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2go mobile chat messenger 3.0 was introduced on PC version, but there's 3.5 now.
Out of all the thousands of mobile Messenger and chat applications available, none has offered features such as;
Local Chatroom services (Country, State, City, School) just as 2go mobile chat messenger has done.
This has brought great recognition for this Java application which is now popular amongst many African and Nigerian Youth circles. They love the social and Online-chat world.

I have been using the non-official PC version of 2go who a while now, via KEmulator application, but the south African owned company has Launched an official release for the 2go PC version (beta) so that user can join and chat with friends even when on the computer.
There's a downside for the PC version of 2go;  it's unable to Upload Photos to your 2go profile, I hope this will be fixed in upgrades released in the future. I use KEmulator to upload Pictures to 2go while on the computer.

To Start Using 2go On PC - Visit http://pc.2go.im from your Java enabled PC Browser to use this application. - You will be required to supply your Login Information (Phone number and password) Before downloading 2go on PC.

If you do not have Java Installed, Visit Java.com and fix that problem.
2go Screen Re-size TIP: The Default Screen size for 2go on PC can be edited from:
    Option Menu >> Select Device >> Set Re-sizable Device as Default >> Now you can Re-size the 2go On PC width / Length by Dragging the edges.

Visit This link also for 2go messenger Mobile Downloads, Blackberry, HTC manual configurations - and solutions to connection problems
(Click here to Use the Good Old KEmulator Version for 2go 3.5 .jar)

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Re: 2go Mobile Chat Messenger 3.0 (PC Version)
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please where can i download 2go.cab


2go Mobile Chat Messenger .CAB
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You can only get 2go.jar, 2go.jad from their website via phone or pc.
What device uses .cab file HTC i guess, I haven't found a download link for it but i heard Sharemobile.ro is a good place to search for in PocketPC Section

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As stated above in the post about 2go Mobile PC Version 3.0- KEmulator has been around for quit sometime and has been used to run Java (j2me) Mobile applications On PC - Not just for 2go.
With KEmulator installed on Your PC - You can try Java games, and other applications you like to use on Mobile.

Download KEmulator Lite v0.9.8
NOTE: You must have Java Installed on Your PC to use KEmulator - Download Java Runtime Environment For Windows Here

Download 2go 3.03 Mobile Chat Messnger.Jar (4shared Link - requires Login to download.)
To Run 2go 3.03 - Open KEumlator and Click ►► Midlet ►► Run Jar ►► Select the 2go.jar file downloaded and Open

A Few KEmulator Settings
After installation KEmulator you can choose to set all .jar files to be associated with KEmulator.exe under View ► Options ► System.
Increase the KEmulator Screen Size: Click VIEW ► Options ► Enter desired screen width and Screen size (Restart KEmulator for changes to take effect.)
Adjust key mappings if needed under View ► Options ► KeyMap. (The default works just fine)
Enable virtual keypad under View ► Keypad

2go mobile chat messenger 3.03 pc version - KEmulator

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Re: How to get 2go Mobile Chat Messenger 3.0 (PC Version)
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dis really worked for me, bt pls how do i upload pictures, it gets stuck on root or smtn nytym i want 2 upload.. tanx


Re: How to get 2go Mobile Chat Messenger 3.0 (PC Version)
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^^^ Sorry i forgot to mention this in the post above..
You have to copy the image you want to upload and paste in the root folder..
The Root folder can be found at:
   My Computer ►► Local Disk C: ►► Program Files ►► Java Emulator.com ►► file ►► root
   "C:\Program Files\JavaEmulator.com\KEmulator\file\root"
Images you save can also be found at the root folder.

NOTE: If you don't see a file/ Root then you must visited Your Profile >> Edit>> Profile Pic from File >> root
this will create the root folder in the location specified above.

Re: How to get 2go Mobile Chat Messenger 3.0 (PC Version)
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_/ \_


Re: 2go Mobile Chat Messenger 3.0 (PC Version)
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please where can i download 2go.cab


2go CAB file for HTC
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Hello Senater,
2go CAB files are kind of hard to find, but I would recommend you check Sharemobile.ro
Search for .cab extension, and look through the list (over 30 pages) I think someone might have uploaded it there.
Here's the Link to the CAB search on sharemobile sharemobile.ro/uploads/latest/search?key=.cab


Re: How to Download 2go Mobile Chat Messenger 3.5 On PC
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where can i download 2go cab?


This post about using 2go on PC looks old but the steps still work great.
this is 2015 and 2go has come a long way since 2012 when i wrote the original post, it's only fair that i post an update about the best way to use 2go on PC in 2015.

Android is the way to go - I mean, android applications work on PC these day with the help of SDK or Emulators such as BLUESTACKS.

Follow this link for a detailed guide on how to Install Android Applications (whatsapp, 2go, BBM) on PC using Bluestacks

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