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Causes of Ebola Disease
From research the Main cause of this deadly Disease called Ebola is yet to be know but according to researchers, it is said to be residing in the animals in African
How it all began is still not known to anybody
It is said that the first person that had the virus was said to have come in contact with an animal.
Transmission of Ebola among humans occurs through direct contact with people who have Ebola or their blood (or other body fluids).

Symptoms of Ebola
The  following are symptoms of  early stage of Ebola Virus
  • Headache
  • Muscle Pain
  • Sore throat

The following are symptom of Advance/Deadly stage of Ebola
  • Bleeding from the eyes nose and mouth
  • Impaired Liver and Kidney
  • Darrhorea
  • Vomiting

Prevention The Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
To Prevent this deadly virus, it is necessary that you do the following
  • Avoid eating bush meat -From research it was discovered that this disease was first seen in animals but the specie was not known. Stop eating buying or eating wild animals especially non-human primate.
  • Do not go to areas that have been infected by the Virus. - you are aware that there are areas on Africa that is already contaminated by this Virus. Please keep away until a solution has been provided
  • Wash your Hands Frequently- this is one of the important prevent measures to take to avoid being infected by this disease as well as others
  • Stay Away Infected people -it is important to know that having contact with an infected person is dangerous for you. Stay clear to be save
  • Follow Control Measures - all Health work should ensure that they follow due control measure as they are prone to this Virus when treating an infected person
  • Don't Touch- Please do not the dead body of an infected person  [/li ]

    to before warned is to before harmed[/b


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