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CONFESSION: i cant stop stealing New
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A man who was released few weeks ago from prisons for allegedly vandalizing cars and stealing
some car parts in Festac, Lagos, is on his way back to prison for the same offence.
Joseph Ugboma and his accomplices were serving one year prison term for allegedly vandalizing some vehicles and stealing but were later granted bail last month.
Few weeks after his release, the man described by the police asl habitual thief was re-arrested for the same offence. The suspect who spoke penultimate Tuesday from his Festac police cell old Crimewatch that he is under a spell. Ugboma, who looked unruffled said: “Every policeman in Festac knows me that I am an unrepentant thief. I started stealing at the age of five and ℓ̊ believe it is a curse no prayer or charm can break.” He said he believed the curse runs through the family. “I can’t say when Ȋ̝̊̅† started but Ȋ̝̊̅† had been a family curse. ♍Ɣ family is known for stealing. We don ‘t rob with gun but we steal. I can’t deny being a
thief.” He revealed that the reason he would not change was that each time the evil spirit fell on him, “I won’t be myself until ℓ̊ commit the act of stealing. ℓ̊ can’t change, it is a fact that Ŋ☹ one will dispute and no man can stop me.”

The 36-year-old man who was smiling while singing like cannery said: “We were eight from the same parents. I am the only surviving child. So, what do people want M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ to do now that ℓ̊ have nobody to run to whenever I am in difficulty. I will continue to steal.” He agreed with the police that he had made life uncomfortable for car owners in Festac. “It is true the police are not lying at all. ℓ̊ have vandalized many cars. ℓ̊ have been arrested many times before ℓ̊ was charged to the court recently but ℓ̊ was just released last month.” He revealed that after he was released, he decided to rest
for a while before resuming the work he knew best because he could not resist the urge to continue.
He was approached by his accomplice simply identified as Val. “When Val met me and told me that there were two nice cars we could vandalize and
sell the parts. ℓ̊ told him I was resting for a while but I could not resist him when the evil spirit came upon
me again. ℓ̊ swear, it is only death that can stop me from stealing. I don’t even enjoy doing evil but the curse is too much for me to resist.”
Val, who also spoke to Crimewatch admitted that he was the person who convinced Ugboma to accompany him to vandalize two vehicles. “It is true when I met him and told him that I have seen something nice that we could feed on, he told me that he needed to rest for a while. ℓ̊ believed him and left, but he later called me on phone, telling M̶̲̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ that he was ready fo action.”

He begged the police to forgive them promising that he and Ugboma would assist the police in arresting all the criminals in Festac Town. “We know all the criminals in Festac. We will expose them if we are left off the hook.” He said: “We know all the criminals and their various specialization. Some of us who vandalize cars specialize in specific cars. Some of us deal on Toyota brand. Others deal on Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. Some of us are shop lifters. Continuing, he said: “Some are core robbers. But in robbery, we have categories of robbers, some are commercial bus or motorcycle robbers. Some are house-to- house robbers. So, we know all of them and we will assist the police in fishing them out because we know all of them.” He said few criminals now live in Festac as the police have nearly flushed them out.“We know the areas criminals are now hiding.

We will go all out for them by giving the police  information. A senior police officer at the station said the Divisional Police Officer, Mr. Ndanbabo is tired of charging Ugboma to court. The officer said: “Last time, Ugboma was charged to court. He was released. If we still charge him now, he will soon come out.

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