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Last year Nigeria and many other countries were face with a challenge of a virus that kills its victim within short period of time once they get infected by the virus called Ebola. But the mercies of God on us all and federal government that put their best to make sure that Nigeria is totally free from sure virus Nigeria was declared Ebola free country even before other neighboring countries.

Some the measures they took were to:
Create emergency jobs for people to tackle the virus with a considerable pay for youths who are willing to save her father’s land.
Ensure that children were check in schools and if and isolate sick people for proper checkup before allowing to join others in public.
Encourage proper washing of hands.
Other companies, organization and institution also took it upon themselves to check people within.

Right now what is killing people is another virus called Lassa Fever. It is said to have killed 40 people in ten states in the Nigeria.

What is Lassa fever?
Lassa fever also known as Lassa hemorrhagic fever (LHF) is an acute viral hemorrhagic fever caused by the Lassa virus member of the Arenaviridae virus family. This virus is similar to ebola.
You can contact this virus by having touching dead animals like rat or exposing your food in a manner that such animals can reach. So we strongly advise everyone to be careful and watchful. If you suspect anyone around you having strange symptoms please take them to the hospital for proper checkup.


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