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The Nigerian Mobile internet market has been of great profit to major contenders competing against each other such as MTN, ETISALAT and AIRTEL. Although Glo Nigeria seems to lack innovative ideas to draw in customers when compared to others, there services are relatively OK.

Globacom has been a little behind in terms of subscriber base, network coverage and popularity but they render similar services at same cost and arguably better delivery. All that changed this week when Glo announced a huge reduction in cost of data services making them the cheapest and most subscribed data plan this week.

Below listed are their Internet bundle rates, allocated data and subscription codes for mobile devices and USB Modems.
This is updated frequently to reflect current offers - last updated June, 2016

You can view all available data and prices by dialing *777# on your Glo line.
Hope you find what you're looking for.

Glo Mobile Internet Daily Data bundle prices and activation Codes
Validity   Data          Price                 Subscription Code
1 Day15MB50 NairaDial *127*14# or SMS 14 to 127
1 Day35MB100 NairaDial *127*51# or SMS 51 to 127
5 Days100MB200 NairaDial *127*3# or SMS 10 to 127
3 Days200MB200 NairaDial *127*56# or SMS 56 to 127

Glo Mobile Internet Weekly Data bundle prices and activation Codes
Validity   Data          Price                 Subscription Code
7 Days65MB400 NairaDial *127*52# or SMS 52 to 127
10 Days800MB500 NairaDial *127*57# or SMS 57 to 127

Glo Mobile Internet Monthly Data bundle prices and activation Codes
Validity   Data          Price                 Subscription Code
30 Days1.6GB1000 NairaDial *127*53# or SMS 53 to 127
30 Days3.75GB2000 NairaDial *127*55# or SMS 55 to 127
30 Days5GB2500 NairaDial *127*58# or SMS 58 to 127
30 Days6GB3000 NairaDial *127*54# or SMS 54 to 127
30 Days8GB4000 NairaDial *127*59# or SMS 59 to 127
30 Days12GB5000 NairaDial *127*11# or SMS 11 to 127
30 Days16GB8000 NairaDial *127*12# or SMS 12 to 127
30 Days23GB10000 NairaDial *127*12# or SMS 12 to 127
30 Days30GB15000 NairaDial *127*16# or SMS 16 to 127
30 Days45GB18000 NairaDial *127*17# or SMS 17 to 127

Glo Mobile Internet Night and Weekend Data bundle prices and activation Codes
Validity   Data          Price                 Subscription Code
1 Day 12AM - 5AM1GB200 NairaDial *127*60# or SMS 60 to 127
7 Days SAT 12AM - SUN 11:59PM Plus Night3GB500 NairaDial *127*61# or SMS 61 to 127

To check Glo Data Balance used / remaining MB, text info to 127 or dial *127*0#
You can Also subscribe for any of these packages using the Glo Bolt HSI Portal

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Glo Nigeria Blackberry OS7 subscription packages (updated 2016)
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As Mobile Network operators in Nigeria crashed BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS) subscirption price to an almost affordable rate, Its only fair that we keep you updated. Here are the Current Glo Blackberry packages and Cost as at 15th December 2011.

Glo BlackBerry Complete Features:
BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking & IM Apps + Internet Browsing + App World + Option for 1 integrated email address.
The Blackberry Complete Plan keeps you connected to your social circle but also offers 1 integrated e-mail address with app world and internet browsing.
Blackberry Complete           Rental Fee            Data/Validity                Subscription Activation
Complete Month                    N1,400               (3GB) 30 days                   Text ‘BBCmonth’ to 777 or Dial *777*21#
Complete Week                      N400                   (700MB) 7 days               Text ‘BBCWeek’ to777 or DIal *777*22#
Complete Day                         N100                    24hrs                               Text ‘BBCday’ to 777

Blackberry Internet Service      Rental Fee             Validity      Subscription Activation
    BISMONTH                                N2,800                    30 days        text "bismonth" to 777
    BISWEEK                                  N900                       7 days          Text "bisweek" to 777
    BISDAY                                     N300                        24hrs            text "bisday" to 777

Glo BIS boasts of Unlimited Data BUT they also warn that "Fair usage policy applies"
Text 'STATUS' to 777 to check the usage status of your current subscription.

Glo BlackBerry Social Features:
BBM + BBMail + BB-Built Social Networking Apps + Internet Browsing + App World
BlackBerry Social        Rental Price             Validity Period             Subscription Activation
Social Month                  N1,200                    30 days                         Text ‘SoMonth’ to 777
Social Week                  N400                       7 days                          text ‘SoWeek’ to 777
Social Day                     N100                       24hrs                            Text ‘SoDay’ to 777

Plan                   Price           Data/ Validity              Subscription code
BES Month   -          4,200              3GB / 30 Days          BESmonth to 777
Absolute Month      1,500          3GB  / 30 Days           BBAMonth to 777
Absolute Week    500                700MB 7 Days            BBAweek to 777

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i am on vacation in the USA,my glonigeria blackberry expired yesterday and i have been trying to activate without success even after setting up Wi-Fi network.so what do i do?


Glo International Roaming.
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Hello Gbenga,
Glo international roaming supports calls and SMS while abroad but says nothing about data services such as BB subscription or GPRS.

Glo requires that you visit their office before traveling and activate International roaming by paying the sum of 50,000 Naira. Did you do this?

Call glo customercare +2348050020121 for possible solutions to fix this


Glo Nigeria is in the news this week for being the Mobile network in Nigeria with Lowest Data prices.
This Record breaking reduction in prices shocked everyone and all tech blogs are talking about it.

from the cheapest 1000 Naira plan for 2GB to the 3,000 plan for 12GB, there's something for everyone who want a data plan that lasts up to a month.
We've updated this thread to reflect the new prices and subscription codes, so scroll to the first post and read it.

You might recall that MTN has also reviewed their data prices and now offer 1.5GB for 1000 instead of the former 250MB for 1000. See all MTN Data subscription codes and prices

We hope other networks respond with similar price reviews and promotions to match Glo because coverage in some cities and rural areas isn't that great with Glo.

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Glo Reduces Data plan
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Glo Nigeria has made its name overtime by being the network that satisfy its subscribers in giving out maximum data bundles for each subscription made. But recently they reduced their data bundle half from the ones given before. This took place even though their network has been slow and giving problems, Customers are complaining of slow network which is indeed frustrating when downloading, example for 1000 which was initially 3.2GB is now been reduced to 1.6GB.
We hopefully believe they will keep their flag flying high by adjusting these changes to suit their customers.   

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