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We all know that “fashion” in general means clothing, including the study of it and it is usually a distinctive and often habitual trend in style in which a person dresses.

Fashion is all about you dressing in a way that you are comfortable with and also to express who you are………..but when you hit middle age, I think there are some things you just shouldn’t wear(besides there is this saying that goes “the way you dress, it is the way you will be addressed”).

Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw a 50 something year old woman was walking down my street wearing short, strapless top and high combat boots…now that was something(not). So here are some of the things I think one of over 40 should not wear;
1.   Crop tops: A 40+ woman showing her belly button,now that’s just downright vomit inducing*gagging*…cover that up please!
2.   Leggings: I have nothing against leggings personally but if you plan on wearing them, please I beg you cover your butt
3.   Dramatic hair colors: Save the pinks, blues and reds for the young ones OK?......just keep yours clean and natural.
4.   T-shirts with sexy sayings: Seeing a grown woman wear a T-shirt that says “Sexy” or “Don’t let my dad know”…..please have a little respect and class*eye-roll*.
5.   Short Shorts: No one wants to see that jiggling thighs and ass so stop wearing shorts that just cover your butt*eye murder*.
6.   b  b dividers: Yes it may be in style but it just don’t work on grown women. No matter how small your b  bs are, it will never look flattery.

You don’t have to dress like a must be wannabe celebrity but you also don’t have to be dressed in sack clothes either....just be yourself!.


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