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I bet there's a department in Google Inc charged with the responsibility of adding humor to Google products.
All they do is sit around, analyze and make up funny stuff.
I bet they're called "The Google Humor" Department.

Crazy huh? Tell me how else a busy corporation can come up with this awesome April Fools day prank that has everyone sniffing their phone and laptop screens trying to catch the smell of anything searched for.

Google Nose BETA
The new scentsation in search

About the New Google Nose (Beta)
Using Latest technology, Google has put together an Aromabase filled with over 15Million + scentibytes of popular search terms.
This allows you to Search and smell stuff right from your computer or Mobile phone screen.
Want to know what a Banana, A Wet Dog, A Dumpster, A new Car, Egyptian Tomb smells like?
Google Nose BETA has the answer.
Google Nose (BETA) Launch Video

How to Use Google Nose BETA
  • Enter Google.com From your Mobile Smartphone or Computer.
  • Type what you wish to Smell, and click SEARCH "Example: Roses, Banana, Egyptian Tomb, Wet Dog, New Car, Mars, Used Clothing"
  • Bring your Nose in close proximity with your Screen and click the BLUE SMELL button.
    If you're an Touch screen (iPhone) user, Click smell and touch your nose to the screen.
  • Be ready to be amazed.

Google Nose BETA | Google Nose BETA | Google Nose BETA

Share this With Friends - Let them Try using Google Nose Beta to Smell stuff on search.
Best April Fools Joke Ever.

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