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With its Nation wide coverage and fast 3G network, MTN hold the largest share of customer base when compared to the other 3 contenders in the Market. Besides the regular voice services, the most patronized service is probably their mobile internet access, USB modem subscription and Blackberry Internet Plans.

The cost of Mobile internet access has seen some needed reduction in recent times to meet users demand from high-end devices and we've edited this post to reflect all changes.
The Blackberry OS7 devices are being fazed out with OS10 devices which uses the usual Android Internet plans.
Although OS7 and OS10 have different plans from Android, we've listed them all below including Fastlink Bundles and Mobile data plans etc.

Here's a Break-down of current prices, data allocated and activation codes for Mobile, Fastlink and BlackBerry Users.

Mobile Internet Plan    Daily           Daily          Daily         Weekly                      Monthly
Data Volume                   30MB           25MB     50MB          750MB                             1.5GB
Price                                 N100           150             200              N500                              N1,000
Validity Period                24hrs          24 Hrs       24 Hrs          7 days                              30 days
To activate:                    *104#         *112#      *113#        Text 103 to 131             Text 106 to 131

*UPDATE: MTN Nigeria Mobile Data MONTHLY Plans*
  • For 1GB at  N1000  -- SMS 106 to 131
     + (500MB Bonus usable only 1am-7am)
  • For 2.5GB at N2000   -- SMS 110 to 131
     + (1GB Bonus usable only 1am-7am)
  • For 10GB at N5000    -- SMS 116 to 131
  • For 22GB at N10,000 -- SMS 117 to 131
Note: These monthly plans can be activated by dialing *123*3# select 1 to buy data and 3 for monthly plans OR Dial *131#.

Updated MTN Nigeria FastLink Internet Data Bundles and subscription Codes
Weekend 9pm(Fri )-6am (Mon) 3GB at N3,000 -- Text 108 to 131
Daytime Only 9am-9pm( 30days) 3GB at N6,000 -- Text 107 to 131

NEW!! MTN BlackBerry Complete
Features: 1 email ( e.g. Google, yahoo), 1 Blackberry email, BBM, BlackBerry App world, Internet access, Social Networking.           

Plan                                          Price                     Activation Code
BB Complete Day    (24 hours)       N100                   Text  BBCDAY to 21600
BB Complete Week    (7days)        N499                   Text BBCWEEK to 21600
BB Complete Monthly(30 Days)     N1000                 Text BBC to 21600

NEW Blackberry Absolute Plan
Monthly Plan at N1500  - Text BIS to 21600
Weekly Plan at N599    -  Text BBWEEK to 21600
Daily Plan at N120      -  Text  BBDAY to 21600

Please dial *123# OR Call 180 to find out how to get on any other BlackBerry® plans not listed here.

Customers are to Text  ‘’STATUS’’ to ‘’ 21600 ’’ to check expiry date of their Blackberry Plans

BlackBerry® Packages from MTN Nigeria

BlackBerry® Internet Service ( BIS)
Features: 10 Email accounts, BB Messenger, Unlimited Internet 24/7, App world

VALIDITY                   PRICE                    ACTIVATION CODE
WEEKLY( 7 days)           N1,000               Text  BBWEEK to  21600
MONTHLY(30 days)        N3,000               Text BIS to 21600
QUARTERLY  ( 90 days)  N8,000               Text BBQ to 21600

BlackBerry® Messaging Bundle
Features: 10 Email Account, BB messenger, Instant messaging, Browsing and Social networking restricted
VALIDITY                        PRICE                       ACTIVATION CODE
WEEKLY( 7 days)               N450                        Text BBMWEEK  to 21600
MONTHLY( 30 days)          N1,500                      Text BBM to 21600

MTN BlackBerry® Social Bundle
Features: BB Messenger, Instant messaging, Unlimited social networking
Browsing and push mail restricted

VALIDITY               PRICE                    ACTIVATION CODE
WEEKLY( 7 days)      N450                      Text BBSWEEK to 21600
MONTHLY (30 Days)  N1,500                   Text BBS to 21600

Blackberry Browser/ WAP TIP
There are two browsers on the blackberry device namely; Internet and WAP browsers.
Note: The internet browser is free to access nearly all websites without extra charges when you have an active BIS subscription.
The WAP browser is charged for browsing most sites and uses your Credit - Make the Internet Browser Your default by following the following steps;
    Click on the Option Icon and select Advanced options
    Select Browser and change to Internet browser and Save

Compare with: Airtel Nigeria Mobile Internet, USB modemzz and Blackberry Bundles.
Etisalat Nigeria easy Blaze Mobile / PC Subscriptions and Activation plans and
Glo Nigeria mobile internet subscription price and blackberry activation codes
Also see the new MTN Hourly plans with no data limits - Simple surf

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thanks for the info mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


We promised to keep this Post updated with the latest prices in Internet data subscription in Nigeria - We intend to keep that promise.

MTN has joined its counterpart Etisalat Nigeria to review and release a new price reduction in Blackberry data bundle charges. A new Plan called Blackberry Absolute has also been introduced. - Blackberry Absolute is the smaller version of the expensive unlimited BIS plan. The popular blackberry Complete plan now cost only N1000 naira

Here's the List of new MTN Blackberry Complete and Absolute plans:

Blackberry Absolute Plan
Monthly Plan at N1500  - Text BIS to 21600
Weekly Plan at N600    -  Text BBWEEK to 21600
Daily Plan at   N120      -  Text  BBDAY to 21600

New Blackberry Complete Plan
Monthly bb Plan at N1000  - Text BBC to 21600
Weekly bb Plan at N499    - Text BBCWEEK to 21600
Daily bb Plan at N100        - Text BBCDAY to 21600

As usual - Text STATUS to 21600 to see your current blackberry plan and validity period.

Check out Etisalat Nigeria New Blackberry complete subscription


E no go tay bb plan go reach #500 for 1 month.hahahaha thank man


Hello admin, does MTN and Etisalat blackberry plans work on android devices?


Only airtel BB Plans work on PC and Mobile devices


MTN Night plan posted above allows subscribers to enjoy 3GB worth of data from 9PM to 6AM every day, but the plan has recently been spiced up with an additional 1.5GB which can be used during the day.

So subscribers of MTN Night plan now get total 4.5 GB data for the price of 2500 Naira only.
This is not a new plan, but it deserves some attention since it's cheap. You might want to save those huge downloads for 9 pm.

The code is *102#  or text 102 t0 131,
FYI: Facebook and twitter will work during the day for FREE on the MTN Night plan
If you're interested in Using MTN 4.5GB Night plan during the day, Read this

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Hi admin, what does fair usage policy mean and what are the data limits for the blackberry subscriptions on each network?


Blackberry fair usage policy
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Fair usage policy means that although the Blackberry plans can be used for an entire month, undisclosed data limits do apply. If you exceed your limit which is currently about 3GB for all networks, you will still have access to ping and chat but data transfer rates (speed) will be drastically reduced to about 5kbps instead of the usual 1-3mbps.


Subscribing for MTN Data plans just got even easier with the newly reviewed prices that everyone has been waiting for.
You don't need to rememeber complicated USSD codes or SMS formats.

Simply Dial *123*3# and Select Buy Data to see monthly, weekly, daily plans to choose from.
We've listed all available data plans in the first post above so do scroll up and take a look.

To check data balance, *123*4# would be the code.


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