three plastic, copper or stainless steel blades with a circular bearing in the center which can either be metal or ceramic.

Hold the center bearing
Then turn the blades to spin. Its spinning can be controlled by adjusting the bearing.

For more insights into its working principle, Price and where you can buy,watch this video by


It's price range from online shops like ebay is from $1 to as high as $10,000.
If you're in Nigeria, buy Fidget Spinner from Jumia is N1,300 to N10,000

Fidget spinners are also used in schools for students who lack concentration although it is recently banned in some schools because of some complaints made by teachers that students tends to be distracted from class activities when using the toy.

Indeed this stress relieving toy is ideal for everybody. Buy one today and try it. You will never regret the experience
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« Last post by Sommy123 on May 19, 2017, 12:27 PM »
Fruits which are seed-associated structure of a plant, eaten raw whether sweet or sour may pose likely danger.  There is an unexpected danger lurking in your fruit section. Perplexed as you might be, some fruits indeed might cause an injury which might actually hurt. This danger might occur in your attempt to slice your fruit open (i.e. holding it in your hand while trying to remove the pit may prove dangerous). For instance, Avocado Pear or Coconut.

“Avocado Pear Hand,” as called by doctors has prompted a British Medical Association called the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons to alert people about the habit.  Inappropriate slicing could result to a tendon or nerve damage. This Avocado Pear Hand injury just like death can happen to anybody and at any time.

Many hospitals records show that Avocado pear hand injuries are treated several times during the week. The British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons are not suggesting we avoid taking Avocados but are trying to enlighten us on the danger lurking behind its slicing.

Another question may arise “How can we cut an Avocado”?
The answer is simple; Place the avocado pear down horizontally preferably in a plate, slice into it from the top to the bottom placing your hand on top. Then, open or twist the avocado pear into two halves. After which, you can extract the pit by placing the avocado in a plate or towel depending on your choice, pin your knife to the pit and then twist to remove.
This perceived danger can also be related to extracting a coconut flesh (coconut meat) from its shell.

Eat well, Stay fresh and Stay safe.
Autos / Re: Nigeria Police Force (NPF) Tinted Glass Permit Online Registration Form.
« Last post by Akinola on May 18, 2017, 01:42 PM »
I have checked for my tinted glass certificate online it is yet to be approved . The Police are asking for it .What step do i need to take.
« Last post by Sommy123 on May 17, 2017, 07:16 PM »
This is to inform all students that sat for the 2017 JAMB Exams which started on 13th May, 2017 that their result is out. The result is released in batches depending on the date you wrote yours. You could give a space of 2 days after the exam and then check.

How To Check JAMB 2017 Result
1. Go to  official JAMB Website
2. Click on the  Create account/Log in tab
3. A page will be opened where you will be required to input your profile account details which you created when you when registering for the exam, then click login
4.  After logging in, click on the check result tab
5. Your JAMB Result will be displayed. Then you can print

If you go to JAMB Website directly to check yours and an invalid password pops up, you are advised to log in to your e-mail, copy the password sent to you by JAMB in your profile creation, paste it on required platform and check.
Then, if your result is not out yet, JAMB will also clarify you on that aspect.

Goodluck and Bravo on your successful exam and result.
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Career / 9 Questions you Mustn't Answer in a Job Interview
« Last post by Sommy123 on May 17, 2017, 06:17 PM »
Job Interviews are always tensioned-filled and tricky since you don’t even know what to expect. But it becomes despairing when the interviewer starts asking questions unrelated to your professional ability. To know how to respond to irrelevant interview questions, you must first know the likely questions which interviewers aren’t expected to ask.

Below are questions you mustn’t answer in a job interview

1.   Are you married or planning to marry soon?
These questions detect a trace of prying into one’s personal life and it is sometimes put up by employers to know if as a married man you will stay for period of time or in the case of single man, you will put all your energy in the job since there is no external (family) distraction.
What to respond: Your marital status shouldn’t be your employer’s business considering that you have made up your mind to do the job. Except in specific cases, where the vacancy is made for a particular status, you can respond “my career is my priority now”.

2.   Do you have kids?
Women are mostly victims of such questions and as such are likely to face discrimination. But it is improper for an employer to ask about your family during an interview.
What to respond:  You might say that your kids can’t interfere with your job. Or you can deflect this question by quoting the adage “There is time for everything”.

3.   Enquiries about your child care arrangements:
 In the case where you might have mentioned you are married or you have kids (especially the young working mothers), questions like these arise. The employer would want to know if your child care arrangement is stable. No employer would entertain work excuse or you reporting late because of an unreliable nanny or babysitter.
What to respond: You are not mandated to explain your child care arrangements to your interviewer. But if you indeed want the job you are applying for, you could answer the question sincerely by practically looking at the fact that the interviewer wouldn’t like a possible work conflicts.

4.   Do you speak English?
Questions like these could raise ruffles, since English is regarded as Lingua Franca. But interviewers might ask in order to seek information.
What to respond: Highlight your communication skills both oral and written without discussing the position of your English language whether it is a native or adopted language.

5.   Which holidays do you or don’t celebrate:
A question like this could be put up by an interviewer to know your religious practice.
What to respond: You are not persuaded to disclose your faith if you are not at ease doing so. Just respond “I strive to never allow a clash between my work schedule and my holidays.” This could address any thoughts relating to your availability without revealing much fact about your religious practice.

6.   Which Church do you attend?
Some employers, mostly the highly religious ones would like to know the church attended by the job seeker. For instance, The Sabbatarians don’t work on Saturdays, because the attend church that day.
What to respond: You might politely say you don’t discuss religion at work, since an interviewee can’t be denied of a job based on religion or faith difference.

7.   How often do you take a sick excuse?
Questions relating to your health status are forbidden in a job interview. But, questions relating to your strength or ability to perform specific tasks might be expected.
What to respond: You are not mandated to discuss your health issues in the interview, since sickness is an impromptu event or state. No one knows when the sickness might be contracted. You could say “I hardly give a sick excuse and am only absent from work when it can’t be avoided”.

8.   Are you planning on retiring soon?
 In some organizations, they give their age limit for employment opportunities. So, when the interviewee is old, the employer might want to know your plans on your duration of work service. This is because; they would like to know if a vacant post for replacement would be published soon.
What to respond: You are not obliged to discuss your retiring plans during an interview. This applies even though you are leaving the job in a couple of years. Instead, say “You love and want the job you are applying for since you would try to accomplish the company’s set goals and you are not planning on retiring soon”.

9.   I can’t believe that the change most anticipated is forlorn. Can you?
The 2015 presidential election, campaign and result brought up a promise of change which hasn’t been effected till date. This is sometimes the words of employers when screening applicants. But, some employers take care to avoid political issues on the course of an interview. Though, political issues might be expected especially, when a federal job is applied. But employers are likely not to act differently against you based on your political interests or inclination.
What to respond: If you are interviewing for a job at a political related organization, you response might matter which should be a neutral one. You could say,   “I try not to allow the country’s economy/situation interfere with my Job output”. Or you could give a polite nod or smile in agreement. This is to ensure you are both on even ground.

Finally, there is no perfect way; a job seeker could manage an unfitting job interview question. Occasionally, the perfect choice is to be wary in your answers. Declining politely to reply is an alternative but it could affect your chances of getting that job. A frank reply is another option but it could have diverse effect. This means that your answer might set you up for possible rejection. Try your best to avoid relating information an interviewer might use against you while striving to provide the information the interviewer is trying to know.

Goodluck and success on your job interview.
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Phones / Re: Etisalat Cliqlite Tariff Plan Package For Young Students
« Last post by martins john on May 17, 2017, 06:13 PM »
   i agree with you
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