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Ngbuzz Page speed now 99% - Awesomeness New
« on: July 04, 2013, 09:19 PM »
Good news sounds like sweet music to the ears and should be announced. With that in mind, it's my pleasure to announce that the page speed of our website Ngbuzz.com is now ranked 99% fast according to Google Page Speed  test.

Why is this important
Users who visit websites that contain a lot of content (Text, images, Scripts) often notice delays in page loading time and bandwidth consumption. With the new increased speed of Ngbuzz Forum pages, you're sure of 3 to 5 seconds page load time depending on your connection.

This is news because webmasters all over the world struggle to strike a balance between page speed and content. There are not many websites on the internet that can guarantee 99% page speed. We are proud to have achieved that goal.

How we did it
Technical stuff - Thanks to Google Adsense Scorecard, and Page speed optimization suggestions, we successfully used a new CNAME record (Google Page speed Servers) to serve our content from the Original server. The image below illustrates how our data is now served.
Expect a detailed tutorial has been posted on Ngbuzz Webmasters Section. Read it Here

Ngbuzz Page speed 99

We hope this allows you stay longer on the website, navigate easily between pages and improve overall satisfaction on PC and Mobile Version of our website.

Ngbuzz Page speed

We listen - If you have suggestions about other ways Ngbuzz Forum can be improved, add it as a reply to this topic or email admin @ ngbuzz.com.

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