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Adopting a child is not an easy task no matter the reason behind it. Its a well thought decision and a thing of joy for the parent and for the child being adopted. However some parents choose to keep it a secret for the child's sake because of the stigmatization that comes with being an "adopted" child or sometimes for thier own sake.

In a recent magazine article, a couple who adopted a boy when he was just one year and some months. The child grew up to the age of 24 thinking the couple were his biological parents. But after graduating from the university, the couple thought it was wise to sit the child down and tell him the truth and they did just that.
Surprisingly the young man ran out of the house crying and upset that they lied to him all these years and they should tell him who his real parents are. For months now the adopted son has not been himself and vows to go and search for his real parents.

Now we ask, was it wrong for the couple to tell him the truth or was it the timing that was wrong? Or perhaps they should have let him go down the grave without knowing the truth.

When exactly do you think is the best time to disclose such sensitive secret?
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