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Common Dental Problems and Solutions New
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The teeth are one of the vital parts of the body. It essential because one cannot do without it. For food to be properly digested, it needs to be chewed. Only the teeth can perform this function.
The teeth is also another essential thing to bring out the beauty in your smiles. Smiling with decay teeth is not attractive at all.
People all over the world most times do not pay attention to their teeth.

Question for you: When was the last time you visited your dentist?
Some persons have never in their entire 25years of age visited any dentist for tooth checkup

There are after effects when the teeth are not properly taken care at old age. You see some elderly losing teeth, not being able to eat what they are supposed to eat due to the fact that they are scared of losing all.

Common dental problems, Causes and Solutions

1.Bad Breath
It is a thing of shame and disgrace for your colleague to tell you know that you have bad breath.
Bad breathe is not what one should boast of.

Causes of bad breath
  a.Not brushing and flossing the teeth at least twice a day specially after meal
  c.Not visiting the dentist for dental cure

Solutions to bad breath
  a.Brush and floss twice a day especially after eating meals that contain spices. You should also   brush your tongue
  b.Stop smoking. Smoking also cause the mouth to have bad breath
  c.Visit your dentist at least every six month months or as indicated by your dentist on the last visit.
  d.Use parsley after every meal
  e.Chew less sugar gum after meals

2.Tooth decay
Tooth decay is as a result of not taken proper care of the teeth.

Causes of tooth decay
  a.Food particles that remains in between the teeth
  b.Sugary food and drinks
  c.Not visiting the dentist fro regular check ups and tooth cleanings
  d.Chewing sugary gum all the time

Solutions to tooth decay
  a.Floss your mouth after eating any meal
  b.Eat less sugary food and drink
  c.Visit the dentist for regular check up and tooth cleanings

3.Lose of tooth
Losing of teeth or tooth erosion is a dental problem that is common in the life of an elderly person who did not care for the teeth when he/she was young.

Causes of lose of tooth
  a.Acid attacking the enamel
  b.Swallow acidic liquids
  c.Not brushing after eating acidic  food

Solution to tooth losing
  a.Reduce the intake of carbonated drinks by replacing them with water, milk or un-sweetened coffee and tea.
  b.Brush your teeth an hour after eating any acidic food
  c.You should use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste that contains fluoride
  d.Chewing sugar-free gum

These are a few number of teeth problem and their solutions
Keep your teeth clean and safe yourself from all of these problem

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