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The Best way to start your week - Life lessons
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Weekends (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) are the most exciting part of the week for most people - especially workers. As Monday gradually draws nearer, you can hear and see everyone lamenting on social media – even the ones that enjoy their jobs or virtually don't do much.

Another Monday is upon us and I started mine in an entirely different tone than usual.

I made a decision. Decisions are always a big deal and could have positive, negative or no impact on someones life but I'm sure we can all agree that this is a good decision.

I've decided to be productive this week. Don't know about you!”

Being productive could mean:
-   Putting more time, dedication and effort into what you're already doing.
-   Stop procrastination and finally doing what you've always wanted to do. Procrastination is deadly!
-   Unemployed? Taking your job search to a whole new level – Knocking on doors, submitting unsolicited Application letters/Resume to recruiters.

A decision is like a dream - To make it come true you have plan for it. Rely on something other than your brain to remind you of it.

To-Do List

There's so much to do but so little time, but with the help of a To-do list / Action plan - it gets a lot easier.

1.   A To-do List: this is basically a list that shows things you wish to achieve within a period of time. Simple tasks such as checking up on an old friend, replying an email and more. Completed tasks can be check-marked or removed from the list. It's best to prioritize items on the list.

2.   Action Plan: This is a more professional approach to planning. It doesn't just list the task to be carried out but also adds person responsible, Estimated time/date, resources needed etc.

Here are some ideas on decisions you can take this week for self-improvement or creating positive impact in the society. With some planning or help from others, these and more can be achieved.
-   Read a Book
-   Learn to drive or get a driver's license.
-   Create something.
-   Help someone or people! (Solve a problem, put a smile on someones face)

Starting every week with a decision and a plan is one of the open secrets to success.
What have you decided to do this week? Hit the reply button below and share with us.
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Re: The Best way to start your week - Life lessons
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Wow!. This is inspiring, I don't work with to-do list and planning for a new week is like h.... So I just go with the flow. All that is changed. Keep  up the good work and BIG UPS! # smile.


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