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13 Preparation Tips for a Job Interview New
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Many a times, young and eligible graduates fail to get the job of their dream not because they are not qualified for the job but because they did not do well in their interview with their prospective employer.

You should know that preparation for an interview appointment  is very important.
Most persons fail to prepare and as such they fail to get the job.

On this article, i am sharing some interview preparation tips that you can help you succeed in your new job interview appointment.
Preparation for an interview
•   Know the necessary criteria: when you apply for a job, job criteria are been given to you on the advert of the job. If you have invited for the job interview, know this that you most have the job criteria at the back of your hands

•   Company profile: carryout a research on the company you are applying for. Get to know what they do and what they do not do. This should be done so that if you are asked a question concerning the company you will be able to give an answer

•   Practice previous interview question: Interview questions often follow a particular standard and are sometimes repeated, you will need to practice to give sharp responses those questions. Practice over and over again so you don't choke up.

•   Arrival Time: when an interview appointment is scheduled, you should ensure that you arrive at the place on time. This will show the interviewers how serious you are.

•   Appearance: First impression they say matters a lot. You must prepare to pick out the appropriate out fit for the interview. Do not say you were taken unaware.  As an applicant you must be prepared at all time. Get the right clothes. Make sure they are clean and pressed with a pressing iron

•   Coming In: when coming in to the room of the interview, ensure that you do not back your interviews to shut the door. Always remember to shut the door behind you.

•   Greeting interviewers: as an applicant, you should know that whenever you enter into the room where you are going to be interview, you must greet your interviewers. Greet them with nice friendly smile and a firm handshake. Note that you should not forget to greet the Receptionist and every other person you see at the venue.

•   Sitting: remember not to sit until you are asked to do so. On the other hand you can take permission to sit down

•   Study your Curriculum Vitae/Resume: you must study your CV/Resume very well. Many questions will be asked from your CV/Resume. You must prove to your interviewers that the resume/CV is really yours.

•   Questions to ask your interviewers: know the right questions to ask your interviewer. Do not beat around the bush. Ask them relevant question that have to do the company progress and what you will need to do to add more positive impact to the company. This way the interviewers will see that you are interested to increase the company’s profile positively

•   About previous Company: do not say any negative things concerning your previous company or any one. Keep the atmosphere  trusting and good

•   Vote of thanks to your interview:  at the end of the interview, do not forget to thank your interviewers for the opportunity that is given to you to have this interview

At the end of the interview, gently stand and leave the room. Note that you should not back them while leaving also

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Wishing you all the best for the job interview

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