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Microsoft roles out windows update regularly to fix bugs found, patches, drivers and security vulnerabilities.
It's highly recommended to run windows update automatically when connected to the internet (unless you're on a limited data service), but sometimes update is not possible due to errors like this:

This error usually occurs on windows 7 OS systems and can be fixed. There's no need for formatting your system because you might lose data, software programs or system configurations. System restore is also not recommended.

Follow the steps below and you will successfully fix your Windows Update error
Step 1
  • Press Windows key +R to open a run command, inside the box type ‘services.msc’ and press enter key
  • Locate Windows Update and right click and select stop

Step 2
Delete or Rename the Windows Update Folder

  • Go to computer click on Local Disk (c) C: windows folder
  • Locate SoftwareDistribution.old folder if you have two folders eg softwaredistribution or SoftwareDistribution.old then you have to Delete softwaredistribution folder and Rename the other SoftwareDistribution.old to SoftwareDistributionOLD.
  • Go to Windows Services and Start the windows update service.

Follow this step successfully try Windows Update again.

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