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Have you always dreamt about going to America? Many Nigerians envision America as a land of gold and honey. A land where the government showers you daily with piles of cash, and a land where everything is free. Well, they are wrong. There is nothing of that sort in America, and recent studies and accounts have shown that it is actually better for you to stay in Nigeria than it is to go to America. Here are five reasons why.

1. Debt:
The mirage that anything and everything is possible in America is a lie. Worst of all, to new immigrants, the amount of credit offered in America is so attractive that by the time you know it, you will be chin deep in Debt. Debt that will most likely take you the rest of your natural life, and half of your children's to pay off.

2. Stress:
America is the capital of stress. With 12 hour shifts and continuos work, the labour takes a heavy toll on its people, unlike in Nigeria. In Nigeria, you are the boss. You decide when to work and for how long. There is not a widespread practice of 24hour shifts and round the clock work, making it much better for your health and etc. The Stress in America might cause diseases previousl unexperienced by the average Nigerian. Diseases such as High-blood pressure, Hyper tension, and Arthiritis.

3. Professional Devalue:
America can be a welcoming place for highly educated and well-off immigrants but also a nightmare for others. It is often known as the "graveyard of occupations" meaning that one's previous education and occupation can easily be rendered worthless in America. There was a woman who was very well off in Nigeria. She was the head chef of a 5-star hotel back in Nigeria and upon her arrival in the US, her degree and occupation was declared worthelss. She was turned down by many other hotels and had to assume a job as a frycook at McDonalds. There is also another account of a Local Governor from Nigeria who held many outstanding degrees from Universities in Nigeria, but was denied a reasonable job in America. In short, their lives were restarted.

4. Prices:
Things have become very expensive for Americans. Things ranging from household items to entire homes, and combined with the constant devalue of the Naira, the US can be a financial nightmare for Nigerians. An ordinary 4-bedroom, single family house in the US will cost atleast $500,000 which is N83,000,000, More than enough to errect a 10 bedroom mansion with a boys-quarters and a gate in Nigeria. A brand new jeep in the US can easily cost $40,000 which is N6.6 million, more than enough to buy TWO jeeps in Nigeria.

5. Cultural Diffusion:
The thing that every Nigerian regards with utmost importnace is his/her cultural background. America is a slaughter house for African cultures. People emmigrate form Nigeria and give birth to their children in the US. As their children grow up, the parents avoid teaching them their native language, and from then on the children are at a loss. Then, their parents avoid teaching them about their culture and tradition. Lastly, with all this not given to them, their children effectively turn into AAsand are estranged form the culture sand tradition of their homeland, ultimately deciding their destiny in life.

With this in mind, Ill be glad to recieve your feedback and thoughts on this - Odumchi


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