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Tips on Customer Care
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Every business today needs customers to grow. with any customer, the business will crumble. the customer are like the king and queen of any business you can think about. the question is who are your customers?

A customer is that person that has the right to ask for goods and services. A customer can also be that person or organization that pays for goods and services. you can call them customer, client, buyer or purchaser.

Types of Customer
there are two main types of customers

  • Internal customers
  • External customers

Internal Customer are customer from within the organization these persons may include; your colleague, your manager, your supervisor and so on.

External Customers: these are customers form outside the organization. these persons do not work in the same organization with you.

Customer care relationship
Every organization exist because of customers (be it small or big); no customer no business and no business no profit. Because they are so important to your firm, they must be treated well which in-turn enhance profit and productivity. There must a bond or cordial relationship between organization and customers. Only satisfied customers are happy to come again to do another business transaction and also tell other about your product and services.

Customer Relationship Management
It is the duty of every organization to find, attract and win new customer in as much as the old still remain. organizations should be able to manage and nurture transaction with customers. Creating a customer relationship management will be able to control the affairs of all customer and see to it that their customers are satisfied and happy.

Customer care agents
Customer care agents are those kept aside to assist customers with all of their needs. These persons gives feedback to the organization on the welfare of the customers. They also ensure that customers needs are met before leaving the organization environment

How A customer Judge the Customer Care Agent
All these and many more the customer look forward to see in a customer care agent
Customers likes two main things in an organization; the actual service and the way the service delivered to them. Getting them right goes a long way for that organization.

Factors to consider when caring for a customer
Personal appearance
Time scale
Knowledge and

Customer First Impression
The first impression a customer get concerning an organization matters a lot. This impression will determine weather the customer will remain with you or will never come back after that day.

How to provide a Very Good First Customer Impression
Greet your customers with a welcoming smile
Respect them ( weather big or small)
Deal with their request politely, professional and willingly
Provide them with all the answer to their questions.
With all of this impression, customers will be trill to know that the organization is very good. they will make referral to your services and product and also to your employees

Hoping that with all of these tips your organization will grow to a new level

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