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A regular client paid me a visit today. He owns almost every latest gadget, from iPhone 5, iPad, Blackberry z10, and just added a Samsung S III (sgh-t999) to his collection.

Like all his other gadgets, I have to either unlock, Jailbreak, Download applications, sync contacts and show him some tips on how to fully utilize them. Easy-breezy, but there was a problem, I've never Unlocked or Rooted a Samsung Android Device!

I turned to Google for help, and found several websites offering Unlock services for a Fee! all they require is the IEMI number of the device and Payment ranging from $3 to $30. I also found Several tutorials showing how to Root Samsung Galaxy, but the warning about the possibility of Bricking the device (rendering it useless) scared me.
Phone repair shops requested to do the unlock for 5000 Naira  :o

Finally turned to YouTube and Found this Great Video Tutorial showing Exactly how to Unlock a Samsung Galaxy S III for free without the Unlock code or without Rooting it. Others might be looking for this, so I'm sharing it.

How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S III FREE (without Network Unlock Code or Rooting)
  • Insert the Unrecognized Sim Card into the Samsung Galaxy S III and Turn it on, At the screen that requests for "SIM NETWORK UNLOCK CODE" Press "Dismiss"
  • Open your Phone Dialer and enter this: *#197328640# You should now be presented with SERVICEMODE Menu as shown in the picture below.
  • Select [1]UTMS, Select [1]DEBUG SCREEN, Select [8]PHONE CONTROL, Select [6]NETWORK LOCK, Select [3]PERSO SHA 256 OFF - wait about 30 seconds
  • Tap you Menu Button and Press BACK to return to the [6]Network Lock Menu, Then Select [4]NW LOCK NV DATA INITIALLIZ
  • Press the Home Key to return to Normal Screen then HOLD the Power Button on the Side, Select POWER OFF.

Turn on Your Device. Notice that the Network Unlock code is No longer requested?
Your SIM now connects to your local network! If the instructions are not clear enough, Follow the Pictures and Video Below:
Got questions? Don't hesitate to Ask using the REPLY button below.

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If this worked for you, Please do say thanks - Like - Tweet - Google Plus this to help others find it easily.

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cool its works...for me .......... nice share .....

Maxwell Ati

thanks for your post,i need to unlock my samsung galaxy note 1. pls help. your post was helpful . pls help


Its nice to hear you, the instruction and method is too good to understand for newbies. I think you can assist me in getting the guidance of which unlock service i use for unlock samsung galaxy s4? i take a look on safe unlock code and cell unlocker services. I am confused which one to use =/

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Unlock services
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I haven't used any of the unlock services you asked about so can't really vouch for them- Don't like paying for things i can do myself.


Guys please help.. i dont see the fourth option in my phone, that is [4] NW LOCK NV DATA INITIALLIZ
why?? anyone know??


hey i got and do everything but i don't have or see [4]NW LOCK NV DATA INITIALLIZ


Hi Ariel, Are you trying to do this on the exact model of phone specified in this post or a related one.
please try the process again - Maybe it doesn't work for all carrier ?


I have sgh-t999 android 4.3 I tried the procedure but in the last step the [4] does't show up. Pls I need help.


Hello Shaq, sorry you're having difficulty getting this to work for you.
I would advice you try the steps multiple times (more than 2 or 3 times), pay special attention to Step 4 which requires you to press menu button and press BACK, before the [4] will be displayed.

Also use the video included as a guide.


Doesn't work on 4.3,  Samsung changed the bootloader. 


Larry is right. This only works on os 4.1.1


What of SGH T999 with os 4.1.2
i did not see the option 4 in my samsung SGH T999 with os 4.1.2

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Ecobuchi, others suggest that the bootloader for 4.1.2+ is different, but i gotto admit - that step is a bit tricky.
4. Tap you Menu Button and Press BACK to return to the [6]Network Lock Menu, Then Select [4]NW LOCK NV DATA INITIALLIZE.
Maybe try again or downgrade, unlock then upgrade?


please how do i down grade it because it does not work the option 4 does not show.
it states this once i reached that point


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Hi, i don't have the device right now to check the steps over again.
Hope you saw the video and followed as shown.
About downgrading you will need the Samsung Kies software to do that or find a tutorial from xda android forum.


I did all the steps fine but the last step when u return to the network lock menu I don't have the #4 option NW Lock NV initialize I only have 3 options and that's not one of them. Please Help


Sorry yáll having difficutlies with the step to unlock your device.
It's quite possible that samsung may have patched that loop hole found in older devices.



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