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How to set custom ringtones / music on iPhone.
« on: October 03, 2015, 02:15 PM »
Hello Apple Fans,
Today I want to share with you another tip that will likely enhance your use of Apple iPhone.
Contrary to popular belief, Apple iPhones can use custom / downloaded Music as ringtones and we’ll show you how. The process isn’t as easy when compared to other phones but it gets a lot easier if your purchase ringtones directly from Apple Store.

To successfully get Free Ringtones on your iPhone, you will need the following:
A Laptop or Desktop computer
Apple iTunes Software installed
Apple USB Cable for Syncing
The process requires you to simple cut a song to 30 Seconds and Sync to your device.

How to Create Ringtones from Music Library:
  • Launch iTunes and select a song from your Music Library you wish to use as Ringtone.
    Right-Click on the song and select "Get Info" as show in screenshot below.
    (Add some songs to library if haven’t already done so.)
  • Select the Options Tab >> Set a Start time  and End time of 30 Seconds or less for the song selected. Eg Set 0.00 Start time and 0.30 end time is 30 Seconds. You can also set any part of the song like 1:30 to 2:00. Click OK when done.
  • Right Click on the song that 30 seconds or less start / endtime has been set for >> Select "Create AAC version". Another 30 Seconds Copy of the song will created beneath the original. Right click it and Select "Show in Windows Explorer." Copy all converted songs shown in windows explorer to a new folder on your desktop for syncing.
    • On Windows Explorer Folder, Click VIEW > Enable " File name Extensions " and change the extensions of all Ringtones from M4A to m4r

    WARNING:Delete the 30 Seconds file from iTunes after copying to desktop. Also right-click the Original song on iTunes and Uncheck the Start and End Time to allow the song play completely.
  • To Sync the converted 30 Seconds songs on your Desktop, Open iTunes and click the three dots ... located at the top and select "Ringtones".
    Drag all Ringtones on desktop to the iTunes ringtone Library.
  • Connect iPhone to iTunes using Cable or Wifi Sync >> Click on iPhone Logo >> Click Ringtones>> Enable "Sync Tones" and click Apply Changes or SYNC button at the bottom of the screen.
  • When Sync is complete, New ringtones synced can be found on your iPhone  Settings > Sounds > Ringtone.

I Hope these steps can help set some of your favourite songs as ringtone. If do not wish to convert / cut songs to 30 Seconds, you can also Search Google for some iPhone ringtones.
Simply download and Sync.
Here are some ringtones i converted for you to try. Download them, Drag and Drop in Ringtones section of your Library and Sync.
Download Free iPhone Ringtones


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