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I Bank with Guaranty Trust Bank PLC because they're the most innovative bank in Nigeria and I'm sure many would agree.
GTBank has consistently introduced products / services to improve and exceed customers expectation, centered around ease of use, 24/7 accessibility to funds and directly discouraging use of cash.

Some of the most popular services we have highlighted in other posts are:
  • GTBank Internet Banking which gives you full access to your account over the web or GTBank mobile application. The service fully is secured by a 124 data encription Token and linked to Debit / Credit cards enables purchases online.
  • Airtime Purchase directly from your GTBank account to your mobile phone or other phone number by simply dialing a USSD code. No internet access or credit is required for this.

Introducing Money transfer to any account number without internet
To transfer money, you would normally use any of these three options:
  • Visit the bank and fillout a deposit slip and pay cash to the teller.
  • Use an ATM machine to initiate the transfer.
  • Send funds online using the GTBank mobile app or Internet banking website.

A forth method which will allow you send funds to any account number in Nigeria from your phone without the use of internet has been introduced by GTBank. Just like the short code *737* amount # that allowed airtime purchase, Transfers can now be made to other banks in two ways.

Gtbank Transfer money to account without internet

How to transfer money from GTBank to GTBank account without internet (Using USSD Short Code)
1. Dial *737*1* Amount*Account number#  - Enter the account number you're sending money to, Not your account.
Example: TO send 5000 to your friends GTBank account , dial *737*1*5000* Your friends Account number #

2. You will now be required to enter a 4 digit pin which can be created by dialing *737*5#
henceforth the pin will be used to complete any transfer.

Transfer money from GTBank to Other Banks without internet (Using USSD Short Code)
1. Dial *737*2* Amount*Account number#  - Enter the account number you're sending money to, Not your account.
Example: To send 5000 to your friends First Bank account , dial *737*2*5000* Your friends Account number #

2. You will be required to enter the 4 digit pin to complete the transfer. From May 2017, GTBank Requires customers to create their 4 digit PIN by first Dialing *737*5# and entering required ATM Card details. After this is done, the Created PIN can now be used to authenticate transactions on 737.

NOTE: You can only initiate transfers from your mobile number that is currently linked to your GTBank account. This is the number you receive bank credit / debit alert SMS on. Do visit the bank to update your contact information, fill out a form if you wish to link any new phone number to your account.

Limitations and account security risks of this service.
In pigin they say "sweet thing dey purge", this applies to this service because it creates a new account vulnerability concern that has been limited.
1. Anyone with access to your phone can transfer: GTBank acknowledges the fact that schemey girlfriends / children might empty their boyfriends / parents account by Dialing *737*1*300000*Account number# when they go to the bathroom. To prevent this, a daily maximum account transfer limitation of 20,000 Naira was initially set but has now been raised to 200,000 due to high demand.
That's the total amount you can transfer per day, use other channels to transfer if you reach the limit.

2. Mobile Phone security Ensure your mobile phone is password protected and you keep ATM Cards secure at all times since the last for digits printed on it can be used to reset your transfer PIN.
Lost phones / ATM Cards should be reported immediately, blocked or retrieved.

Now you know that a visit to ATM Machine or Internet access is not required to initiate transfers, help your friends find this post by sharing it to them. Hit the Like, Tweet, G+ Buttons below.

Another first from GTBank.

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Maximum amount to transfer with GTBank *737* USSD Code.
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An Ngbuzz user asked us "What is the Maximum amount of Money that can be transferred using GTBank *737* code"

Initially, Maximum was set at 20,000 to avoid abuse of the system.
That limit has since been lifted up to 200,000 due to high demand.
So you can send 200,000 to a GTBank user or third-party bank account phone your mobile phone without internet.
If you wish to send more than that amount, i'd suggest you use GTBank Mobile App, Internet Banking or walk into a branch near you to fill out a transfer slip.


GTBank *737*5# code now more secured with the 4 digit pin
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It has been brought to notice by GTBank that of recent there is a security breach in regards to the mobile money transfer,where previously the dialing of the last 4 digit of your ATM card to complete a transfer is now seen as a problem due to as anyone who is able to have access to your ATM card would be able to transfer your money without your knowledge.

So as a means to prevent such, GTBank came up with the idea of having a 4 digit pin which only you would know of which can now be created by dialing the *737*5# code, where it will be stated to dial the last 6 digits of your ATM card and after which you will be required to create the 4 digit pin that will henceforth be used to complete any transfer.

It is advised to use your ATM pin number as the 4 digit pin taht is used to do the transfer on the *737*5# code so as to always remember.


please its saying fund ur account here after putting the new four digit


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