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Hello Everyone Briggs Here,
I'm delighted to be writing about Apple devices once again not only because it's ague-ably the most trusted Mobile phone brand in the world. Topics related to iOS devices on Ngbuzz phone section decreased since my old iPhone 3GS gave up the ghost after a long 3-year run but I'm glad to finally be back on #TeamiPhone with a brand new device - iPhone 6 Plus (64BG).

We'll try to make up for lost time by keeping you informed on the latest features, tips, tricks and solutions to common issues iOS user may encounter. What better way to start this off than to take a closer look at the new iOS 9 Firmware upgrade released September 16, 2015. Let's take a look at some key changes and features in OS 9 without getting too technical.

+1 Hour Battery Life and Low Power Mode on OS 9
iPhones don't usually have problems with battery draining faster than expected except when under heavy usage (Wifi,3G, Games etc) or natural cause (Old phones). No matter the case, an upgrade to iOS 9 promises to save you an extra 1 Hour on battery life per charge attributed to under-the-hood improvements made to iOS 9.
A new Low Battery mode has also been introduced for those critical moments when you can't afford to run low on batter juice. Low Battery mode available in settings can be turned on at anytime to save battery by reducing the number of running processes such as push notifications, animated backgrounds etc.

Apple iOS 9 upgrade
Keyboard Changes (Small Caps)
To the ordinary eye, iOS 8 Keyboard seems Capitalized at all times but with iOS 9 the default small Caps are back. Single press shift for first letter cap, Double tap shift key for all caps as usual is still available and Double tap space bar for full stop.

More proactive search and Smarter Siri
Swipe to the left from Home screen reveals a search bar that does more than just search. It already displays some suggestions like contacts, applications or things you might be looking for before you even type - talk about being proactive. This is achieved by monitoring your application and contact usages.

Siri also received an update and is now much more helpful and proactive than ever.
Tell Siri to do simple tasks as creating a reminder, alarm, call a contact, Display pictures from a particular date or album, play music or more advanced task such as Posting to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Other Minor changes
The apple newsstand application is now been replaced. Software updates are now smaller too.
Apple passport is now Wallet app and some main changes for iPad users include two-finger mouse gesture, split-screen multitasking and more.

Should you upgrade to iOS 9? 1 Don't see why not, unless you have a jailbroken / hacktivated phone with Cydia installed. In that case i suggest you hold on till a Jailbreak is available.
Let us know your thoughts on iOS 9 and any issues you encounter - Will be glad to help.

How to Update to iOS9
First check if the update is available for your Apple device in device Settings > General > Software Update but first you must be connected to the internet (WiFi).
The recommended method of updating your Apple mobile devices to iOS 9 is to connect to a Wireless network and start update. This does not require the use of a PC.
If you own a Computer Synced with your device, You may want to connect first, do a Backup before starting update.

Don't have a WiFi network available?
Here's how to share your PC Internet to your mobile device via WiFi
Alternatively, you can also share Internet from Android devices via Hotspot.
Update from PC is about 2GB while Update via Wifi from Mobile is 1GB - Ensure you have enough mobile data subscription to complete the process. Our cheapest MTN 1200 for 1GB, 2300 for 2GB Internet data plan is still very much available  ;)

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