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Guest post by Ayobamy
"If I may ask, why Pregnancy Test why not Virginity Test ? What about the Men how do you test them if they are virgins ?

I attend the "Largest Church in Nigeria "  here in Lagos. I was surprised when I heard on Friday that my uncle's wedding
has been canceled and has been moved to another church to take place.

It was reported that a pregnancy test was run and that they figured out his wife to be was already 1 month pregnant which
was the main reason for the cancellation of the wedding to take place in the church.

Now thinking about the whole thing, I would say this is totally wrong, because if indeed this issue has to be judged biblically, I would say it is only written in the bible that one must not have intimacy until you are married which automatically means both parties must still be virgins.

So if that's the case, the general test that needs to be run is virginity test, not pregnancy test, because a lot of people have gotten married with their virginity lost prior wedding day. I just don't understand what this is all about. I feel the church didn't do well on this, please someone shed a light on this issue and lets see if they did they right thing or not because "What is good for Adam is what Eve got too !"

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Re: Church cancels wedding because Bride is 1 month Pregnant
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Hahaha this is really funny.


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