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Let’s accept the truth. Guys think about girls all the time. God's most precious creation, girls are really adorable and cute, and thus, cannot be ignored by any means. But while you assume girls to be an easy book to understand, dude, let us clarify that you need plenty of time to even open the book, forget decoding the same. That’s where you guys fail to get closer to the girl of your dreams, as there are secrets that are still hidden from you. You need to pull up your socks and roll up your sleeves to begin with your new job - discovering hush-hush things about girls. Nevertheless, you can cut down your stress to a great extent with a quick peep into this.  These are some universal truths that women truly wished men knew, but still haven’t understood

#If only you could say ‘I love you’ more often, girls would be highly flattered by you. Though they know you show your love through other things than a simple ‘I love you’, but these precious words are sufficient to delight them. But uttering ‘I love you’ immediately before, during, and after s x doesn’t count into the above list.

#Say that you love her if you genuinely feel it, not for the sake of pleasing her.

#If you two have crossed the age of 18, then go ahead and let the world know that she is the girl of your dreams. She loves it when you do it in front of public, especially around your friends.

#The good ol’ adage that goes like ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ is absolutely true. It is jewelry that completely swoons girls off their feet. It may not be the most expensive diamonds from a branded store, a sweet pendant from the old street market is well accepted.

#No matter how terrible her baked potatoes tasted, but a little appreciation will induce her to take all efforts to come up with another relishing dish. Though she may not be as good as your mom, but give her a chance to at least try. And if you are a lucky guy to get a girl who is a master chef, then you have a way to go!

#If you are trying your luck to win over a girl, take this. Girls secretly admire guys who know how to cook. So, you know exactly what to do now, right?

#Okay. You both just had a fight and she has slammed the phone on your face. But she is eagerly waiting for you to call back after 2 minutes. Try this one and see your girl transform from a mad sprite into a cool angel within 5 minutes.

#Remember, it’s not the place and ambiance that girls enjoy while they are with you. They want your 100% attention whenever and wherever they are with you. Not a big deal!

#Girls, in general, love surprises. The early you understand it and start surprising her, the better it is for you both.

#If you consider only guys to get s x arousal, know that girls like s x as much as you guys, if not more.

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Re: Things Girls Wish Guys Knew - Undisclosed Facts.
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i just learnt e few things....very nice


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