Who should do the spending in relationships

The Man
The Woman
Both 50/50

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Naturally, the human mentality and belief is that the man should take care of the woman but this belief has been misunderstood and abused by men who see their partner as "a property" they own and women who sort after men for one reason only "Financial security".

The statement above is without prejudice to the Few modern day women who have managed to convince themselves that they're equal to men and this belief which has it's pros and cons works and has "Gingered" them to prove they're indeed equal and in most cases superior to men. 

Without diverting into the "who rules the world" or "what a man can do a woman can do better" never ending arguments - let me state the matter at hand.

Who should spend in relationships ?
Consider the various scenarios while you answer: Young students, Dating working class couple, and Married couple and Also consider scenarios where one partner is not making money!

Now, a lot of females are quick to say "I don't mind dating a broke guy - as long a he treats me right" and this doesn't always turn out to be true. As for the male folk, a girl's financial status is almost never an issue except she's doing better than he is. 

I ask again - who should bear the expenses? Night outs, transportation, accommodation, shopping, an other bills. 


Re: Money and relationships - who should do the spending?
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Interesting post.
The spending should be both ways. It shouldn't be left for only the man to do.
In the case of married couples; the wife should be able to assist in little ways financially in the house, by buying basic things like soap, cream, kitchen tools and stuffs.
Once in a while the wife should prepare a special meal for just her and her husband or even offer to take him out.
Doing this will surely bring the couples together and build dem up.

As for singles or students dating working class.
Well just because you're a student doesn't mean once in a while you won't show appreciation.
You can buy him a shirt of his favourite colour or a a jessy if he's a football fan (trust me guys go crazy over stuffs like that)
You can take him out. . . Yes! I said take him out. Nothing fancy or expensive just take him somewhere.
You guys can go see a movie, to watch movie ain't expensive if well planned. Or you can go to a beautiful spot and talk.
Show appreciation anyway you can.

By doing all this little things, if he's a reasonable guy he'll definitely enjoy and appreciate you.

So the answer to your question is the spending in a relationship should not be placed only on the man, the woman can assist in little ways she can.


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