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It was a perfect relationship. U had your relationship wit him already planned. U even practiced a new signature using his surname as yours. Everything was supposed to proceed as expected.

But somewhere along the line, something went wrong. It might be a cheating on his/her part. It might be a mistake you committed such as a lie or a wrong act. It might be as weighty as your parents’ disapproval of the relationship, or as frivolous as your dissonance pride. It might be your irreconcilable differences that verged your relationship to disaster.
And from there, your relationship died. Ur dreams together died. you died- or so you thought.

But the thing is; you did not actually die- no matter how much you thought u would or u wanted to. You may think that you are broken & shattered beyond repairs. All the efforts you invested in that relationship was put to waste. But you did not die. U know it because u are still hurting. and being in pain is a good indication that you are still alive. You are still able to feel..

So, What Happens When Love Dies? LIFE GOES ON. Really, a failed relationship is better than a failed marriage. Or don’t you agree


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