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« on: July 27, 2011, 03:57 PM »
'i never knew wat was happening untill i checked my pocket'
That was the words i said when i realized i got no more money!

My mum gave me 30 thousand naira to go pay in,in her account, i told her i cant go today,besidez my mind dnt like UBA bank. So i decided to go.
I took a public bus and left! While in the bus it was stuffy, a particular man was very close to me! I didnt realize that he was a pick-pocket. So when i stopped at 'easy motor's after oil mill porthacourt. I came down! I entered the bank,filled the teller for 30thousand naira, 'i never knew what was happening untill i reach for the 1000 notes. It was nowhere to be found, i got mad, i didnt knw wat to do. I knew it was that man that took the money! I came out of the Bank, took a cab and went after the bus, but i was out of luck, cos the man dropped b4 the junction. I came home shocked! I called my mum, she couldnt believe her earz, she came home and cried bitterly! Oh why me! Careless son. Is it my fault? I dnt knw wat to do! Am just sharing my BAD DAY! God will never forgive that man! I regret going out today! It is A big LESS0N to me!