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Solar eclipse in Nigeria

Today, 3rd Nov. 2013 from 1pm to 4pm in Nigeria the Moon will pass between the sun and the earth causing a Full or partial Solar Eclipse which is a Natural phenomenon that has been mistaken to be supernatural or a bad omen in some traditions (ancient and modern).

The Government has made announcements urging people to remain calm during this period and take necessary precautions or protections to safely view the eclipses.

During the Solar Eclipse, the atmosphere emits intense visible and invisible radiation that can cause impairment of vision or total blindness. The Retina of the eye is not sensitive to pain, therefore the effects may not be felt immediately until hours later. 

Sure looking at the sun directly on an ordinary day can cause damage too, but the effect is more hazardous during a total eclipse when all of the sun disk is covered leaving only a small part out.

Your normal fashion dark shaded glasses, mirror, Your mobile phone camera etc are not safe to be used for viewing the Eclipse.

Just turn on your TV and enjoy with the family.
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