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A Man from Northern China - Jian Feng - decided to settle down, marry his Beautiful dream woman and start a family - Or so he thought. Little did he know that he was about to receive the shock of his life.

The couple were happy together until she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. - The Baby wasn't as beautiful as the mother or father.
- The man is handsome - He's wife is beautiful - So he thought she might have cheated on him -

In his quest to find the truth about who the real father of the baby is and in an attempt to prove that she has been faithful to him, The wife showed him a picture of herself Before she had an extensive Plastic surgery he never knew about.

Mr. Jian Feng Freaked out, Divorced his wife and sued her for being deceptive and tricking him to marry her demanding $120,000 compensation for damages.
 - The crazy part of this story is that He actually WON the lawsuit.

As if the $100,000 she paid for Plastic surgery to make her look beautiful was not enough, she had to pay  $120,000 to her ex-husband who only loved her looks.

There are No pictures showing how ugly the husband thought she was before the surgery or how beautiful she is now - But i'll use these examples to illustrate:

        Before Suggery

        After Suggery

A little sincerity at the start of the relationship might have saved her this trouble.

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Re: Man Sues his wife for Being Ugly, And Wins Lawsuit
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There s no luv btw them:he luvd her cos of her look,she decieved him with her fake beauty.oo sorry 4 them o.


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