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The Biggest reality TV Show in Africa - Big brother Africa - is back with the 9th season tagged #Hotshots.
Despite the unfortunate fire incident at the original house, the #BBA has been rescheduled for October 5th with a new house.

The Host
None other than IK Osakioduwa who has been found worthy once again to host the TV show.
We love his unique style, fairness and relationship he develops with housemates.

The Show
Housemates drawn from participating African countries will live together for 91 days in a house with cameras and microphone in every corner. The 9th season also introduces a new comer to the show (Rwanda).
Viewers at home get to watch 24/7 housemates perform tasks, activities and vote weekly for their favourites.
After all eliminations one housemates will go home $300,000 richer.

Big Brother Africa Season 9 - Hotshots Housemates
The following Housemates have been revealed - We'll update the list as more are added.
We apologize on #BBA's behalf for the low quality pictures.
Alusa from Kenya
Butterphly from Zimbabwe
Ellah from Uganda
Kaycey Moore - Ghana
JJ - Zimbabwe
Laveda - Tanzania
Arthur - Rwanda
Esther from Uganda
 Idris from Tanzania
Goitse from Botswana
Lilian - Nigeria
M'am Bea - Ghana
Luis - Namibia
Frankie - Rwanda

If unable to view pictures - the housemates are:
1. Goitse - Female from Botswana
2. Idris -  Male from Tanzania
3. Esther - Female from Uganda
4. Ellah  - Female from Uganda
5. Butterphly - Female from Zimbabwe
6. Alusa - Male from Kenya.
7. Laveda - Tanzania
8. JJ - Zimbabwe
9. M'am BEA - Ghana
10. Luis - Namibia
11. Lilian - Nigeria
12. Kaycee Moore - Ghana
13. Arthur - Rwanda
14. Frankie - Rwanda
This is the Official Bigbrother Africa  - season 9 Discussion Thread, if you're new here this is basically a reserved space to catch up on all the BBA live updates, gossips, analysis of dynamics and more.
We invite you to join this 91 days journey by leaving comments on thoughts, questions, participates in polls etc.
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Africa number one TV Show Big Brother Africa initially was schedule to kickoff on 7th of September 2014 as announced by the show host and other reliable media source unfortunately for BBA lovers it couldn’t hold because of some sort of fire disaster that took placed in the to be BB Hotshots Season 9 building.

Good news for you reading this post on Ngbuzz. Mattmaik lover of this show together with the Ngbuzz publishing Team is ready to share all the thrills, fun experience and updates from the Big Brother Hotshots. Being dedicated for this purpose we’ll make sure you don’t miss a thing from what is going on in the BB Hotspot (show) house.

Due to the fire incident that took place in the previous house, BB Hotshots as reschedule the date of is opening for Sunday 5th October 2014 for the entering of all housemates around the Africa continent. Can't wait to step in with the housemates through the show.


Bigbrother Africa season 9 - Hotshots Live launch
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The count down is over, Bigbrother Africa TV Show finally launched at 7PM tonight. It promises to be an interesting and entertaining 63 days, instead of the usual 91 days - I guess we lost a month the the fire incident.

Housemates introduced to the stage were required to perform to the live audience before making their way into the house. Singing, dancing, Comedy etc Impressive and good are words that best describe some performances but we also witnessed some awful and outright embarrassing performances.

As expected, the #BBAHotshots stage, audience, house and many other things seem odd, small and just not befitting for a show of this magnitude. Audience members (probably less than 15) had just little space and all seated with mixed reactions (disappointment and excitement) written all over their faces as they cheered on housemates and performing artistes of the evening such as Davido - the Skelewu master lip syncing his songs as usual.

Housemates will spend the better part of tonight introducing themselves, talking about where they are from, what they do and it's all going to be smiles and fun tonight as those watching at home pick favourites too.

Based on their stage performances and audience votes for the best, Laveda from Tanzania has been selected as the Head of House (HOH) for this week.

While it's easy and maybe fun to diss Bigbrother Africa organisers for a Dry Opening, small house and probably disastrous season 9, lets all remember that it's not their fault original plans got derailed by fire.
Let's all be a bit understanding and try to have fun with it - uniting Africa as we go along.


It's week 1 in the BBAHotshots season 9 - And biggie is not waiting for housemates to get warmed up and comfortable before making eviction announcements.
This week, all housemates are up for eviction. It's will be difficult to decide who to vote for besides your country housemates, but from weekly tasks, diary sessions and conversations - it gets easier to pick favourites.

If you don't vote them, they might get evicted. so have you cast your vote to keep your favorite housemate in the Big Brother Hotshots house? Voting is still on.

How to Vote for Your Favorite #BBAHotshots Housemates

  • By using SMS. simply text “vote”  and the name of your housemate your want to the short code available for your country.
    - Example Vote Tayo to 34350


  • You can download a WeChat app on your smartphone, add ID BigBrotherAfrica and vote up to 100 times for free.

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Bigbrother Africa season 9 Hotshots - Eviction
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The first eviction live show opened with an electrical performance by Phyno and Olamide
Few highlights from the week - Housemates won their 100 % Wager for putting in great effort with the task, JJ made a few housemates cry by narrating his sad story, First kiss in the BBAHotshots house also happened between Mira and Luis. A Few Shower video leaked online too.

With the house being so crowded with 25 people, country votes are expected to be scattered this week. The following housemates got evicted due to lowest percentage of votes from each country.
RESA - Who had high hopes of winning the money to pay off her mums debts was first to be evicted from the Big Brother house. She says being a loud mouth is not important, so she didn't say much in the house - isn't that important in a crowded house when Africa is looking for who to vote?

MIRA - Africa loves a good romantic story but unfortunately, it's not the best time for it in the game - Luis cried when her name was called but i'm sure he'll move on in no time.


Twerkers Lilian and Esther evicted from Bigbrother Africa season 9
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The second week nominations for Bigbrother Africa season 9 had Esther, Lilian, Tayo, Frankie, Ella, JJ, Laveda and Permithias and Sabina.
After voting all week, 2 Housemates who didn't get enough votes to keep them in the house were evicted tonight. First Esther and Nigeria's Lilian were sent home, then followed by an unexpected third eviction - Sabina.

Lets see how third week norminations go.


Macky2, Laveda, Permitius, Mambea, JJ, Alusa, Ella were put up as the final list of nominated housemates this week, After all the voting by audience.

The first to be called out on stage by IK who was looking good tonight as always is Laveda. She has been on the chopping block every week, mostly because of housemates find her saxophone annoying and her thirst for votes - campaigning.

Laveda Evicted

Second Housemate to leave the BBA House tonight was Alusa - He's the first male housemates to be evicted.

On the Live show tonight, Tayo was voted as the sexiest Housemates - on Big Brother's star meter challenge second time this week, votes on social media.
This week question - Which bigbrother hotshot housemate is the most sneaky?

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The Winner of the 2014 Bigbrother Africa (Hotshot)
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It was alarming when the winner of the Bigbrother Hotshot was called. All eyes was on the fun maker, the guy that brings the game to the house, the one with a better swag (Tayo)

The last Eight Hotshot housemates were all excited yet in  tension, no one knows who will be the winner. Everyone of them expect to take the money home, but only one person most be the winner.

Order of Eviction

The Eight and the seventh runner up Ghanian Mam-Bea  and Zimbabwe Butterphly were evicted at about 18:40 hour form the bigbrother house. made the game exciting less tension to the remaining housemates
Butterphly from Zimbabwe
M'am Bea - Ghana

At about 19.00 hours IK announced Malawi Snip and Zimbabwe JJ to leave the House. "you are evicted from the bigbrother hotshot house"
JJ - Zimbabwe

The remaining Four Housemates were now filled with much more tension than ever before. the question keeping running through their mind which one of us will take the money home
Ik after reading some tweets from fan and showing some pics capturing housemates playing pranks on each other, went into the house to continue the eviction process

At about about 19.48, IK called out the names of the next evicted housemates which was Macky2 of Zambia and South Africa Nhlanhla

Remaining Naija Tayo and Tanzania Idris in the house. it was now sure that only one of this two will be the winner of the Bigbrother Hotshot 2014 and only one will go home with the money but who will it be. Africa is excited to know.

More entertainment for the fan and the last two runner up of the 2014 Bigbrother Africa (Hotshot)

At this point it was certain that Tayo has won this year 2014 Bigbrother Africa (Hotshot) not until IK annouced Idris from Tanzania the winner of Bigbrother 2014.
WOW no one could belief this. IDRIS!!!!! What!!!! Tanazania!!! Tayo Don Miss the Money

Well in the end only one housemate will take the money Home and Tayo was not the one this time. yes He brought the fun, the Game and the swag but he didn't win. Nigerians keep asking WHY!
Nevertheless Tayo is now Famous and will be counted among Naija celebrity

At about 19.54 IK reveal the winner. "the winner of the Bigbrother africa 2014 (hotshot) is Idris. Tayo you evicted for the Bigbrother house"

 Idris from Tanzania


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Tayo Meet His Son For The First Time
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After spending 2months and 2weeks in the bigbrother house. The bigbrother second runner up Tayo met his son Akintoye for the first time. Akintoye was born on the 14th 0ctomber 2015 a few days after Tayo got into the bigbrother house. Unfortunately Tayo failed to bring the money home to Little Akintoye


BBA Tayo Got 350000 Dolars From Cheif Ayiri Emami New
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The same man that sponsored 2face Idibia's wedding last year has done it again in the life of BBA's Tayo Faniran. Chief Ayiri Emami fall the hands of Bigbrother. He gave Tayo the Second runner up of the just concluded  Bigbrother Hotshot the Cheque of $350,000 as a compensation for making Nigerians pround in the most watched African reality show. Tayo got $50,000 more than the real winner Idris Sultan of the show.

How lucky can Tayo be.?

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