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How to Sell Product on Jumia & Konga
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Selling product on Konga and Jumia is pretty easy, Konga is one of the largest online shopping website around Nigeria and you can now join them by selling your product on konga.

Why Should You Sell on Konga???
For at least six (6) good reasons
  • You will earn more money; Konga is one of the largest website in Nigeria and sell to over 50 million buyers in Nigeria.
  • Low commissions, commissions are as low as 3% and you get paid when you successfully sell you product.
  • You are in full control You choose the price for your listings, whether or not you accept Pay On Delivery, your return policy, your delivery method, and other important options.
  • Communication is easy Konga make it easy for you to exchange messages with buyers who may have questions.
  • You have their full support 24/7, Konga provides various tools to increase your success including: their online Seller HQ,  the Seller HQ mobile app, and their dedicated merchant support teams.
  • Konga make sure it’s safe Konga is the safest and most trusted platform to buy and sell online in Nigeria. We’ve built a community that takes safety & security seriously for both buyers and sellers.

Register now  to start selling your product online for as low as 3% with Konga Nigeria and make more money for yourself.
Leave your comment below if any inquires.

How to Sell on Jumia Nigeria
Jumia too is another online shopping mall platform with her largest customer base in Africa and the best in class operations.

What is Involve in selling on Jumia??
Jumia Nigeria markets your product to 3,000,000 million+ visitors every month. Our bigger vendors sell more than 1000+ items everyday.

You can List as many products as you have ready in stock.
You control your price.

You pick & pack your orders within 24 hours.
Jumia organize shipping and to full customer service for you.

No Listing fees,no maintenance fees, just standard commissions, and fixed shipping fees.
Free access.

How Jumia works
  • Jumia markets your products on its website via online & offline channels.
  • Fully control your prices and products via your Seller Center while Jumia verifies your orders.
  • Jumia or its 3rd party's ship the items from the warehouse straight to the customer.

Join Jumia community and start selling your product on Jumia, Register for free on Jumia.
If you have more questions visit the Jumia seller support. Look for FAQ.

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