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The National Anthem - Have You Forgotten it?
« on: July 31, 2011, 09:02 AM »
The national anthem is of great importance to a Nation, along with the countries Flag, A good citizen is required to know this anthem and the meaning or the words.
As kids we were made to recite the national anthem everyday at school in morning assemblies till it got stuck in our brains, but not everything we learn as kids stay with us forever, we tend to forget bits and pieces and the national anthem if one of such that can be easily forgotten if not recited in adulthood.

Over the years, A Lot of politicians have fallen prey to this common "Brain fart" when they were called upon to recite the national anthem at screening exercises for a particular public office. Embarrassing, shameful, and unpatriotic would be some words used to describe that moment when they freeze in front of the crowd or mumble parts of the anthem.

You'd think they'll learn from past mistakes, but reverse is the case as this shameful act still reoccurs whenever Ministers, ambassadors, commissioners are being selected for office.
How many minutes will it take out of their busy schedule to read the National anthem a day before their screening and remember every word?

WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE!!! Yes, You reading this...
Political office aspirants / holders are not the only guilty ones here, YOU ARE TOO.. Don't even try to deny it.

Give yourself a Quick test " recite the national Anthem & Pledge" and if you forget even a Word, that's an F = EPIC FAIL.
Do yourself a huge favor and google it, learn it Again!!
You never know when your brain fart may disgrace you. If you got it right - Congratulations.

Good people, Great nation - #LightUpNigeria...

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