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In this part of our world most women find it difficult to take in, because they don’t know the secret behind it. A woman who desperately wants to get pregnant can improve her chances by using these formulas below.

EXERCISE: But don’t over do it, a woman who wants to get pregnant must not involve in vigorous
exercise, your exercise must be moderate.

RELAX: If you want to get pregnant learn to relax so that you can be stress free. Emotional stress produces high levels of proletarian, a hormone that interferes with menstruation.
GUARD AGAINST SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE: This is one of the common causes of infertility; it is a damage cause by sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia and staphylococcus.

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STAY AWAY FROM CIGARETTES EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A SMOKER: Cigarettes is dangerous to the fetus and it can equally stop one from getting pregnant.

BE SLIM AND NOT TOO SLIM: When you are too slim it becomes difficult for you to get pregnant fast.

CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL: Although study on alcohol consumption and fertility are not as conclusive as they are for smoking even a glass of wine may cause problem.

BEWARE OF CAFFEINE: Caffeine impact on conception needs more research, but some studies suggest that caffeine is dangerous to a woman who wants to get pregnant.
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