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The reason why s x was created New
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s x was not created, so people will test there compatibility before marriage or prove their love for each other.
 s x was actually created, so people will bring forth offspring’s/ reproduce their own kind, haven’t you asked yourself why animals mate once and the female bring forth the little once. Don’t quote me wrong am not calling humans animals but  GOD created you higher than them for a reason not spoil His creation
 PREGNANCY is for Married people that’s why when unmarried people eventually goes into s x and the right outcome for s x comes forth, people tend to call it  UNWANTED PREGNANCY.
If eventually you are involved in per-marital s x or adultery and pregnancy comes, my advice for you is to keep the child and not abort it
Now someone will ask a question like WHY SHOULD I KEEP SOMETHING THAT IS UNWANTED, Well it was normally unwanted before you went into the act that will lead to bringing pregnancy, and like the saying goes IF YOU WANT SOMETHING YOU HAVE GO FOR IT, So the moment you decided to engage in s x activity you were ready to get pregnant. If you know that at your current age you don’t want to get pregnant and you won’t be happy, when you start going out and people start making mockery of you because of your pregnancy, then abstain from FORNICATION AND ADULTERY.

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The Reason for the season is Jesus Christ

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