Who is most likely to win Big brother Africa 8 - The Chase?


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Bigbrother Africa The Chase
The African Continent is ready for another season of the most anticipated Reality TV show ever.
Bigbrother Africa – The Chase goes live tonight 26th May 2013 Sponsored by Airtel

The Show
For 91 days, 28 Housemates selected from 14 African countries will live together and try to get along (we know that won’t happen). They will be evicted each week through nominations and viewers votes until only one remains to win the Prize money of 300,000 US Dollars.

The Host
Nigerian Presenter - IK Osakioduwa returns to hold it down, giving you the updates, announcements and controversial interviews with contestants.
BBA House
The House

The Live show
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Bigbrother Karen Igoh
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In a conversation with housemates this morning, the female Nigerian BBA housemate in Diamond house - Beverly may have spilled a little more than she should.

BBA Beverly 2Shotz
While chatting with Melvin, Bolt and Elikim about housemate ages, getting married, past relationships and respect for women, Beverly mentioned that she almost got married last year.

When the guys asked who the lucky guy was and why the marriage didn't happen, Beverly said 2shotz was too possessive, over-protective, jealous and beats her up every chance he gets.

2shotz - real name is William Orioha is one of the biggest names on the Nigerian commercial music scene and has trilled fans with hits since 1992.

In an interview, Beverly was recorded saying "I Was never engaged to 2shotz" but he did visit her family for a traditional introduction ceremony.

That's enough BBA Gossip for one day..

There are two kinds of men in this world, Men that beat women and men that can't lay fingers on a woman no matter what - 2Shotz has some explaining or cover-up story to do all thanks to Beverly's loose lips (which is kinda hot by the way).
Special shout-out any girl currently in a relationship with 2shotz - The Lord is your strength.


Motamma and Betty evicted from Bigbrother Africa The Chase
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2013, 08:03 PM »
Another eviction Sunday in the Bigbrother Africa The chase started with an awesome performance by Pompi titled "Giant Killer" (so good i had to download the track).
Tonight two housemates will be sent home out of the nominated / swapped housemates who viewers have voted for all week.
Botswana housemates Motamma and Oneal, Lovers Bolt and Betty, Elikem from Ghana and funny Nando from Tanzania and Natasha (who i don't like so much).

Motamma and Betty evicted
When the voting results came in Motamma who was swapped in by head of house Annabel is the first to leave cheerfully rubbing off lipstick on all housemates as she gave them big kisses, hugs and went on stage with IK for a touching interview.

The second housemates to be evicted tonight was surprisingly Not Natasha but Betty's name was called. Bolt didn't know how to feel - Happy that he's safe or sad that his girl is leaving. Wet goodbye kisses were shared as Beautiful Betty from Ethiopia made her way to the stage.

"My relationship with Betty is a Mistake" - Bolt

Betty reminds me so much of Hanni.

What i wanna know is - How the hell did Natasha survive another Eviction? How?


The two Nigerian housemates - Melvin and Beverly - have someone escaped nominations since BBA The chase began. They've done this by avoiding confrontation, sticky situations and being careful not to step on anyone's toes.

Melvin has been nominated twice because he is head of house and can save himself but after his last decision to  replace himself with Hakeem sent the Zimbabwean contestant home, he decided not to replace himself with anyone this week.

Is this a strategy which is supposed to earn him respect from viewers and housemates or a foolish mistake he might regret on Sunday?

I Wish him good luck and hope you all vote for him.
 click here to Vote

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STD in the Bigbrother Africa House?
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2013, 01:52 AM »
Bigbrother Africa the chase has a romantic theme to it - From the way housemate were introduced into the house, The special price for most romantic gesture and the rendezvous room - All this put together created an almost perfect atmosphere for housemates to build relationships (since they have nothing better to do).

Some of the hookups we've seen in the house are: Bolt + Betty, Oneal + Feza, Selly + Nando, Beverly + Bimp, Hakeem + Cleo with steaming action in the tub or strange movements under blankets recorded by the night vision cameras.

The Gossip - Did Selly give Nando an STD?
After the diamonds housemates lost the arena games and laughed about their performance, Melvin jokingly asked Selly " You can't play tennis or football, what are you good at?"
As a real drama queen would do, Selly told housemate that she doesn't like how they always blame her for the failure of a task performed by the team. She went on to remind them of past events where she's been blamed instead of being encouraged to do better.

It was all good until Selly said Nando called her names for allowing a Ninja Steal the Book in a task performed over 2 weeks ago. Nando exploded in her face by telling her to take responsibility for mistakes made and step up her game - but he did in a very rude way that got Selly shedding tears.

Bimp managed to push Nando away from Selly and tried to tell that wasn't really necessary, Nando who obviously had a lot more to say to Selly whispered in Bimp's ear "That B * tch gave me an STD".
The #BBATheChase twitter timeline went crazy when they heard this.
When Bigbrother thought Nando had calmed down, the camera focus returned to him and he uttered "What if it was a +" (HIV positive).

Yes Bigbrother housemates complete a full medical test before entering the house so where is this baseless  accusation coming from? Did she hit it with someone after the tests?
What was Nando thinking hitting it without Protection? - he's the only one being called into the diary room for medication, isn't Selly being treated too? - Some say its a Urinary tract Infection not an STD?
Why won't Biggie let Nando finish his sentences about this issue before switching the camera away from him?

So many questions and speculations, with No answer YET!

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BBA Saturday Night Wild Party - Blame it on the Alcohol
« Reply #5 on: July 13, 2013, 11:51 PM »
Sir Uti, BBA
Wild party to night in the BigBrother house - New "FAKE" Emerald housemates were partying at a different section of the club - This made Ruby / Diamond housemates step up there Partying game, you could tell they were intimidated and surprised at the same time.

After the party Dillish, Selly, Nando, Cleo, Beverly, Feza, and Sulu were at different drunk levels - Some couldn't even walk.

Beverly has been all over Angelo all week, stealing hugs and kisses every chance she gets but Nigerians never expected it to go this far - They found the room with Lights off (why were the lights off at 10PM) - I'm not even going to talk about what happened in the dark but Pokelo and Elikem thought it'd be cool to spy on them silently. (That's just creepy) - Thanks Bassey for stepping up to save Beverly from herself.

Sulu got called into the diary room and had a long talk with Bigbrother over his continues misbehavior triggered by alcohol. Another strike?

Lets see who leaves tomorrow.

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BBA The Chase UnOfficial Poll results.
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2013, 04:33 PM »
Bigbrother Unofficial Polls
With just a few hours before IK announces the final list of Housemates to be evicted tonight, we take a look at Unofficial poll results voted over the week.
It seems Melvins risk will payoff afterall.


End of the #BBATheChase for Natasha and Selly
« Reply #7 on: July 14, 2013, 08:02 PM »
Tonight's eviction show kicked off and also ended with Nigeria's Seyi shay performing her hit tracks.
IK announced that from Friday next week, Biggie will merge both houses and add 6 Fake emerald housemates to the mix, the fake emerald housemates were introduced on stage

Selly and Natasha evicted
All housemates were shocked when Melvin announced 'I saved - NOBODY' but Selly was disappointed that Oneal replaced her with Elikem because when she was head of house, she saved him from possible eviction.

IK announced the names of the two housemates that will be leaving tonight " Selly and Natasha" - No tears were shed for them, just the usual hugs and kisses as they made their way to the Stage.

When asked what she thought of Melvin, Selly said "I think Melvin is the Greatest guy in The chase, He's so focused."
Natasha's Juju expired when it found its match "Melvin" - Up next, Nomination Monday!

Here's how Africa Voted:
Melvin = 5; Annabel = 3; Cleo = 2, Pokello = 2, Natasha = 2, Selly = 1. (Total: 15 Votes)
Bigbrother used the tie breaker rule on Pokello, Natasha and Cleo as they each had one popularity vote, the Housemate with the lowest average percentage across all countries was Natasha.

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The fake Emeralds housemates have achieved their mission and left #BBATheChase house - Time to get back to business but it was fun watching them.
With only a few weeks left before the Winner is announced, another housemates will end his/her chase for the money tonight at the Live eviction show.

BBA Polls
Nominated Housemates.
Elikem, Annabel or Sulu.

Unofficial BBA Polls show that Elikem is leading, followed by Sulu. This means that Annabel is going home tonight.
Lets wait and see.


Our predictions from the unofficial polls were correct - Annabel and Sulu were evicted from BBA The chase, - Elikem can have some confidence in himself now because he was saved by Africa.
Voting result show that Sulu has 6 country votes like Elikem but the tie-breaker rule was applied - Annabel had only 3 country votes.

On the live stage, Sulu was so nervous answering questions from IK and what was Annabel wearing???
Moving on...

Bigbrother Africa Nando
Nando and Elikem exchanged some words last night because of alcohol distribution, Nando repeatedly got in Elikem's face and told Bimp that guys like Elikem do not deserve to live.
He later hide scissors under his bed but Biggie retrieved it from him.

After tonight's eviction, biggie gathered Housemates at the lounge and replayed a video recording of the fight before passing judgement.

To Nando who already had 1 strike in the past, for repeatedly aggravating Elikem, Biggie issued a second strike and also issued a Strike to Elikem for not showing enough restrain.

Biggie later called Nando into the diary room and showed a video of him threatening to kill Elikem. Nando was issued a third strike for carrying sharp objects around the house which pose a threat to him and fellow housemates - According to Bigbrother Season 8 rules - A player who gets 3 strikes will immediately be disqualified from the Game, and that is how Nando's Chase ended.

Next up, Nominations...


Oneal Evicted! - Good riddance to bad rubbish.
« Reply #10 on: August 05, 2013, 12:19 PM »
The bigbrother Housemate Oneal from Botswana successfully dug a grave and buried himself when he started hating on Not just Melvin and Beverly but West Africa. According to this egotistic, proud, sadist West Africans try to impose their ideas on everyone like they're the only ones that matter.

Oneal was evicted last night and when IK asked him about his beef with West Africa, this dude was still unapologetic. His attitude earned him a resounding BOOOOOO from the crowd, first time an evicted housemate gets booed on stage.
Unfortunately for poor Feza, she got dragged along and will definitely be on the chopping block this week for her role in the conspiracy against West Africa. Oneal slowly infected Feza who used to be bubbly and fun till she became almost non-existent in the house - and we all know what happens to housemates who don't communicated with others more "they get Nominated."

The personalities of Bimb and Oneal are almost the same - cool, calm, quiet but at least Bimp doesn't go around saying he's smarter than everyone, thinks 3 steps ahead, more matured mentally than anyone etc
The saddest part of all this is that people like Oneal NEVER CHANGE.

Oh Well - lets see the mistake Beverly will make tonight during the swap.

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Unofficial Poll results of #BBATheChase Winner
« Reply #11 on: August 22, 2013, 02:48 PM »
With Just a few days before the Winner of the $300,000 Prize money is announced, Africa is voting for their favorite #BBATheChase housemate.

Here's a quick look at the Unofficial Polls which usually gives an insight to real results with 97% accuracy.
Judging from past weeks, the poll has always been correct about who's safe (being most voted) and who's leaving (least voted).

Melvin is leading the polls and hopefully will walk away with the money on Sunday - A True Gentle man.


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