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The original design technology for cameras has always made the awesome image and video capture gadget a little more fragile and sensitive to heat, water and dirt than it should be - especially because it contains sensitive moving parts, gears, lenses, battery and inbuilt display screens. Even the portable digital camera couldn't defy that design trend until now.

Introducing, the worlds most robust and versatile camera - GoPro Hero
Originally used as action cameras in sports to capture every move in high quality and go where other cameras cannot go by attaching to skateboards, bikes, helmet, cars and body etc. GoPro has since become an household item perfect for taking selfies, pulling hidden camera pranks and the wide rang of accessories available makes it ready for every occasion.

GoPro Hero4 Specification
The Hero4 available in Silver and Black colors boast of the following features:
- 12 Mega Pixel / 30 frames per second burst.
- 1080p, 960 and 720 video capture modes (HD)
- Control / View / share: Smart phones wireless connection to GoPro
 - Waterproof up to dept of 40m
- Built-in Touch display

GoPro Hero Specification
- 5 Mega Pixel / 5 frames per second burst.
- 1080p and 720 video capture modes (HD)
 - Waterproof up to dept of 40m
- Built-in Touch display
- Control / view / share is not available.

Prices of GoPro Hero camera in Nigeria
Looking to buy one of these bad boys at best prices? Jumia GoPro Store is the best place to shop for GoPro hero, Hero4 and accessories such as batteries / chargers, tripod mounts, remotes, head straps, chest harness and more.


See GoPro in Action

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