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When you fill forms Online or register on a website - all the basic information required to successfully complete the application form and submit are easy to get.
Examples are: Name, date of birth, email address, Country and phone number - But one of the most difficult one of them all to answer CORRECTLY is usually the "ZIP / POSTAL CODE"

NO - Nigeria's ZIP / POSTAL code is NOT 234 for all cities and states as most people think - Rather +234 is only the International Dialing Code for Nigerian phone numbers.. example +2348031234567

Postal / Zip codes are required to make locating a post office near you easier, so that your letters and packages can be easily delivered. It is used to groups areas in a city and makes the postman's job a lot easier finding residential / office addresses.

To find out your zip / postal code is easy using one of the oldest and still striving institutions in Nigeria - "THE NIGERIAN POSTAL SERVICE" - (NPS)

Yes, The Nigerian Postal Services still works despite internet / email and the other Big names in the Business (DHL, UPS, FEDEX) taking over delivery of letters and packages faster. The NPS still offer P.O Box address amongst other services for individuals and corporations.

Here's how to find your postal / Zip code in Nigeria:
  • Visit the New Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) Website http://www.nigeriapostcodes.com and select Urban Postal code search for cities or Rural postal code search for villages.
  • Select required State, Town / Local Government Area and finally click GET POST CODE button and your correct postal / zip will be shown to you
(See image below)

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Re: How to easily Find Nigerian ZIP / Postal codes by state / city
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thank you..

[Please help me to knw abt nigeria postal/zip code


Read the post carefully, the author really explained all that needed to be known about Nigeria Postal codes

Isioma Dike

Thanks so much, it really helpful

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I followed yr procedure to get the postcode, but when i filled the 6-digit no in an online form I was told to enter it in the correct format.  Please what is d correct format?


There's no particular format. It's possible that the online form you're filling does not allow Nigeria at all.
Confirm that you entered the country Nigeria before the ZIP code can be accepted.


Mr poster, I have been trying to get this but when I click on urban, the reply is "error no transport". Same thing happens to both rural and facility or whta is it call. Plsss, I need your help @ the admins...


Hey Froshdavs,

I have just visited the site and had no issues getting zip code for rural and urban areas.
I Used a Computer and Mobile phone to access it, worked fine.
Suggestion: Ensure you're within 3G (HSPA) network coverage with fast internet because EDGE or slow internet makes it difficult to load.
Also Use a Web browser that allows running of scripts (Mozilla, Chrome) if on mobile, use the phones default browser (Not opera or UC web) because those two strips content the site needs to function fully.

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Hi!! I use this way and I get my postal code but still are asking me to write correct zip.


Why ZIP / Postal codes in Nigeria don't work on some sites.
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Hello Ashiru,
It's possible that the reason why the generated and correct location ZIP code is not working on the site is because the registration or form you're completing does not accept Nigeria.
Confirm that Nigeria is listed amongst countries or share the name of the site, lets take a look.

James Jerry

How do i get a US address to cash my reserve
« Reply #11 on: October 07, 2015, 08:21 PM »
Hello.. There is an online business i am doing and it required my details for my cheque to be sent to me. At the process of my survey i couldnt see nigeria among the listed countries yet i have dollar to cash. Please i need ur help

wilson bello

Re: How to easily Find Nigerian ZIP / Postal codes by state / city
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very good and signally helpful

The link provided here is down, please do you of any other working one?


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