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Nigerian Police Force Face Handcuff scarcity!
« on: July 25, 2011, 09:48 PM »
You are under arrest but there is no handcuff to tame you, the police officer may be forced to announce to a suspect soon. This is because, despite official denial, the police force has been hit by a shortage of the cold metal usually used to restrain violent suspects.

The police are already facing problems of inadequate logistics and equipment. Now it’s a drought of handcuffs.
The Deputy Force Public Relations Officer (DFPRO), Mr. Yemi Ajayi, told NGBUZZ there were enough handcuffs but that officers and men had been warned against indiscriminate use of the security gadget.
But senior police officers who spoke to NGBUZZ off the record said handcuff shortage had become a big headache as they seek to discharge their duties.

A Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja Command, said his division “has very few handcuffs and that in case there is emergency, my officers and men will be handicapped”.
The DPO explained that because handcuffs are metal, they rust easily.
“Since many of the ones given to my division are now bad, no replacement has been made so far,” he said.
The story is told of a police officer who arrested a criminal suspect, took him to the station and started asking for a pair of handcuffs frantically to no avail.

But the lack of handcuffs is not the only thing tying the hand of the police - even arms and ammunition could be scarce to come by too.
“It is not everything happening in the force that we can be discussing freely. If I tell you that we have just few communication gadgets in my division, will you believe?” a DPO said.

“How do you expect it to have enough handcuffs? I can’t say categorically how many handcuffs we have presently, but I can tell you that we don’t have up to six for the whole division. Until we stop deceiving ourselves and start telling the world the whole truth, it will take miracle to fight crimes and criminality in the country. I have written and written to the authorities to no avail. In fact, I think we should even thank God that we still have some arms and ammunition in the office. Some divisions are fighting crimes with almost their bare hands. This is not supposed to be so,” he lamented.
Another DPO in the South-western part of the country said although the state governor had done well in supplying logistics needed to fight crime, there was still a long way to go.

In my division, we have some handcuffs, I think up to like 13, but this is not still enough, putting into consideration the volatile nature of the state. We need more equipment to work effectively,” he said.
Handcuffs are specifically for violent criminals.
But they are also instruments of intimidation and humiliation, as innocent citizens will recount.
Tayo, a fresh graduate, said he had a little misunderstanding with his landlord, who in turn promised to “deal” with him.
“I was at home in the evening of the unfortunate day. It was on a Sunday. I had earlier gone to church and when I came back, I was tired. I managed to eat light food and after taking some malaria drugs, I slept off. Suddenly, I heard a loud slam on my door and in a jiffy, some heavily armed men in mufti had entered my apartment. They slapped, kicked, and even one of them threatened to shoot me at close range. All I could ask for was that these men should spare my life because I thought they were armed robbers,” he said.
Not until he was handcuffed did he know that they were policemen sent to “deal” with him by his landlord.

“Right from our house to the police station which is about two kilometres, I was led by these policemen and handcuffed like a common criminal. At the station, I was only told to apologise to my landlord and ‘grease’ the palm of the policemen. I was not asked to write any statement, neither was I told my offence but warned never to disrespect my landlord again. I left the policemen in the hands of God for divine judgement and also the landlord with his conscience,” he said.
Ajayi, in denying claims of handcuff shortage, said unlike before when policemen handcuffed citizens at the slightest offence, anyone caught in the act would be made to face the music.

“Based on the complaints of indiscriminate use of handcuffs, the police high authority had warned officers and men against such and that is why it seems as if police no longer have it. We are just being mature in handling issues that have to do with humans and I think the Nigeria Police deserve applause for this,” he said.
They would get an applause even from an arrested criminal. After all, his hands are not tied.


nigerian police shortage of handcurfs
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NPF shortage of handcuffs

Let them buy dog chains and cut them into 3 pieces.
1 = 3
100 =300
1,000 = 3,000
10,000= 30,000
100,000,000= 300,000,000. then you can simply handcuff all Nigerians


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