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Human resource departments in most companies can be merciless when it comes to selecting the best candidate to fill a vacant position. It’s a department that can make or break a company depending on the effectiveness and efficiency of the persons employed.

During a Communication lecture on Job / Person specification as part of my City & Guilds Advanced Diploma in ICT Systems Support training, my instructor (a Business Administration Guru) explained the various processes involved in recruiting for a particular position.

He talked about how employers identify the need to hire, the process of analyzing the vacant position, clearly stating job roles, required qualifications, skills and attitude of the person fit for the job.
You already know about these requirements as it is shown on every employment vacancy advertised, but what they don’t tell you is that there’s another selection criteria used to screen selected applicants during interview process.

The Secret Selection Process
So let’s say 5 brilliant persons passed the written test, but only one person is needed for the job, my instructor reveals that interviewers pay great attention to detail and little things you do can negatively affect your interview session. I’ll list out some examples which may seem silly but there are tested and researched theories that explain why these actions are not Ok.

  • Not knocking the door before entering, even after the secretary has asked you to go in.
  • While closing the door behind you, don’t turn your back on them.
  • Maintaining a smile on your face at all times, show them that you’re happy to be there.
  • Personally greet them – and call them by their name if they introduce themselves (Mr. John).

Please note that recruiters interpretation of these actions differ.
Your ability to provide appropriate answers to those logical questions they ask will go a long way to determine your faith. Yes, they are trick questions to test your thinking ability, dedication to duty, loyalty to employer, adherence to rules and safety standards etc.

My Instructor also cited a case where two beautiful ladies were congratulated and invited to lunch after selecting and interviewing many that applied for the position of secretary in a high profiled company.
Unknown to them, the secret selection process was still ongoing and only one person would eventually get the letter of employment.
Lunch was served, Garri and correct draw soup, the type of draw soup that is almost impossible to eat properly with cutlery. At first, they both struggled with the folk and knife until one gave up and dug into the garri like the African woman that she is, and that's how she lost out in the running.

It may seem a little harsh and unfair but in the employers mind, they expected a certain kind of classiness, and if that's they selection criteria they've chosen, no one can question it as long as it's void of discrimination.
Read about interview tips and answer many interview questions as you can find on the internet to help you prepare for that dream job.

Here’s wishing you the Best of Luck on your next interview.

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