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Like Human Friendly Robot With Emotion
« on: June 05, 2014, 06:32 PM »
It won't come as a surprise to me if employees wake up one morning and are told "we are sorry your service is no longer needed, we got a robot in your place". I can hear you say God forbid. But unfortunately science and technology has advanced to that point where we can now make robot in our own image and likeness.

Pepper (robot) was developed by Aldebaran Robotics a French robot creator. Pepper is designed to learn and understand people facial expressions.  The amazing thing about this robot is his ability to understand human emotions. According to Softbank  CEO the robot will definitely take the role of customer service agent in Softbank store located in Japan.

Worth about $2,000

Picture of Softbank CEO Son shakes hands with Pepper

What do you think? - do comment. For me am not surprised.

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