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Reasons Why Divorce is Common in the Society
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At the very beginning most couple thinks that being in a marriage is easy but the truth is to save and make marriage last depend on how much work your are able to put into it.

Note: Marriage is not for babies but for the matured mind that is willing to especially tolerate and forgive every wrong action of your spouse. No body is perfect and therefore people are bound to make mistake at one point of their life or the other.

Divorce have taken the order of the day. every little thing that happens in a marriage, couple are not able to deal with it and the next option to bail out is to separate thinking that have solve the problem. OK you divorce MR. A or MRS. A but the same thing happens to MR. B or MRS. B. why cant you learn form your previous relationship and see if something can be done to not repeat the same. Today before the end of their stay here on earth have gotten married about 5 to 6 times. " Marriage should be till death do us path"

Reasons Why Divorce is Common in our Society

Unfaithfulness: one most common factor that can lead to divorce in marriage is Unfaithfulness to your spouse. In a marriage when one party keeps extra-marital affair, it divides his/her attention to the matrimonial  family, whereby it leads to less care, less intimacy, and plenty of lies to tell for an excuse. there is nothing the man/woman out there that have that your husband/wife do not have all.

Lack of understanding: understanding is the principal thing in any relationship especially in marriage. the both party needs to understand each other. like i said before, no one is perfect. when your spouse go wrong, you need to understand that he/she is not perfect that is why that kind of action can occur. you must learn to tolerate each other. without tolerant, you will explode to flames.

Finance: one thing i always tell my friend is that life is not a bad of roses. its like a merry go round filled with ups and downs. if the financial situation of the family changes, you all need to adjust and help each other out to rise up again. don't grumble. you enjoyed when the money was there, you also need to endure it when it is not there. remember after the storm come the sun

Forgiving: to be able to move on after every quarrel, there most be forgiveness. if couples are not able to forgive then it becomes impossible to let go and move on. the consequences of no forgiveness can lead to hatred, strife, malice which will eventually lead to separation (divorce). my pastor will always say these three word always pave way for a man 1. Sorry 2. Please and 3. forgive me.

Communication: Another factor that can lead to divorce in marriages today is little or no communication between spouse. there is no interactive time between them. when communication is lost, intimacy lost also and it brings about distance. if there is communication between spouse, they learn to confined in each other and to listen to one another also know when the other persons care, love and understanding

Lack of Appreciation: When a persons effort is not seen or appreciated, it weakens the person to do more. learn to appreciate your spouse for the little he/she does and they will do more for you. sing song of affirming word to their ears and also appreciate them with gift. stop comparing and criticizing the effort of your spouse.

Parental Influence: this aspect is very common in the African Marriages. Parent want to control the lives of their children even in marriage. they go about telling their son or daughter who to marry and who not to marry. what food to be prepared in the house, the kind of clothes to wear, the place you go with your spouse even the kind of words you tell your spouse. it is very bad. Parent you have lived your own marital lives allow the children to live there own. if one of the spouse begins to do every thing his/ her parent told her, thing will begin to go wrong especially when the parent will not give good advice

There are many more reason why couple go into divorce and thereby creating a society for too many single parenthood. Children cannot get all the love they deserve form both parent. because this love cannot be found at home, they go outside to experience the love from  a stranger (danger) which may lead them to taking hard drugs, untimely pregnancy, immoral behaviour. Please parent try not to put your children into danger

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