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A developing trend among Different denominations of churches is to call the preacher and his wife " Mummy & Daddy" some who don't understand the reason for it join in the trend without asking why.

CoolAbbie - An Inquisitive mind had this to say on this matter. And I quote.

  "Alright I need to get this off my chest. Im a christian and a proud one at dat. There are sum things about the church dat I find puzzling but the one that really gets to me is this manner of calling pastors 'Daddy'. Im a member of the Redeemed Church but I have neva understood why our General Overseer should be called 'Daddy' & his wife 'Mummy' or 'Mother-in-Israel   ( I particularly find dis funny). I always dismiss dis as a trend common & peculiar to our churches only. Of recent I got admission into the university & started attending campus fellowships. I was surprised to learn that the leaders, who are all fellow students, are called Papa and Mama by oda students. I wuld luv to know if dis is a biblical doctrine, fad or just a Nigerian thingy. Do u call your pastors daddy?  If so why. "

- End of quote-
Do you have a reasonable answer to this? Or you want to ask further questions?
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Re: Why churches call the pastor & wife - Daddy & Mummy
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I dont have any idea oh....but i call mine sir and ma


Re: Why churches call the pastor & wife - Daddy & Mummy
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Am also a Redeemer and i call my pastors daddy and for the campus fellowship stuff though am not yet in the higher institution, i know of someone who is the current and outgoing president of rcf(redeemed campus fellowship) and before he became this, i have already started calling him papa. The reason why i call him that even up till now is because he challenged me into getting serious with GOD, And so by the reason of that i will say he begat me spiritually and he didn't just stop at challenging me, if i have any confusion about THE RACE, i ask him cause he is advanced in it and he supplies me with answers. If you read you bible clearly you would notice that Apostle Paul in the new testament called Timothy his son  so many times either to warn, direct or even teach him things that is important . To summarise my answer i will say "NO ONE CAN BE CALLED A FATHER WITHOUT HE BEING INVOLVED IN THE BIRTH OF THE CHILD".


Why churches call the pastor wife Daddy Mummy New
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I dont understand why do we even care. What good have the Popes done for the last 15 centuries.

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