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There are many important values that needs to be imparted into a child when he or she is growing up. Most parents would like their children to grow up to be kind and honest people, you know the kind of person who will help an old lady cross the street, or give money to the needy etc. However these attributes don’t always just come naturally and parents must be able to teach important values to their children from a young age. So what are some of the essential values we should be teaching our children?
Optimism is perhaps one of the most argued about values. Some believe that children should be taught to be optimistic and always aim for high life goals, but others think their children should remain focused on the easily achieved goals, so not to be disappointed. Personally I think it’s good to have an equal balance between the both. Try to keep your kids focused on an achievable path, but with the optimism that their hard work will eventually pay for itself.
Honesty is probably the best and also most difficult value to teach your children. Most of us understand that a dishonest lifestyle only makes for an unhappy person and because of this we  want our children to understand the consequences. A great way to demonstrate this is to be an honest person yourself and hopefully this will rub off on your kids and they will grow up remembering the examples you set.
Think about others
Always treat other people the same way you would like to be treated. If I notice my children not sharing their toys or generally being mean to other children, I will try to get them to think how it would feel if someone was doing it to them. Doing this again and again should result in an understanding and will help to make them think for themselves when they are older. Also try to reward good deeds as much as you can and give lots of attention when they do something nice for someone else.

Courage comes in many forms and perhaps the most important one for children is to own up when they have done something wrong. Children tend to be worried about the consequences when they have done something wrong and may try to hide the fact that they were responsible. It can be difficult to get the right balance when administering punishment. If your child eventually owns up you will probably want to let them know it was a good thing they confessed at the same time as teaching them that it was still a bad thing to do in the first place.

In today’s modern World confidence is one of the key features needed to be successful in many professions. Teaching the difference between confidence and arrogance is also important. Children need and want to be praised for the things they do right, doing this from a young age can help give your kids the confidence needed when they get older.
These are just a few of the values that children should learn generally. Feel free to add to this list

In conclusion, one of the most important roles parents have is to set a good example, this mixed with a few gentle nudges in the right direction can make a lot of difference in regards to how your child will react to certain situations years later.


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